Thursday, October 15, 2015

Morris Chestnut and Nicole Murphy Host DESTINY Moscato Launch In Houston

Nicole Murphy and Morris Chestnut

(Houston) Red Styxx Beverage’s DESTINY Moscato launch event hosted by brand ambassadors Morris Chestnut (“The Best Man,” “Boyz n The Hood,” FOX TV’s “Rosewood”) and Nicole Murphy (VH1’s “Hollywood Exes”) brought glitz, glamour and Yazz The Greatest from the hit television show “Empire” to perform before thousands in Houston at the exclusive party.

Big Tigger joined as DJ for the occasion which took place at the Music World Entertainment Center and was attended by VH1’s “Hollywood Exes” Sheree Fletcher and Shamicka Lawrence as well.

The spirited performance by Yazz included crowd favorites “Drip Drop” and “You’re So Beautiful” from “Empire” along with original material from his forthcoming projects.

It shut the city down and Murphy was very pleased.

“It's no secret that I look at Houston as my second home.  But seeing all the support … made me realize how much love … the city of Houston shows me and my entire DESTINY team,” Murphy said.

Chestnut enjoyed his time in Houston as well.

“The launch event was a great turn out; one that I was happy to be a part of. Introducing people to the brand and giving them a taste of something I believe in was fun,” Chestnut said. 

He added that people are in store for a treat when they pop a DESTINY Moscato bottle.

“I think people should drink it because it’s a premium moscato with double the potency. It is a smooth, nice tasting premium moscato” he added.


DESTINY Moscato has unique blends of both sweet and citrus flavors with the effervescence of fine champagne. It is vented and bottled in Texas.

The launch event included customized drinks entitled the “The Nicole,” which featured Murphy’s favorite “Ruby” version, while “The Morris” highlighted the “Diamond” version.

All DESTINY Moscato products are available for purchase online at

Mark Thierry and Greshaun Fulgham, founders and owners of Red Styxx Beverage and DESTINY Moscato have set their sights on taking the minority-owned company and their ultra-premium sparkling moscato to the top.

“We wanted our first product to be celebratory like a champagne, instead of the standard house wine that everyone was used to,” said Thierry who is founder and CEO.

Fulgham, who serves as President, said that there is more to DESTINY than the high alcohol quality.

“It is a multi-dimensional lifestyle brand that is manifested by both Morris and Nicole and the way they live their lifestyle,” Fulgham said. 

Both Thierry and Fulgham received commendations from both the Texas state legislature and Houston City Officials at the launch for the positive impact on the city of Houston.

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