Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Atlanta's Hip-Hop Artist, Blu, Releases New Music

July 16, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) – Atlanta’s hip-hop artist, Blu, is releasing new music. In September, Blu is releasing his hit song, “Gon Head” along with four other songs on MVMNT Music.

Blu is Free’s music is hip-hop focused but driven by true musicianship. Blu prefers to perform with his band. What’s best is, instrumentation, rather than programs and electronics drive his music. Blu’s music is not conscious, it is not political, and yet it’s music that speaks to you about the everyday issues – positive and negatives that people face in life. He also focuses on the entertainment factor. When it comes to showmanship, he exploits a stage like James Brown or Prince. He prefers guitars, bass, drums, horns, and vocalist on stage with him rather than a DJ and hypeman. It’s a show for grown and mature ears, one that will fill your ears, eyes and soul with “Feel Good” vibes. 

Blue said he wants his music, "To Change one life for the better, maybe with a lyric or song."

Blu is hittin' with “Gon’ Head”, “All Around” and “Get It How You Live,” songs that reveal who he is.

Blu is a songwriter, producer, performer and entrepreneur.  In 2013 he started: The MVMNT. He did so that not only he, but other artist, entertainers, composers, writers and producers could have a space and place to create a sound that is derived from the GREATS and that will THRIVE in the present.

Links to songs

Single: Gon’ Head

All Around

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