Friday, August 10, 2012

The Gang's All Here For 'The Expendables 2'

The Expendables 2 is an extension of the good fun that was had by all in 2010’s The Expendables.

The action packed cast of Sylvester Stallone, Terry Crews, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li and Randy Couture are back.

This time around the action stars are joined by Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Liam Hemsworth, Scott Adkins and Yu Nan.  This time Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, who only had cameos in the original, have a more featured role.

Once again, they are out to right a wrong.  Except, this time, it’s personal.

The crew is reunited when Mr. Church (Willis) enlists their help to take on what looks like a simple job, but in actuality could be deadly.


I caught up with Jason Statham at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills to talk about the fun he had making the film.

DD: So Jason (Statham), why did you want to do The Expendables 2?

JS:  I just wanted to have fun doing some scenes with Sly (Stallone). The chemistry  between us is the fun stuff.

DD: Did you want to expand on who your character is?

JS:  You kinda know what you’re doing and what’s required of the character. So, you just do your thing.


DD: What was it like working with Chuck Norris?

JS: I wasn’t around much for Chuck.

DD: Talk about working with Sylvester.

JS:  He’s the conductor. No disrespect to Simon West (the director), but Sylvester created the characters, he writes them.

DD: How much prep do you do for the action scenes?

JS: Well, usually there is three or four days of rehearsal and then three or four days to shoot. We had no rehearsal and one day to shoot.

DD: You got to work with Scott Adkins and fight him as well.

JS:  Scott Adkins is one of the best. I would have liked more.

DD: There is a lot of machismo in this movie.  There had to be some pain or injuries. Were there times when some of you wanted to one up the other?

JS:  You never see any signs of pain. A lot of stuff we do the ego is thrown out the window.

DD: Were you ever able to just do your thing or was Simon West always keeping it strictly by the book?

JS: Well, they have their shots for the day, especially for the fight sequences. I have a big influence on my own. I create them. A friend designs the fights.

DD: So, West gave you some space?

JS: Simon is smart to step bac and let us be good. We know what works. We know best angles. Great not to have someone who says, “no, do it like this.”  It’s a collaboration. When people really know what they’re going to do – let them do it.

The Expendables 2 (Lionsgate) opens nationwide Aug. 17.

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