Monday, June 30, 2014

Actor Larenz Tate Plays Twins In BET's 'Gun Hill'

BET Networks debuts the BET Premiere Cinema original movie, Gun Hill starring acclaimed actor, writer, and activist Larenz Tate. Gun Hill premieres Wed., July 2 at 9P/8C on BET.

Larenz Tate stars as Bird and Trane, identical twins on separate sides of the law. Trane is an undercover agent with a secret task force. Bird is a recently freed convict who plays by a different set of rules. However, when Trane is murdered, Bird assumes his brother’s identity seeking his brother’s murderer and a second chance at life. Grappling with morality, fatherhood and love, Gun Hill asks this question: Can someone who is unredeemable become redeemed?   From the producers of New York Undercover.

Larenz Tate is Bird and Trane in BET's Gun Hill 

Here is a preview.

Set in the mean streets of New York, this smart, gritty two-hour movie event, Gun Hill, features an ensemble cast of characters operating on all sides of the law, where no one is quite what they seem. Written and directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood the film also stars Emayatzy E. Corinealdi, Tawny Cypress, Aisha Hinds, Michael Aronov, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney Shanti Ashanti, Hisham Tawfiq and Daniel Stewart Sherman.  Gun Hill is executive produced by Reggie Rock Bythewood and Don Kurt.

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'Earth To Echo' Makes Surprise Desert Appearance

A special someone made the biggest appearance of them all just 100 miles away. Found in the desert sand of Lucerne Valley outside of Barstow, California, the star of Relativity’s EARTH TO ECHO mysteriously appeared. Echo’s likeness spanned approximately half a million square feet (8.5 football fields).

 Synopsis: In Relativity’s PG summer family adventure movie, Tuck, Munch and Alex are a trio of inseparable friends whose lives are about to change. Their neighborhood is being destroyed by a highway construction project that is forcing their families to move away. But just two days before they must part ways, the boys begin receiving a strange series of signals on their phones. Convinced something bigger is going on, they team up with another school friend, Emma, and set out to look for the source of their phone signals.  What they discover is something beyond their wildest imaginations: a small alien who has become stranded on Earth.  In need of their help, the four friends come together to protect the alien and help him find his way home.  This journey, full of wonder and adventure, is their story, and their secret. 

EARTH TO ECHO is a PG action adventure movie opening in theaters nationwide on
July 2, 2014.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Soundtrack for 'Fargo' Set For July 1 Release

Sony Music announced July 1 as the release date of the soundtrack for Fargo, the 10-part critically acclaimed television series for FX produced by MGM Television and FX Productions, featuring music composed by Jeff Russo.

Jeff Russo is a songwriter, composer, guitarist, vocalist and producer. He came to prominence as founding member, lead guitarist and co-songwriter of the American rock band Tonic, recipients of two Grammy® nominations, with whom he still plays. Recently, he has had a prolific career composing scores for feature films, TV programs and commercials, including the ABC dramas The Unusuals and My Generation, The Discovery Network's FreeFall, the USA network series Necessary Roughness, the CBS network mini-series Hostages, and most recently the Starz drama Power. In 2013 he worked on feature films including Shoreline Entertainment’s Watercolor Postcards and the independent movie Free Ride. Russo has also composed music for the New York-based Cedarlake Ensemble Contemporary Ballet.

The score of Fargo perfectly showcases Jeff Russo’s versatile talents. Russo is able to emphasize the strengths of the series and its storied cast of characters by assigning different motifs and instruments to each one: the weak and easily led “Lester Nygaard” (Martin Freeman) is assigned the main theme with its slightly whimsical nature.  For the manipulative “Lorne Malvo” (Billy Bob Thornton), sleigh bells, which typically denote happiness, in this case represent his dangerous, animalistic nature, chiming for Lester when he is reminded of the brutal Malvo. In the second episode, “The Rooster Prince,” new hit men coming down the highway are introduced by means of a steady drumbeat without any other accompaniment.

About Fargo
An original adaptation of the Academy Award®-winning feature film, Fargo features an all-new “true crime” story and follows a new case and new characters, all entrenched in the trademark humor, murder and “Minnesota nice” that made the film an enduring classic. Oscar® winner Billy Bob Thornton stars as “Lorne Malvo,” a ruthless, manipulative man who meets and forever changes the life of small town insurance salesman “Lester Nygaard,” played by BAFTA Award® winner and Emmy®-nominated Martin Freeman. Colin Hanks plays Duluth Police Deputy “Gus Grimly,” a single dad who must choose between his own personal safety and his duty as a policeman when he comes face-to-face with a killer.  Allison Tolman also stars as “Molly Solverson,” an ambitious Bemidji deputy.

Rounding out Fargo’s colorful cast of recurring characters are Emmy winner Bob Odenkirk as “Deputy Bill Oswalt,” Golden Globe™ and Emmy-nominated Oliver Platt as “Stavros Milos,” Screen Actors Guild Award® winner Kate Walsh as “Gina Hess,” Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as “Don Chumph,” Joey King as “Greta Grimly,” Peter Breitmayer as “Lieutenant Schmidt,”  Tom Musgrave as “Bo Munk,” Josh Close as “Chazz Nygaard,” Russell Harvard  as “Mr. Wrench,” Adam Goldberg as “Mr. Numbers,” Keegan-Michael Key as “Bill Budge”  and Jordan Peele as “Webb Pepper.”

Fargo is produced by MGM Television and FX Productions for the FX Network in the U.S., with MGM Television acting as the lead studio and worldwide distributor of the series.

Sony Masterworks comprises Masterworks, Okeh, Portrait, Sony Classical, RCA Red Seal, and Masterworks Broadway imprints. For email updates and information please visit

Michael Bay Outdoes Himself With 'Transformers'

By Darlene Donloe

Michael Bay, the king of Bang, Pow, Zoom, may have outdone himself.  I could review his latest film, Transformers: Age of Extinction with five words, bang, bang shoot ‘em up.  The film is currently open nationwide.

Even for Michael Bay, this film is over the top.

It’s nearly three hours of nonstop, high octave, high energy excitement.  Most of the action is redundant, but that’s not to say it isn’t fun.

Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) is back in all his glory, along with his cohorts.  But there are some other big, nasty Autobots on the horizon who aren’t too keen on Optimus.  Not to mention the government, who also has a bone to pick with him.

Mark Wahlberg is a welcomed addition to the franchise. He plays an inventor in a rural area with a hot teenage daughter named Tessa (Nicola Peltz)  and a friend who is a bit flighty. After Wahlberg’s character visits a dilapidated theater and unwittingly finds a huge Mack truck and takes it home – all hell breaks loose.

The latest film takes part four years after Transformers: Dark of the Moon. In that film Chicago was nearly annihilated. That film starred Shia LaBeouf.

In this one, the government has ended any Autobot-U.S. military joint operations and put a price on the head of Optimus Prime and his cohorts.

Kelsey Grammer plays Harold Attinger, a mean son-of-a- gun who runs a secret CIA unit called Cemetery Wind.  He has assassins who are hunting bots, which isn’t good for Optimus.

Stanley Tucci, who is great comic relief, plays Joshua Joyce, a man whose company, KSI, makes bot parts and has figured out a way to duplicate the inner workings of Transformers.

KSI has manufactured a nasty, big Transformer called Galvatron (voiced by Frank Welker) who give Optimus and his boys a run for their money.

What ensues is pure chaos.  The movie is loud, violent, funny, dramatic, tense and fun. Of course, we all know who is going to win in the end, but I won’t spoil it.

Part of what makes the film appetizing is Wahlberg and Tucci.  With those two in the mix, Transformers: Age of Extinction is worth the price of admission.

