Saturday, September 13, 2014

'The Identical' Is Not 'Just An Elvis Movie'

In what has been a dismal season at the box office for the movie industry, audiences have failed to turn out for dozens of top titles – including one of the highest quality faith films to be made in years.
Many Christian ticket buyers, it seems, mistakenly concluded “THE IDENTICAL” – which stars big Hollywood names like Ashley Judd, Seth Green, and Ray Liotta and includes 23 original songs created by Motown music legends – was “just an Elvis movie” and didn’t give the production the same boost at the box office they gave other faith films like “Son of God” and “God’s Not Dead.”
Without support from Christian moviegoers and saddled with negative reviews from secular critics, “THE IDENTICAL" – despite appearing in nearly 2,000 theaters nationwide – flopped at the box office.
The filmmakers are offering audiences an unprecedented challenge – and the first 15 minutes of the movie free on their website – to prove secular critics of "THE IDENTICAL" wrong.
“You decide!” announces a bold proclamation on “The Identical” website. “Mainstream film critics did not care for ‘The Identical,’ while Christian reviewers and audiences loved the movie. We are putting the first fifteen minutes online to let you decide for yourself.
“Who will you side with,” the filmmakers ask, “audiences or film critics?”
Viewers are then invited to vote on whether fans or critics got it right.

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