Saturday, December 22, 2012


Donloes Lowdown asked celebrities: What do you look forward to the most during the holiday season? Any family traditions? 


SMOKEY ROBINSON: I think what I look forward to the most is the feeling of the Christmas season. There is another kind of feeling in the air when Christmas is approaching. There is a festive kind of feeling. When in lived in Detroit, I had the snow and it felt like it, in L.A. you don’t get that.

GARCELLE BEAUVAIS (Flight): For me it’s about being with the family, not rushing around getting to school, karate or meetings. It’s about eating. During the holidays, no one cares about diets.

DAVID ST LOUIS (Intimate Apparel):  All I want to do is eat. I’ll do Christmas at home in D.C.   I love my family.  


TICHINA ARNOLD (Everybody Hates Chris/Martin): I look forward to sleeping during holiday time because I get a chance to sit my behind down and be still. My family on my mom’s side, we always have the tradition of meeting at grandma’s house. Last year it was at my uncle’s house. It’s always a wonderful time. One year we made it a wedding reception for all of the family who couldn’t come to the wedding. I like shopping and sleeping.  I usually do a lot of appearances – internationally, like Africa, Brazil, China and Korea.  I have friends who sing around the world.


DANE COOK:  Quite simply I love being home for the holidays. I like to have people over. A lot of love and laughs. In the kitchen, I like to help. I’ll pass you the spatula.

SIEDAH GARRETT: – I look forward to work slowing down so I can exhale. We don’t have family traditions. I’m often out of the country around the holidays.

GREGORY PORTER - I look forward to dinners. I love to cook. Holiday dinner as a family is what I look forward to. Being with my brother and people in the neighborhood. As soon as you put on Nat King Cole, it’s Christmas time. My mother taught me cooking. So I’ll do a leg of lamb, turkey, sweet potato pies and garlic mashed potatoes.


LUENELL - My mother and father are deceased, so I have my holiday with my friends. I want a big spread at my house. On Christmas Eve, I have eggnog, cookies, cakes and pies.  I always play the movie, This Christmas with Chris Brown and Loretta Devine. That’s my tradition. 


REGINALD HUDLIN (Producer “Django”): Holiday traditions – I have new holiday traditions through wife and kids.  My kids love having a real tree. We grew up with trees we got out of the attic and assembled. It was silver. I miss ghetto Christmas.

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