Transformers: Age of Extinction, directed by Michael Bay, stars Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Bingbing Li and T.J. Miller.

On the DONLOE SCALE: D (don’t bother), O (oh, no), N (needs work), L (likeable), O (OK) and E (excellent), Transformers: Age of Extinction get an O (OK).

Transformers: Age of Extinction is Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action, language and brief innuendo.  Running time: 2 hours 46 minutes.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Crooks and Castles Hosts 'Get On Up' Gifting Suite

By Darlene Donloe

The music was bumping as the drinks and food flowed at the invitation only Crooks and Castles ‘Get On Up’ VIP Gifting Suite Thursday night in the Fairfax District. Crooks and Castles is known for its fresh street wear brand.

Cameras flashed as members of the entertainment industry got on the good foot to celebrate the release of the exclusive ‘Get On Up’ – James Brown Collection in support of the Aug. 1 nationwide release of the Universal Pictures film, ‘Get On Up: The James Brown Story.’

 Universal Pictures has collaborated with the brand to create an exclusive line of t-shirts inspired by the film that acknowledges this iconic figure in pop culture. 

Reportedly, the essence of the partnership came as an idea to infuse the cultural impact of James Brown's legacy with a trendsetting lifestyle fashion brand to create an exclusive gift for today's generation.

DJ Tendaji Lathan

Guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails with sounds by DJ Tendaji Lathan, gift bags filled with Crooks & Castle's exclusive collaborative limited edition t-shirt - released for the first time last night.

Limited Edition T-Shirt

Eric Bellinger

Chi City

Guests included Hip Hop artist Chi City, actors Cory Hardrict and Mo McRae (Sons of Anarchy, THE BUTLER); former Danity Kane Member D. Woods and sister Young Money artist Shanell; breakout R&B artists Eric Bellinger and Sebastian Mikeal; as well as singer Mishon  and actor Darrin Dewitt Henson who were all on hand to get on the good foot and celebrate the release of GET ON UP .

Darrin Dewitt Henson


In his follow-up to the four-time Academy Award®-nominated blockbuster The Help, Tate Taylor directs 42’s Chadwick Boseman as James Brown in GET ON UP.  Based on the incredible life story of the Godfather of Soul, the film will give a fearless look inside the music, moves and moods of Brown, taking audiences on the journey from his impoverished childhood to his evolution into one of the most influential figures of the 20th century.  Boseman is joined in the drama by Nelsan Ellis, Dan Aykroyd, Viola Davis, Craig Robinson, Octavia Spencer, Lennie James, Tika Sumpter and Jill Scott.

Academy Award® winner Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind, 8 Mile) produces for Imagine Entertainment, with Mick Jagger and Victoria Pearman (Shine a Light) producing under their Jagged Films banner.  Imagine’s Erica Huggins (Flightplan) also serves as a producer on GET ON UP, while Taylor produces under his Wyolah Films label.  Peter Afterman, Trish Hofmann, Jez Butterworth, John Butterworth, John Norris and Anna Culp serve as executive producers.


Crooks & Castles was founded in 2002 by Dennis Calvero and Rob Panlilio.  Starting with just six graphics, the designs clicked and the brand picked up momentum becoming one of the most globally successful streetwear brands. 

The concept behind the brand is like two sides to a coin.  Crooks references the criminals, hustlers, pimps, thieves, and villains that surrounded the founders in real life and in pop-culture.  Castles references the goal, the end result, and the manifestation of dreams.  Far from advocating violence, the brand emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision and a goal.  

All photos by: Darlene Donloe


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kashif's Black Music Month Concert Kicks Off Launch for Documentary on 'History of R&B Music'


As a recording artist, record producer and songwriter in the `80s and `90s, Kashif earned his place in Black Music History creating scores of hit records for himself and the likes of Whitney Houston and George Benson. In 2007 he reinvented himself as an author with the best-selling first-hand instructional book “Everything You’d Better Know About The Record Industry.” Now in 2014, Kashif Salem is traveling to 18 cities on four continents gathering interviews to produce the feature length documentary, “The History of R&B Music and It’s Influence On World Cultures,” to tell the story from a global perspective. That takes money, so to launch an IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign plus celebrate June as Black Music Month, chameleon Kashif hosted a free all-star concert on June 18 that was appropriately held at Sam Ash Music Store on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. The event coincided with the 90th anniversary of Sam Ash Music as a national chain of stores that has placed musical instruments into the hands of professionals and happy hobbyists alike.

(l-r) Calloway Brothers (Midnight Star), Siedah Garrett, Howard Hewett, 
Denise Williams, Leon Ware and Greg Phillinganes

With guitars all along the walls, ardent fans shared floor space with amplifiers, keyboards and other equipment while the all-star cast of talents rocked them to their socks backed by an 8-piece band. Howard Hewett revisited his `80s Shalamar days singing his first hit with the trio, “The Second Time Around;” Leon Ware sang the classic love song he penned for Marvin Gaye “I Want You;” Evelyn “Champagne” King delivered a cork-popping rendition of her smash “I’m In Love” while lesser known Howard Johnson proved his mettle by slamming his Top 20 hit “So Fine” then filling in for Jerry Butler on a perfectly rendered duet with Brenda Lee Eager of “Ain’t Understanding Mellow.” The joy of and the history behind R&B continued to be celebrated with more great performances by Kathy Sledge, Deniece Williams, Melba Moore, Dawnn Lewis, Tommy Davidson, Calloway and promising new Kashif protégé Ms. Myracle Holloway. 
Kashif states, "Just like the wonderful music that we call R&B could never be replaced, music stores are a necessity the world cannot do without. I have been shopping at Sam Ash Music stores for over 30 years. They have always taken such good care of me as a repeat customer so our relationship was already strong. One day about three months ago, I was in the store on Sunset where a fan of my music was working. They asked me if I would consider doing an in-store event. I immediately said, ‘Yes, let’s do a Black Music Month celebration.’ Rick Waite and TJ Milian (District Manager of Sam Ash Music) immediately signed on and – just like June is Black Music Month and I’m directing a film about R&B music - the rest is history! 

Rick Waite whose colorful title at Sam Ash Music is “Customer Experience Manager,” proudly coordinated the event with Kashif on behalf of a company ever ready to support solid musical causes. “I’ve known Kashif for 30 years,” Waite states. “I only just found out a few days ago that he has six platinum albums! That’s how humble he is - no ego, just a loving, caring, ‘down home’ person who’s always finding ways to ‘give back.’ The first time he came to me with an idea to do an event was to help kids that came up in the foster care system like he had. Now Sam Ash Music is elated to help Kashif with his documentary. The night of this concert can be described in one word: historical. It was expensive to close the store for half a day but the company wanted to be a part of this. I had people like Ray Parker Jr. and Sinbad calling me while it was going on bummed that they couldn’t get here in time! Sam Ash is proud to have aligned with Kashif for this once in a lifetime concert - among the largest Black Music Month events in America this month. There’s already talk about next year or an annual happening.”

To make a donation to the IndieGoGo campaign for Kashif’s documentary “The History of R&B Music and Its Influence On World Cultures” and to keep up with its progress, click this link:

Brooklyn Boy Entertainment, Sam Ash Music Stores, Schecter Guitars, Yamaha, Electro-Voice and Onyxx Unlimited International sponsored Kashif’s “Black Music Month Celebration”.

The Academy Invites 271 To Membership

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is extending invitations to join the organization to 271 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures.  Those who accept the invitations will be the only additions to the Academy’s membership in 2014.

“This year’s class of invitees represents some of the most talented, creative and passionate filmmakers working in our industry today,” said Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs.  “Their contributions to film have entertained audiences around the world, and we are proud to welcome them to the Academy.”

