Thursday, August 22, 2013

The HBFF Unveils Its 2013 Official Artwork


Hollywood, CA (August 22, 2013) – The Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) has unveiled its 2013 official artwork designed by London-based visual artist, Vince Fraser.  The design was commissioned to illuminate HBFF’s brand identity and audience appeal. 

Fraser is a first generation British born artist with Jamaican parents who has worked as a digital illustrator and visual artist for 15 years. 

“We selected Vince to design our official 2013 artwork because after one look at his aesthetic, we knew he was the one that would bring the flair and creativity that represents the Hollywood Black Film Festival,” said Tanya Kersey, HBFF's founder and executive director.  

Fraser has designed for brands such as Coca Cola, Guess Jeans, Toyota, L'Oreal, Bloomingdales, Tiger Beer, Hugo Boss, DELL computers, T-Mobile, and British Airways.

“I would best describe my style as being both illustrative and decorative with special attention to detail transforming it into something quite eye catching," stated Fraser. "A lot of my work is heavily influenced by intricate line work and by applying manipulation techniques. My philosophy is to create something unique for every project."

Vince says he tries to create work that is visually interesting but also has a message behind it, giving the work depth and purpose.  
The finished result for the 2013 HBFF artwork consists of controlled chaos, abstract female forms and geometric shapes with seductive tones and contrasting hues in hopes it will create a whole new identity for the festival which is instantly recognizable worldwide, and appeals to a wide audience on a global scale. Fraser’s goal was to showcase the new wave of emerging black talent within the industry. The artwork symbolizes how black filmmakers have become more progressive and creative in their approach to filmmaking.

Fraser also felt it would be a great opportunity to combine the two elements of bold colors and graphic shapes to showcase something more futuristic and surreal for HBFF.  

Fraser is currently working on a sizeable mural in London as well as a project for Warner Music.

He feels honored to be collaborating with one of the leading black film festivals in the world. 
About Vince Fraser

Vince Fraser is a freelance digital illustrator / designer based in London who has worked for various clients including British Airways, PC World, BBC and T-mobile. 

With ten years experience in the field of digital arts he is one of the most sought after image-makers working today. Having originally come from an interior design background, the progression to digital arts was a natural one. 

Specializing in digital illustration ranging from 2d vector work, photo-montage, image-
manipulation and 3d modeling, Vince's work has continued to develop and inspire creative, vibrant, innovative and evocative artwork. Implementing a variety of elements from photographs to typography and vector illustration his compositions conceal a broad palette. Having a great eye for detail he is always pushing the boundaries and describes his style as contemporary but with a twist of retro. 

Vince's highly versatile work can be found anywhere internationally from mobile phone
screensavers, VIP lounges through to luxury apartments and is starting to get the recognition it highly deserves.

His work is regularly featured in design and industry publications such as Advanced Photoshop, IDN, Computer Arts Projects and Digital Arts.

For more information about Vince Fraser visit 

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