Thursday, May 5, 2016

Draze Is Shaking Up The Music Industry

Draze is making waves in the music industry.  He's been featured on Empire, Sports Center and Love and Hip Hop.  He recently answered some questions about his career. Below is a Q&A.

Q: Tell us how you started as a musician?

A: Both of my parents (Dumi Maraire/Lora Chiorah) were Zimbabwean artists credited with bringing traditional marimba and mbira music to America. So by the age of 5 I was performing on stages with them throughout the country and ultimately around the world. I feel like I have  been on stages performing for all of my life so when I decided to pick of the mic and start doing this rap thing the transition to the stage was pretty easy for me.
Q: How Long does it take you to write a song?

A: I don't really have a formula. To be honest every song is different. Sometimes a beat comes on and I bang it out in one sitting. Other times I ride to the beat for a bit and let the concept build within me. The length of time usually ties to how much of myself I actually want to put into the track.

Q: Can you tell us about the placement process. Since, you have been featured on television programs like ESPN, Love & Hip Hop, and Empire on Fox?

A: Like I said on the mixtape "Your gift will make room for you." I had done some work with this cat from Europe back in the day. He and his team were writing some songs for televisions shows and they needed a hip hop writer. I guess our prior dealings left a pretty strong impression so he reached out. He sent me over this dope track, I laced it up real quick and his team went nuts. That is really how I got started in it but now we have done over 30 tracks for shows around the world.

Q: You have partnered with CupCake Royale on your own line of cupcakes. Can you go into detail about that partnership?

A: I created the track Seattle Sweeties to salute the women from my region. My team and I thought it would be dope to create different flavors of cupcakes to represent the different styles in the women we see. Cupcake Royale is the biggest cupcake company in the Northwest so we reached out to see how they would feel about a partnership. They loved the idea, we sat down and banged out 6 dope flavors for the ladies, ChocoLatte, Caramel Delight, Chai Cinnamon, Banana Cream, Vanilla Dream, and Lemon Cherry Blossom. The town went crazy, the Seattles sweeties fell in love with the song and the cupcakes so it was a good look for everybody.
Q:  What do you have planned for 2016? 

A: The real question is, is there anything I don't have planned for 2016. Lol. We gonna push this album, probably tour in a little bit and a ton of ventures that I can't really unveil at the moment.

Q: Talk about any feature entrepreneur plans you might have?

A: In my city I am equally known for my Entrepreneurial ventures as I am my abilities with a microphone. My city already knows what it is. Now we have our sites set on applying that genius on a nation wide level.

Q: Why do you think when Seattle HIPHOP is mentioned only Sir Mix A Lot and Macklemore come up when there is a lot of great talented artists like yourself, Clemm Rishad, Will Jordan, Raz Simone to name a few?

A: For the obvious reasons. People are impressed by numbers. When you think or rap music they are the only guys associated with the town to do them platinum numbers. It would be no different than Drake is to Toronto. I don't tend to trip off of none of that. I'm gonna put in my work and let the chips fall where they may.

Q: Other than yourself who is someone out of the Pacific Northwest Region that we should be looking out for ?

A: I hate this question because know so many people worthy of shine. Go to the first track on my mixtape, press play. I shot out over 50 folks on there. If you hear someone on there that you don't know, look em up!

Q: Is there a collaboration with Macklemore on the horizon in the near feature ?

A: You never know what the future holds.

Q: Will we be seeing a placement on any television series in 2016 from you ?

A: Absolutely, I just had a joint on Love and hip hop and one on Stevie J and Joselines show. Tons of placements throughout 2016.

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