The 2014 invitees are:

Barkhad Abdi – “Captain Phillips”
Clancy Brown – “The Hurricane,” “The Shawshank Redeption”
Paul Dano – “12 Years a Slave,” “Prisoners”
Michael Fassbender – “12 Years a Slave,” “Shame”
Ben Foster – “Lone Survivor,” “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints”
Beth Grant – “The Artist,” “No Country for Old Men”
Clark Gregg – “Much Ado about Nothing,” “Marvel’s The Avengers”
Sally Hawkins – “Blue Jasmine,” “Happy-Go-Lucky”
Josh Hutcherson – “The Hunger Games,” “The Kids Are All Right”
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Enough Said,” “Planes”
Kelly Macdonald – “Brave,” “No Country for Old Men”
Mads Mikkelsen – “The Hunt,” “Casino Royale”
Joel McKinnon Miller – “Super 8,” “The Truman Show”
Cillian Murphy – “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Inception”
Lupita Nyong'o – “Non-Stop,” “12 Years a Slave”
Rob Riggle – “21 Jump Street,” “The Hangover”
Chris Rock – “Grown Ups 2,” “Madagascar”
June Squibb – “Nebraska,” “About Schmidt”
Jason Statham – “Parker,” “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”
David Strathairn – “Lincoln,” “Good Night, and Good Luck.”

Casting Directors
Douglas Aibel – “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” “The Immigrant”
Simone Bär – “The Monuments Men,” “The Book Thief”
Kerry Barden – “August: Osage County,” “Dallas Buyers Club”
Nikki Barrett – “The Railway Man,” “The Great Gatsby”
Mark Bennett – “Drinking Buddies,” “Zero Dark Thirty”
Risa Bramon Garcia – “Speed,” “Wall Street”
Michelle Guish – “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” “Nanny McPhee”
Billy Hopkins – “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” “Disconnect”
Ros Hubbard – “Romeo & Juliet,” “The Mummy”
Allison Jones – “The Way, Way Back,” “The Heat”
Christine King – “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” “Star
            Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith”
Beatrice Kruger – “To Rome with Love,” “The American”
Marci Liroff – “Mean Girls,” “Pretty in Pink”
Debbie McWilliams – “Skyfall,” “Quantum of Solace”
Joseph Middleton – “TheTwilight Saga: New Moon,” “Legally Blonde”
Robi Reed – “For Colored Girls,” “Do the Right Thing”
Kevin Reher – “Monsters University,” “Finding Nemo”
Paul Schnee – “August: Osage County,” “Dallas Buyers Club”
Gail Stevens – “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Slumdog Millionaire”
Lucinda Syson – “Gravity,” “Fast and & Furious 6”
Fiona Weir – “J. Edgar,” “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”
Ronnie Yeskel – “The Sessions,” “Atlas Shrugged Part 1”

Sean Bobbitt – “12 Years a Slave,” “The Place beyond the Pines”
Philippe Le Sourd – “The Grandmaster,” “Seven Pounds”
James Neihouse – “Hubble 3D,” “Nascar: The IMAX Experience”
Masanobu Takayanagi – “Out of the Furnace,” “Silver Linings Playbook”
Bradford Young – “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” “Pariah”

Costume Designers
William Chang Suk Ping – “The Grandmaster,” “In the Mood for Love”
Pascaline Chavanne – “Renoir,” “Augustine”
Daniela Ciancio – “The Great Beauty,” “Il Divo”
Frank L. Fleming – “Draft Day,” “Monster’s Ball”
Maurizio Millenotti – “Hamlet,” “Otello”
Beatrix Aruna Pasztor – “Great Expectations,” “Good Will Hunting”
Karyn Wagner – “Lovelace,” “The Green Mile”

William Arnold – “Lovelace,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”
K.K. Barrett – “Her,” “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”
Susan Benjamin – “Saving Mr. Banks,” “The Blind Side”
Bill Boes – “The Smurfs 2,” “Fantastic Four”
Tony Fanning – “Contraband,” “War of the Worlds”
Robert Greenfield – “Priest,” “Almost Famous”
Marcia Hinds – “I Spy,” “The Public Eye”
Sonja Brisbane Klaus – “Prometheus,” “Robin Hood”
David S. Lazan – “Flight,” “American Beauty”
Diane Lederman – “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” “Tower Heist”
Heather Loeffler – “American Hustle,” “Silver Linings Playbook”
Christa Munro – “Jack Reacher,” “Erin Brockovich”
Andy Nicholson – “Gravity,” “The Host”
Adam Stockhausen – “12 Years a Slave,” “Moonrise Kingdom”

Hany Abu-Assad – “Omar,” “Paradise Now”
Jay Duplass – “Jeff, Who Lives at Home,” “Cyrus”
Mark Duplass – “Jeff, Who Lives at Home,” “Cyrus”
David Gordon Green – “Joe,” “Pineapple Express”
Gavin O’Connor – “Warrior,” “Miracle”
Gina Prince-Bythewood – “The Secret Life of Bees,” “Love and Basketball”
Paolo Sorrentino – “The Great Beauty,” “This Must Be the Place”
Jean-Marc Vallée – “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Young Victoria”
Felix van Groeningen – “The Broken Circle Breakdown,” “The Misfortunates”
Denis Villeneuve – “Prisoners,” “Incendies”
Thomas Vinterberg – “The Hunt,” “The Celebration”

Malcolm Clarke – “The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life,” “Prisoner of Paradise”
Dan Cogan – “How to Survive a Plague,” “The Queen of Versailles”
Kief Davidson – “Open Heart,” “Kassim the Dream”
Dan Geller – “The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden,” “Ballets Russes”
Dayna Goldfine – “The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden,” “Ballets Russes”
Julie Goldman – “God Loves Uganda,” “Gideon’s Army”
Sam Green – “Utopia in Four Movements,” “The Weather Underground”
Gary Hustwit – “Urbanized,” “Helvetica”
Eugene Jarecki – “The House I Live In,” “Why We Fight”
Brian Johnson – “Anita,” “Buena Vista Social Club”
Ross Kauffman – “E-Team,” “Born into Brothels”
Morgan Neville – “20 Feet from Stardom,” “Troubadours”
Matthew J. O'Neill – “Redemption,” “China’s Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan
Rithy Panh – “The Missing Picture,” “S-21: The Khmer Rouge Death Machine”
Lucy Massie Phenix – “Regret to Inform,” “Word Is Out”
Enat Sidi – “Detropia,” “Jesus Camp”
Molly Thompson – “The Unknown Known,” “Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer”
Cynthia Wade – “Mondays at Racine,” “Freeheld”

Adrian Alperovich
Sean Bailey
Len Blavatnik
Nicholas Carpou
Nancy Carson
Charles S. Cohen
Jason Constantine
Peter Cramer
William Kyle Davies
Christopher Floyd
David Garrett
David Hollis
Tomas Jegeus
Michelle Raimo Kouyate
Anthony James Marcoly
Hiroyasu Matsuoka
Kim Roth
John Sloss

Film Editors
Alan Baumgarten – “American Hustle,” “Gangster Squad”
Alan Edward Bell – “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “The Amazing Spider-Man”
Dorian Harris – “The Magic of Belle Isle,” “The Mod Squad”
Sabrina Plisco – “The Smurfs 2,” “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”
Tatiana S. Riegel – “Million Dollar Arm,” “The Way, Way Back”
Julie Rogers – “Wreck-It Ralph,” “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl”
Mark Sanger – “Gravity”
Joan Sobel – “Admission,” “A Single Man”
Crispin Struthers – “American Hustle,” “Silver Linings Playbook”
Tracey Wadmore-Smith – “About Last Night,” “Death at a Funeral”
Joe Walker – “12 Years a Slave,” “Shame”
John Wilson – “The Book Thief,” “Billy Elliot”

