Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Beverage, Try My T, A Festival Circuit Hit

Try My T, a ready to serve ice tea with a unique blend, has been causing quite a stir at local festivals.

The lightly sweetened with agave, mint-infused gourmet tea has amassed an impressive following ever since the product launched in 2014.

Owned by Dawn Patton and her family, Try My T was initially a family drink served occasionally to friends. It was such a hit that the friends encouraged the family to put the tea on the market. It got its name because the family kept asking friends to “try my tea.”

While it is currently not available in pre-packaged form, Try My T is available at several upcoming festivals including the Palo Alto Festival of Arts (Aug. 27-28), Fiesta Hermosa (Sept 5-6) and the Richmond Street Fair (Sept. 24).  It was also popular with attendees at last weekend’s Long Beach BBQ Festival.

A festival favorite, Try My T, which tastes best when  served ice cold, is not a sweet tea. It’s been described as an “experience tea.”

According to Patton, whose family was given the recipe by a friend, people can’t get enough of the brew.

“We refer to it as an ‘experience tea’ because that’s what people tell us they are having when they drink it,” said Patton, a former broadcast journalist and investigative reporter. “It’s a secret recipe. It doesn’t taste like anything they’ve ever tasted before. That’s what makes it unique.”

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