Wednesday, March 5, 2014

'Trip To Bountiful' Cast Visits Set Of NBC's 'Today'

This morning on NBC’s TODAY, Matt Lauer sat down with Vanessa Williams, Cicely Tyson, and Blair Underwood to chat about their new Broadway-inspired movie, “The Trip to Bountiful,” focusing on a strong-willed household. The three stars treated viewers by singing out the show with Cicely’s favorite hymn "Blessed Assurance." The film airs Sat., March 8 on Lifetime.

“I had no idea it was even being thought about. I had no idea,” Cecily, who took home a Tony award for her performance, said in response to having fears taking it to the next step. “When it was brought to me, I thought, ‘That's not possible. How are you going to do that? How are you going to go from the broad, loud projection to a little intimate piece?’ Which is the difference between the two makings. I didn't think it was possible, and I said that. So it was very difficult for me.”

Check out the video: Courtesy of NBC’s TODAY.

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