Makeup Artists and Hairstylists
Vivian Baker – “Oz The Great and Powerful,” “Conviction”
Adruitha Lee – “Dallas Buyers Club,” “12 Years a Slave”
Robin Mathews – “Dallas Buyers Club,” “The Runaways”
Anne Morgan – “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” “A Little Bit of Heaven”
Gloria Pasqua-Casny – “The Lone Ranger,” “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

Peter Becker
Jeff Dashnaw
Kenneth L. Halsband
Jody Levin
Tom MacDougall
Chuck Picerni, Jr.
Spiro Razatos
Mic Rodgers
Kevin J. Yeaman

Kristen Anderson-Lopez – “Frozen,” “Winnie the Pooh”
Stanley Clarke – “The Best Man Holiday,” “Boyz N the Hood”
Earl Ghaffari – “Frozen,” “Wreck-It Ralph”
Steve Jablonsky – “Lone Survivor,” “Ender’s Game”
Robert Lopez – “Frozen,” “Winnie the Pooh”
Steven Price – “Gravity,” “The World’s End”
Tony Renis – “Hidden Moon,” “Quest for Camelot”
Angie Rubin – “Pitch Perfect,” “Sex and the City”
Buck Sanders – “Warm Bodies,” “The Hurt Locker”
Charles Strouse – “All Dogs Go to Heaven,” “Annie”
Eddie Vedder – “Eat Pray Love,” “Into the Wild”
Pharrell Williams – “Despicable Me 2,” “Fast & Furious”

Jason Blumenthal – “Hope Springs,” “Seven Pounds”
Dana Brunetti – “Captain Phillips,” “The Social Network”
Megan Ellison – “American Hustle,” “Her”
Sean Furst – “Daybreakers,” “The Cooler”
Nicola Giuliano – “The Great Beauty,” “This Must Be the Place”
Preston Holmes – “Waist Deep,” “Tupac: Resurrection”
Lynette M. Howell – “The Place beyond the Pines,” “Blue Valentine”
Anthony Katagas – “12 Years a Slave,” “Killing Them Softly”
Alix Madigan – “Girl Most Likely,” “Winter’s Bone”
Paul Mezey – “The Girl,” “Maria Full of Grace”
Stephen Nemeth – “The Sessions,” “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”
Tracey Seaward – “Philomena,” “The Queen”
John H. Williams – “Space Chimps,” “Shrek 2”

Public Relations
Larry Angrisani
Nancy Bannister
Christine Batista
Karen Hermelin
Marisa McGrath Liston
David Magdael
Steven Raphael
Bettina R. Sherick
Dani Weinstein

Short Films and Feature Animation
Didier Brunner – “Ernest & Celestine,” “The Triplets of Belleville”
Scott Clark – “Monsters University,” “Up”
Pierre Coffin – “Despicable Me 2,” “Despicable Me”
Esteban Crespo – “Aquel No Era Yo (That Wasn’t Me),” “Lala”
Peter Del Vecho – “Frozen,” “The Princess and the Frog”
Kirk DeMicco – “The Croods,” “Space Chimps”
Doug Frankel – “Brave,” “WALL-E”
Mark Gill – “The Voorman Problem,” “Full Time”
David A. S. James – “Mr. Peabody & Sherman,” “Megamind”
Fabrice Joubert – “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax,” “French Roast”
Jean-Claude Kalache – “Up,” “Cars”
Jason Katz – “Toy Story 3,” “Finding Nemo”
Jennifer Lee – “Frozen,” “Wreck-It Ralph”
Baldwin Li – “The Voorman Problem,” “Full Time”
Nathan Loofbourrow – “Puss in Boots,” “How to Train Your Dragon”
Lauren MacMullan – “Get a Horse!,” “Wreck-It Ralph”
Tom McGrath –  “Megamind,” “Madagascar”
Dorothy McKim – “Get a Horse!,” “Meet the Robinsons”
Hayao Miyazaki – “The Wind Rises,” “Spirited Away”
Ricky Nierva – “Monsters University,” “Up”
Chris Renaud – “Despicable Me 2,” “Despicable Me”
Benjamin Renner – “Ernest & Celestine,” “A Mouse’s Tale (La Queue de la Souris)”
Michael Rose – “Chico & Rita,” “The Gruffalo”
Toshio Suzuki – “The Wind Rises,” “Howl’s Moving Castle”
Selma Vilhunen – “Pitääkö Mun Kaikki Hoitta? (Do I Have to Take Care of Everything?),”
“The Crossroads”
Anders Walter – “Helium,” “9 Meter”
Laurent Witz – “Mr. Hublot,” “Renart the Fox”

Niv Adiri – “Gravity,” “The Book Thief”
Christopher Benstead – “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” “Gravity”
Steve Boeddeker – “All Is Lost,” “Beasts of the Southern Wild”
Beau Borders – “Million Dollar Arm,” “Lone Survivor”
David Brownlow – “Lone Survivor,” “The Book of Eli”
Chris Burdon – “Captain Phillips,” “Philomena”
Brent Burge – “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” “The Hobbit: An Unexpected
André Fenley – “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” “All Is Lost”
Glenn Freemantle – “Gravity,” “Slumdog Millionaire”
Greg Hedgepath – “Frozen,” “The Incredible Hulk”
Craig Henighan – “Noah,” “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
Tony Johnson – “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” “Avatar”
Laurent M. Kossayan – “Red Riding Hood,” “Public Enemies”
Thomas L. Lalley – “Mr. Peabody & Sherman,” “Star Trek Into Darkness”
Ai-Ling Lee – “Godzilla,” “300: Rise of an Empire”
Stephen Morris – “Monsters University,” “Fruitvale Station”
Jeremy Peirson – “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” “Looper”
Mike Prestwood Smith – “Divergent,” “Captain Phillips”
Alan Rankin – “Iron Man 3,” “Star Trek”
Oliver Tarney – “Captain Phillips,” “Philomena”
Chris Ward – “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” “The Hobbit: An Unexpected

Visual Effects
Gary Brozenich – “The Lone Ranger,” “Wrath of the Titans”
Everett Burrell – “Grudge Match,” “Pan’s Labyrinth”
Marc Chu – “Noah,” “Marvel’s The Avengers”
David Fletcher – “Sabotage,” “Prisoners”
Swen Gillberg – “Ender’s Game,” “Jack the Giant Slayer”
Paul Graff – “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Identity Thief”
Alex Henning – “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “Hugo”
Evan Jacobs – “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Olympus Has Fallen”
Chris Lawrence – “Edge of Tomorrow,” “Gravity”
Eric Leven – “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2,” “The Twilight Saga: Breaking
            Dawn Part 1”
Steven Messing – “Godzilla,” “Oz The Great and Powerful”
Ben Matthew Morris – “Lincoln,” “The Golden Compass”
Jake Morrison – “Thor: The Dark World,” “Marvel’s The Avengers”
Eric Reynolds – “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” “The Hunger Games:
            Catching Fire”
David Shirk – “Gravity,” “Elysium”
Patrick Tubach – “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “Marvel’s The Avengers”
Bruno Van Zeebroeck – “Lone Survivor,” “Public Enemies”
Tim Webber – “Gravity,” “The Dark Knight”
Harold Weed – “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” “Star Trek”

Chantal Akerman – “A Couch in New York,” “Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce,
            1080 Bruxelles”
Olivier Assayas – “Summer Hours,” “Irma Vep”
Craig Borten – “Dallas Buyers Club”
Scott Z. Burns – “Side Effects,” “Contagion”
Jean-Claude Carrière – “The Unbearable Lightness of Being,” “The Discreet Charm of
the Bourgeoisie”
Steve Coogan – “Philomena,” “The Parole Officer”
Claire Denis – “White Material,” “Beau Travail”
Larry Gross – “We Don’t Live Here Anymore,” “48 Hrs.”
Mathieu Kassovitz – “Babylon A.D.,” “Hate (La Haine)”
Diane Kurys – “For a Woman,” “Entre Nous”
Bob Nelson – “Nebraska”
Scott Neustadter – “The Spectacular Now,” “(500) Days of Summer”
Jeff Pope – “Philomena,” “Pierrepoint – The Last Hangman”
John Ridley – “12 Years a Slave,” “Undercover Brother”
Paul Rudnick – “In & Out,” ”Jeffrey”
Eric Warren Singer – “American Hustle,” ”The International”
Melisa Wallack – “Dallas Buyers Club,” “Mirror Mirror”
Michael H. Weber – “The Spectacular Now,” “(500) Days of Summer”
Terence Winter – “The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”

Matt Del Piano
Joe Funicello
Robert Hohman
Paul Christopher Hook
David Kramer
Joel Lubin
David Pringle
Melanie Ramsayer
Beth Swofford
Meredith Wechter

Each year Academy members may sponsor one candidate for membership within their branch.  New member application reviews take place in the spring.  Applications for the coming year must be received by March 19, 2015.

New members will be welcomed into the Academy at an invitation-only reception in September.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Campaign Regulations For 87th Oscars®

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has updated regulations for how companies and individuals may market movies and achievements eligible for the 87th Academy Awards® to Academy members.  The most significant changes affect the Music category.

Music Branch members may not contact other Music Branch members to promote the nomination of their own song in any way, including via mail, email, telephone or social media.  Additionally, Music Branch members may not attend any special live performances of eligible songs unless attached to a screening.

For the complete award campaign regulations, visit

The Oscars will be held on Sunday, February 22, at the Dolby Theatre® at Hollywood & Highland Center® in Hollywood, and will be televised live by the ABC Television Network. The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide.
# # #

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the world’s preeminent movie-related organization, with a membership of more than 6,000 of the most accomplished men and women working in cinema. In addition to the annual Academy Awards–in which the members vote to select the nominees and winners–Academy presents a diverse year-round slate of public programs, exhibitions and events; provides financial support to a wide range of other movie-related organizations and endeavors; acts as a neutral advocate in the advancement of motion picture technology; and, through its Margaret Herrick Library and Academy Film Archive, collects, preserves, restores and provides access to movies and items related to their history. Through these and other activities the Academy serves students, historians, the entertainment industry and people everywhere who love movies.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Celebs And Cast Of Universal's 'Get On Up' At ABFF

The cast of GET ON UP and other celebrities received an exclusive look at Universal’s GET ON UP tour experience this past weekend at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF). Celebrities in attendance participated in the tour by giving their own impersonation of the God Father of Soul and signing a vinyl record wall where they left notes on how James Brown influenced their life. After debuting at ABFF, the GET ON UP tour will travel to New Orleans for Essence Fest’s 20 Year Anniversary on July 3-6, before returning to New York City on July 18.  Photos Courtesy of: Gulshan Kirat and ABFF

Morris Chestnut
(l-r) Nelsan Ellis, Tika Sumpter, Chadwick Boseman and Director Tate Taylor

Las Vegas Jazz Festival Set For Sept. 19-21

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Cameo, Keith Sweat, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Eric Benét, Anthony Hamilton, Ledisi, Will Downing, Brian Culbertson, Euge Groove and more will put the soul into the September 19-21, 2014 music festival.

Phoenix, Arizona (24 June 2014): Since the roots of jazz are in rhythm and blues, it should be no surprise that a stellar cast of Grammy-winning and chart-topping R&B and funk artists have been booked to perform at the Las Vegas Jazz Festival slated for September 19-21, 2014 outdoors on the spacious grounds of the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa. Tickets start at $65 for a single-day ticket and range up to $975 for a 3-day seat in the pit and are available now online at or by calling the event’s promoter and producer at 602.244.8444.

Attracting festivalgoers from all over the country for a weekend of live music and lush living at the premier resort, the Las Vegas Jazz Festival opens with a classic R&B pairing of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly and Cameo on Funky Friday establishing the tone for a weekend of old school revelry. Sax showman Eric Darius will be the first artist to storm the stage at this year’s event.

R&B crooners Keith Sweat, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and Eric Benét top the Seductive Saturday marquee with each culling material from his own extensive hit-filled songbook. Soul-jazz saxophonist Euge Groove always delivers a power-packed performance swirling R&B, jazz and gospel. The music begins with the first ladies of urban-jazz Jazz in Pink featuring Gail Jhonson and Karen Briggs with special guest Jeanette Harris.

Soulful Sunday showcases sophisticated solo sets from vocalists Anthony Hamilton, Ledisi, Will Downing and Leela James. Contemporary jazz dynamo Brian Culbertson will serve up masterfully performed contemporary jazz instrumentals and funk grooves. Rising saxophone stars Elan Trotman and Jessy J shall share the stage with singer Selina Albright for a run through of their radio singles and fan favorites. 

Located 15 minutes from the Vegas Strip, the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa mixes elegance and excitement along with luxurious amenities that include a rejuvenating spa, a pool with waterfalls and whirlpools, flourishing floral gardens, eleven restaurants  and a casino all set amidst a prestigious collection of golf courses. A large portion of the festival patrons come for the entire weekend in order to immerse themselves fully in the music and lifestyle. A limited number of resort and ticket packages are available by emailing or by calling the box office at 602.244.8444.


Phoenix, Arizona-based is one of the preeminent concert producers in the Southwest. Among the star-studded jazz and R&B concerts and multiday music and lifestyle festivals that the company promotes at first-class resorts for adult audiences are the Arizona Jazz Festival (, San Diego Jazz Festival ( and the Las Vegas Jazz Festival (’s sister company for events at sea, will launch the maiden voyage of the Maxwell + The 7 Seas Cruise ( May 3-10, 2015 hosted by the Grammy-winning balladeer.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton To Present The Legacy Award

 #Salute2014 TRIBUTE The Rev Confirmed to Remember 
Jules “Julie” Rifkind, 
a Pioneer of Urban Music
(LOS ANGELES)— The Singleton Entertainment Corp, led by former Urban Music President of MCA Records Ernie Singleton, is proud to announce that civil rights activist and media personality Rev. Al Sharpton will present its Legacy Award to the family of the late Jules “Julie” Rifkind during its #Salute2014 tribute on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at LA Live’s Target Terrace, located at 800 W. Olympic Blvd above the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. The event will be held from 6 to 10 p.m., and hosted by actor Vincent Ward, whose credits include “The Walking Dead,” “The Starter Wife” and “Everybody Hates Chris.”

A native of Brooklyn, Rifkind was the founder of Spring Records, created in the 1960s in New York City, and considered one of the most important soul labels during of the 1970s. As a Jewish man, repping Black artists during the Civil Rights Movement, Rifkin saw the inequalities of the Jim Crow laws and its effect on his business. Back then, he was so impressed with a young preacher, named Al Sharpton, that he gave him an office at his record label. Together, Rifkind and Sharpton would advocate for equal treatment of urban artists and music executives –  both on and off the road. Today, Sharpton is the founder of the National Action Network and host of the nightly show, “Politics Nation” on MSNBC as well as the nationally-syndicated radio show, “Keeping It Real With Al Sharpton.” Sharpton is also the author of “The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership.”
Rifkind began his career as head of radio promotion at MGM Records, a predominantly pop and country label. After another stint as general manager at BANG Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records, Rifkind decided to form his own record label -- Spring Records through Polygram -- with his older brother Roy and Bill Spitalsky. At Spring Records, Rifkind signed artists such as Joe Simon, Millie Jackson, James Brown and the Fatback Band. The record label also created a management division, repping entertainers and recording artists like comic genius Flip Wilson, the Shirelles and soul singer Tommy Hunt of the Flamingos. Interestingly, Rifkind gave Russell Simmons his first production deal when he signed Jimmy Spicer, who released the single “Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all.” Not surprising, he passed on his love of urban music to his sons, Steve and Jonathan Rifkind, partners of Loud Records with RCA.     

In recognition of June as Black Music Month, Singleton Entertainment presents #Salute2014 to salute music and entertainment executives who work relentlessly behind the scenes, playing critical roles in the success of recording artists’ careers as well as the entire urban production landscape. For the past six years, Singleton Entertainment presented the Toast to Urban Executives; however, that event is now being produced by another organizer not affiliated with the Singleton Entertainment.

“As someone who’s worked behind the scenes, supporting some of the biggest stars in the music business, many times your hard work goes unnoticed,” says Singleton, president and CEO of Singleton Entertainment. “There is so much that goes into the success of an artist or production and most people only reference the finished product. I want to spotlight and celebrate these executives who make it all happen.  Success would be impossible without their contributions.”

In addition to Rifkind, #Salute2014 will pay special tribute to the late Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter/composer Curtis Mayfield with a Timeless Music Award and online media executive Ron Bloom of BiteSized Entertainment with an Urban Entertainment Innovators Award.

Other #Salute2014 honorees include:
  • Karen Civil – celebrity blogger of and online marketing coordinator for Young Money Records.
· * Angela Dean – celebrity fashion designer and founder of DeanZign.
  • Greg “Mack Attack” Mack – radio pioneer at KDAY-FM, and now disc jockey at KTWV-FM, 94.7 the Wave.
  • Joie Manda – president of Urban Music at Interscope, Geffen, & A&M.
  • Groovey Lew – celebrity stylist who’s known as the “King of Fashion” in the hip hop world.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

'The Last Confession' Pulls Back Curtain On Vatican

David Suchet

 By Darlene Donloe

Over the years the world has watched and waited with bated breath to see white smoke escape from a chimney in the Vatican to announce that a new Pope has been selected.

The priests and cardinals involved in the proceedings always look holy and reserved.

One would think that anything happening behind the walls of the Vatican would be civilized and amicable.

Think again!

Behind the scenes of the Vatican is as scandalous as any soap opera.

The Last Confession, playing now through July 6, at the Ahmanson Theatre stars the exceptional David Suchet.  It’s not only revealing and eye-opening entertainment, it’s a thrilling drama about power and politics in the Catholic Church at the Royal Alexandra.

What makes the show even more intriguing is that it’s based on historical fact.

The story goes like this.

In 1978, after a 15-year reign, Pope Paul VI died. What followed plays out like fiction.

(l-r) Richard O'Callaghan and David Suchet

After fighting among the College of Cardinals, a non-confrontational cleric named Albino Luciani (Richard O’Callaghan) was elected and called himself John Paul I. There were some power-hungry priests who didn’t appreciate the fact the Luciani was Pope. So, they finagled and worked some under-handedness to obtain the power they sought with no regard for anyone who got in their way. Sounds a bit like Dallas.

Who knew the priests and Cardinals could play hardball and get down and dirty?

If there’s no peace and harmony in the Vatican, does any other organization have a chance?

It’s a voyeuristic romp full of intrigue, mystery, politics and control.  The show is laced with comedy and drama.

David Suchet is amazing as Cardinal Benelli, a man who is filled with guilt and who also seeks justice.  It’s a complex role, but Suchet makes it look easy. Suchet is amazing to watch on stage. Best known for playing Agatha Christie’s Poirot, it’s clear that Suchet is comfortable on the stage.

O’Callaghan delivers a strong, comedic and dramatic performance. Cardinal Luciani is clearly a man who would prefer to melt into the woodwork. However, when Cardinal Benelli puts his plan in motion to get Cardinal Luciani elected to office, there’s no stopping the machine.

He gives a powerful, yet subtle performance.   The supporting cast is exceptional and filled with vivid an vibrant characters!

Jonathan Church’s direction is fluid, complex, interesting and solid.

The Last Confession is first rate!

The show, written by Roger Crane, directed by Church, also stars David Bannerman, Nigel Bennett, Ezra Bix, Pier Carthew, Kevin Colson, Philip Craig, Donald Douglas, Sheila Ferris, David Ferry, Mark Hammersley, Peter Harding, Marvin Ishmael, Roy Lewis, Bernard Lloyd, Stuart Milligan, Richard O’Callaghan, John O’May, Sam Parks and George Spartels.

On the DONLOE SCALE: D (don’t bother), O (oh, no!), N (needs work), L (likeable), O (OK) and E (excellent), The Last Confession gets and E (excellent).

The Last Confession, The Ahmanson Theatre, 135 N. Grand Ave., Los Angeles; 8 p.m. Tues-Fri., 2 and 8 p.m. Sat. and 1 and 6:30 p.m. Sun.; no Monday performances.  No 6:30 p.m. performance on Sun., June 29; added 2 p.m. performance on Thur., June 26. No performance on Fri., July 4; Tickets: $20-$105; or 213 972-4400.

The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Winners

The 41st annual Daytime Emmy Awards was held Sunday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

This year the show didn't have a broadcasting partner, so it was streamed live on the Internet at 5 p.m. PT.

For the first time in decades, the show did not have a broadcast or cable partner but was streamed live on the Internet starting at 5 p.m. PT.

Following is a list of winners designated with a **

Outstanding Drama Series
“The Bold and the Beautiful” (CBS)
“Days of Our Lives” (NBC)
“One Life to Live” (
** “The Young and the Restless” (CBS)
Outstanding Culinary Series
“A Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking” (PBS)
“Beer Geeks” (Syndicated)
“Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction” (Food Network)
“Giada at Home” (Food Network)
** “The Mind of a Chef” (PBS)
“My Grandmother’s Ravioli” (Cooking Channel)

Outstanding Game Show
“The American Bible Challenge” (Game Show Network)
“The Chase” (Game Show Network)
** “Jeopardy!” (Syndicated)
“Let’s Make a Deal” (CBS)
“The Price Is Right” (CBS)
“Wheel of Fortune” (Syndicated)

Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Show
“Divorce Court” (Syndicated)
“Judge Judy” (Syndicated)
“Justice for All With Christina Perez” (Syndicated)
** “The People’s Court” (Syndicated)

Outstanding Morning Show
“CBS Sunday Morning” (CBS)
“CBS This Morning” (CBS)
** “Good Morning America” (ABC)
“Today Show” (NBC)

Outstanding Talk Show/Information
“The Chew” (ABC)
“The Dr. Oz Show” (Syndicated)
“Dr. Phil” (Syndicated)
** “Steve Harvey” (Syndicated)

Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment
** “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (Syndicated)
“Live! With Kelly and Michael” (Syndicated)
“Rachael Ray” (Syndicated)
“The Talk” (CBS)
“The View” (ABC)

Outstanding Entertainment News Show (Tie)
“Access Hollywood” (NBC)
“E! News” (E!)
**“Entertainment Tonight” (CBS)
**“Extra” (Syndicated)
“TMZ” (Syndicated)

Outstanding Special Class Special
“A World of Dreams: Voices From the OUT100″ (Here TV)
“Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade” (ABC)
“mun2 News Special: Hecho en America” (mun2)
** “The Young and the Restless: Jeanne Cooper Tribute” (CBS)

Outstanding Lead Actress Drama
** Eileen Davidson, “Days of Our Lives” (Kristin)
Katherine Kelly Lang, “The Bold and the Beautiful” (Brooke)
Heather Tom, “The Bold and the Beautiful” (Katie)
Arianne Zucker, “Days of Our Lives” (Nicole)

Outstanding Lead Actor Drama
Peter Bergman, “The Young and the Restless” (Jack)
Doug Davidson, “The Young and the Restless” (Paul)
Christian LeBlanc, “The Young and the Restless” (Michael)
** Billy Miller, “The Young and the Restless” (Billy)
Jason Thompson, “General Hospital” (Patrick)

Outstanding Supporting Actress Drama
Melissa Claire Egan, “The Young and the Restless” (Chelsea)
Jane Elliot, “General Hospital” (Tracy)
** Amelia Heinle, “The Young and the Restless” (Victoria)
Elizabeth Hendrickson, “The Young and the Restless” (Chloe)
Kelly Sullivan, “General Hospital” (Connie)

Outstanding Supporting Actor Drama
Bradford Anderson, “General Hospital’ (Damian)
Steve Burton, “The Young and the Restless” (Dylan)
Scott Clifton, “The Bold and the Beautiful” (Liam)
** Eric Martsolf, “Days of Our Lives” (Brady)
Dominic Zamprogna, “General Hospital” (Dante)

Outstanding Younger Actress Drama
Kristen Alderson, “General Hospital” (Kiki)
Lindsey Godfrey, “The Bold and the Beautiful” (Caroline)
** Hunter King, “The Young and the Restless” (Summer)
Kim Matula, “The Bold and the Beautiful” (Hope)
Kelly Missal, “One Life to Live” (Danielle)

Outstanding Younger Actor Drama
Bryan Craig, “General Hospital” (Morgan)
Chad Duell, “General Hospital” (Michael)
Max Ehrich, “The Young and the Restless” (Fenn)
** Chandler Massey, “Days of Our Lives” (Will)
Daniel Polo, “The Young and the Restless” (Jamie)

Outstanding Culinary Host
** Bobby Flay, “Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction” (Food Network)
Giada De Laurentiis, “Giada at Home” (Food Network)
April Bloomfield, “The Mind of a Chef” (PBS)
Rachael Ray, “Rachael Ray’s Week in a Day” (Food Network)

Outstanding Game Host
Wayne Brady, “Let’s Make a Deal” (CBS)
Jeff Foxworthy, “The American Bible Challenge” (Game Show Network)
** Steve Harvey, “Family Feud” (Syndicated)
Todd Newton, “Family Game Night” (Hub Network)

Outstanding Talk Show Host (Tie)
** Dr. Mehmet Oz, “The Dr. Oz Show” (Syndicated)
** Katie Couric, “Katie” (ABC)
Rachael Ray, “Rachael Ray” (Syndicated)
Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Aisha Tyler, Sheryl Underwood, “The Talk” (CBS)
Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, “The View” (ABC)

Outstanding Drama Series/Writing Team
“The Bold and the Beautiful”
“Days of Our Lives”
** “The Young and the Restless”

Outstanding Drama Series/Directing Team
“The Bold and the Beautiful”
** “One Life to Live”
“The Young and the Restless”

Outstanding Drama Series/Casting Dept.
“The Bold and the Beautiful”
“Days of Our Lives”
** “General Hospital”
“The Young and the Restless”

Outstanding Drama Series/Original Song
** “Parachute,” “All My Children”
“A Love That Never Ends,” “Days of Our Lives”
“Make Me Remember,” “The Young and the Restless”
“While We Can,” “The Young and the Restless”

Outstanding Drama Series/Costume Design (Tie)
** “The Bold and the Beautiful”
“Days of Our Lives”
“General Hospital”
“The Young and the Restless”

Outstanding Drama Series/Hair Styling
** “The Bold and the Beautiful”
“Days of Our Lives”
“One Life to Live”
“The Young and the Restless”

Outstanding Drama Series/Makeup (Tie)
** “The Bold and the Beautiful”
“Days of Our Lives”
** “General Hospital”
“The Young and the Restless:

Outstanding Drama Series
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
Executive Producer
Jill Farren Phelps

The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                            CBS
Executive Producer
Bradley P. Bell
Days of Our Lives                                                                                           NBC
Executive Producer
Ken Corday
One Life To Live                                                                                    
Executive Producers
Rich Frank, Jeff Kwatinetz, Jennifer Pepperman
Outstanding New Approaches - Drama Series
Venice The Series                                                         
Executive Producer

Crystal Chappell
Executive Producer

Michael Caruso
Tainted Dreams                                                                                    
Executive Producer

Sonia Blangiardo
The Power Inside                                                                                  
Executive Producers

Josh Gordon, Will Speck, Diane McArter, David Thorne PJ Pereira, Billie Goldman, Jaime Robinson, Jason Apaliski, Jeff Ferro, Ryan Baker, Tim Baldwin, Johan Jervoe, Carl Pinto, Michele Nguyen-Gueron, Ron Smith, Tom Hume,
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series
, as Kristen DiMera
Days of Our Lives                                                                                           NBC
The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                            CBS
HEATHER TOM, as Katie Logan
The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                            CBS 
ARIANNE ZUCKER, as Nicole Walker
Days of Our Lives                                                                                           NBC
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
, as Billy Abbott
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
PETER BERGMAN, as Jack Abbott
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS 
DOUG DAVIDSON, as Paul Williams
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
CHRISTIAN LEBLANC, as Michael Baldwin
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
JASON THOMPSON, as Patrick Drake
General Hospital                                                                                            ABC
Outstanding Entertainment News Program (TIE)
Entertainment Tonight                                                                                   CBS
Executive Producers
Linda Bell Blue, DJ Petroro
Extra                                                                                                               SYNDICATED
Senior Executive Producer
Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey
Executive Producers
Theresa Coffino, Jeremy Spiegel
Access Hollywood                                                                                          NBC
Executive Producer
Rob Silverstein
E! News                                                                                                          E!
Executive Producers
Jennifer M. Lavin, Beth McCauley
TMZ                                                                                                                 SYNDICATED
Executive Producers
Charles Latibeaudiere, Harvey Levin, Evan Rosenblum
Outstanding Entertainment Program in Spanish
Executive Producer

David Gamez
Destinos                                                                                                          CNNE
Executive Producer

David Gamez
El Gordo y la Flaca                                                                                         Univision
Executive Producer

Mariela Cardona
Showbiz                                                                                                          CNNE
Executive Producer

Karen Willet
Outstanding Special Class Special
The Young and the Restless: Jeanne Cooper Tribute
Executive Producer

Jill Farren Phelps
A World of Dreams: Voices From the OUT100                                             Here TV
Executive Producers

Paul Colichman, Stephen P. Jarchow
Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade                                                             ABC
Executive Producers

Sharon Everitt, Ryan Polito
mun2 News Special: Hecho en America                                                        mun2
Executive Producer

Gloria Medel Solomons
Outstanding Game Show
Jeopardy!                                                                                                        SYNDICATED

Executive Producer
Harry Friedma
The American Bible Challenge                                                           Game Show Network
Executive Producers
Michael Davies, Maura Dunbar, Janelle Fiorito, Tom  Forman, Jennifer Novak,
Nick Stuart, J.P. Williams
The Chase                                                                                           Game Show Network
Executive Producers
Bob Boden, Michael Kelpie, Martin Scott
Let’s Make A Deal                                                                                          CBS
Executive Producers
Mike Richards Dan Funk, Jennifer Mullin
The Price Is Right                                                                                            CBS
Executive Producers
Mike Richards, Jennifer Mullin
Wheel of Fortune                                                                                           SYNDICATED
Executive Producer
Harry Friedman
Outstanding Morning Program in Spanish
Un Nuevo Dia                                                                                                 Telemundo
Senior Executive Producer

Maria Lopez-Alvarez
Executive Producer
Maria Garcia-Marquez
Despierta America                                                                                         Univision
Executive Producer

Luz Maria Doria
Outstanding Morning Program
Good Morning America                                                                                  ABC

Executive Producer
Chris Vlasto
Sunday Morning                                                                                      CBS
Executive Producer
Rand Morrison
CBS This Morning                                                                                           CBS
Executive Producer
Chris Licht
Today Show                                                                                                    NBC
Executive Producer
Don Nash
Outstanding Talk Show / Informative
Steve Harvey                                                                                                  SYNDICATED
Executive Producers
Steve Harvey, Alex Duda, Rushion McDonald
The Chew                                                                                                        ABC
Executive Producers
Gordon Elliott, Mark Schneider
The Dr. Oz Show                                                                                   SYNDICATED
Executive Producers
Mindy Borman, Amy Chiaro
Dr. Phil                                                                                                            SYNDICATED
Executive Producers
Carla Pennington, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw
Outstanding Talk Show / Entertainment
The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                                                            SYNDICATED
Executive Producers
Ellen DeGeneres, Mary Connelly, Ed Glavin , Andy Lassner
Live! with Kelly and Michael                                                                         SYNDICATED
Executive Producer
Michael Gelman
Rachael Ray                                                                                                    SYNDICATED
Executive Producer
Janet Annino
The Talk                                                                                                          CBS
Executive Producers
Sara Gilbert, John Redmann
The View                                                                                                         ABC
Executive Producers
Bill Geddie, Barbara Walters
Outstanding Daytime Talent in Spanish
El Gordo y la Flaca                                                                                                                                            Univision
, Correspondent

El Gordo y la Flaca                                                                                                                                            Univision
, Correspondent
El Gordo y la Flaca                                                                                                                                            Univision
, Correspondent
El Gordo y la Flaca                                                                                         Univision
, Co-Host
Nuestro Mundo                                                                                                                                                CNNE
, Anchor
Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series
Days of Our Lives                                                                                           NBC
BRYAN CRAIG, as Morgan Corinthos
General Hospital                                                                                            ABC
CHAD DUELL, as Michael Corinthos
General Hospital                                                                                            ABC
MAX EHRICH, as Fenmore Baldwin
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
DANIEL POLO, as Jamie Vernon
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series
, as Summer Newman
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
General Hospital                                                                                            ABC
LINSEY GODFREY, as Caroline Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                            CBS
KIM MATULA, as Hope Logan
The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                            CBS
KELLEY MISSAL, as Danielle Manning
One Life to Live                                                                                    
Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team
One Life To Live                                                                                    

Habib Azar, Gary Donatelli, Christopher Goutman, Jill  Mitwell
Associate Directors
Tracey Casper Lang, Mary Ryan, Shirley Simmons
Stage Managers
Fritz Brekeller, Keith Greer, Brendan M. Higgins
Production Associates
Ilene Frankel, Dana Randles
The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                            CBS

Jennifer Howard, Deveney Kelly, Cynthia J. Popp, David Shaughnessey, Michael Stich
Associate Directors
Clyde Kaplan, Jennifer Scott-Christenson, Catherine Sedwick, Steve Wacker
Stage Managers
Doug Hayden, Lisa Winther-Huston, Laura Yale
Production Associate
Lori Staffier
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS

Casey Childs, Michael Eilbaum, Sally McDonald, Conal O'Brien, Owen Renfroe
Associate Directors
Daniel Cahn, Robbin Phillips
Stage Managers
Tom McDermott, Herb Weaver
Production Associates
Ericka Chavez, Vanessa Noland, Nancy Ortenberg
Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
Head Writers

Shelly Altman, Josh Griffith
Co-Head Writer
Tracey Thomson
Associate Writers
Amanda Beall, Jeff Beldner, Brent Boyd, Susan Dansby, Janice Ferri Esser, Beth Milstein, Natalie Minardi Slater, Anne Schoettle, Lisa Seidman
The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                            CBS
Head Writer

Bradley P.  Bell
Co-Head Writers
Kay Alden, Michael Minnis
Rex M. Best, Shannon Bradley, Adam Dusevoir, Tracey Ann Kelly, Patrick Mulcahey, John F.  Smith, Michele Val Jean
Days of Our Lives                                                                                           NBC
Head Writers

Gary Tomlin, Christopher Whitesell
Breakdown Writers
Lorraine Broderick, Rick Draughon, Christopher Dunn, Ryan Quan, Dave Ryan
Fran Myers
Script Writers
David Cherrill, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton, Jeanne Marie Ford, Janet Iacobuzio, David A. Levinson, Melissa Salmons
Outstanding Talk Show Host (TIE)
The Dr. Oz Show                                                                                             SYNDICATED
Katie                                                                                                               ABC
Rachael Ray                                                                                                    SYNDICATED
The Talk                                                                                                          CBS
The View                                                                                                         ABC
Outstanding Game Show Host
Family Feud                                                                                                    SYNDICATED
Let’s Make A Deal                                                                                          CBS
The American Bible Challenge                                                           Game Show Network
Family Game Night                                                                                        Hub Network
Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program
The People's Court                                                                                          SYNDICATED
Executive Producers

Stu Billett, David Scott
Divorce Court                                                                                                  SYNDICATED
Executive Producer

Gail Steinberg
Judge Judy                                                                                                      SYNDICATED
Executive Producers

Randy Douthit, Timothy Regler
Justice for All with Cristina Perez                                                                  SYNDICATED
Executive Producers

Byron Allen, Carolyn Folks, Jennifer Lucas, Patricia Wilson, Cristina Perez
Outstanding Culinary Program
The Mind of a Chef                                                                                         PBS
Executive Producers

Anthony Bourdain, Joseph Caterini, Chris Collins, Lydia Tenaglia
Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction                                                                  Food Network
Executive Producers

Bobby Flay, Kim Martin

A Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking                                                            PBS
Executive Producer

Laurie Donnelly
Beer Geeks                                                                                                     SYNDICATED
Executive Producers

Roberta Brackman, David Page
Giada At Home                                                                                               Food Network
Executive Producers

Giada De Laurentiis, Anne Fox, Dan Fox
My Grandmother's Ravioli                                                                       Cooking Channel
Executive Producers

Gideon Evans, Hal Gessner, Mo Rocca
Outstanding Culinary Host
Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction                                                                  Food Network
, Host
The Mind of a Chef                                                                                         PBS
, Hosts
Giada At Home                                                                                               Food Network
, Host
Rachael Ray's Week in a Day                                                                        Food Network
, Host
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
, as Victoria Newman
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Chelsea Newman
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
JANE ELLIOT, as Tracy Quartermaine
General Hospital                                                                                            ABC
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
KELLY SULLIVAN, as Connie Falconeri
General Hospital                                                                                            ABC
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
ERIC MARTSOLF, as Brady Black
Days of Our Lives                                                                                           NBC
BRADFORD ANDERSON, as Damien Spinelli
General Hospital                                                                                            ABC
STEVE BURTON, as Dylan McAvoy
The Young and the Restless                                                                           CBS
SCOTT CLIFTON, as Liam Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful                                                                            CBS
DOMINIC ZAMPROGNA, as Dante Falconeri
General Hospital                                                                                            ABC
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