Friday, September 16, 2016

Celebs Attend Seventh Annual Style Lounge & Party

Doris Bergman

By Darlene Donloe

When Doris Bergman throws a party, she always pulls out all the stops.  Her Seventh Annual Style Lounge & Party sponsored by EinDrink and held recently at Fig & Olive in West Hollywood, was no different.

The highly coveted, invitation-only party, which includes current and former Emmy nominees, Oscar nominees/winners, as well as other celebrities from television and film, celebrates the Emmy season.

Presented by dioo Audio, the swanky event offered attendees an array of fashion for him and her including couture gowns, bespoke tuxedos & suits, beauty, skin & hair care, jewelry collections, accessories, sexy lingerie, fragrances, gourmet cuisine, unique spirits and sweets.

Actress Jamie Brewer and Debra Mitchell of Twisted Silver

Celebs on hand included Darius McCrary, Kimberly Elise, Jane Lynch, Deidre Hall, Jamie Brewer, Jason Ritter, John Savage, Patrika Darbo, Ariel D. King, Jeffrey Bower Chapman, Marsai Martin, Tye White, Damien Whitewood, Edyta Sliwinska, Alan Bersten, Naomi Grossman, Dot Marie Jones, Lydia Cornell, Areva Martin, Tony Denison, Tasha Smith, Stephen Kramer Glickman, Michael Campion, Soni Bragas, Charlie Koontz, Kelsey Scott, Eric Millegan and Lucy Butler.

A number of vendors were on hand – some for the first time, others making a return.  All of the vendors showered attendees with a number of high-end items.

Gifts and services for the event were provided by: Ein Drink, dioo Audio, The Coffee Chef, Twisted Silver, Fibrum Virtual Reality Headsets, Couture & Fragrance by Sue Wong, Pretty Places, Arbonne, Art Lewin Bespoke, Andrea Guitierrez Jewelry, Single Dress, Single Underwear for Men, Shear Wear, Culture for Health, Spongelle, Single, Footmate System by Gordon Brush, True Love Skincare (Scatter Joy), My Saint My Hero, Skintech Studios/Venus Legacy, Executive Clothiers, MD Sun Skin Care, FulHum Water, kaya di koko, Samiah Fine Clothing, Rhonda Shear, My New Secrets, Royal Elite Vodka, Shahnaz Husain Ayurvedic Beauty Products, Lance Lanza, Rejuvenation in Motion, Madame Fleur, hint, Pirad’or, or Hair Care,  Josh Cellars Wine,, Debbi Di Maggio and Adam Betta Realtors To The Stars, Rekorderlig Cider, Personal Touch Lingerie and Nu Bra.

Christine Rich

Andrea Guitierrez Jewelry

Dioo Audio chose this event to launch its product.

Mike Kahn of dioo Audio

“We just went live on Amazon,” said Mike Kahn, who represented the company. “This product is manufactured in China. It was designed in Japan and its sales and marketing staff is out of the U.S.   It’s the best parts of the world working together.” 

Kahn said the company was sensitive to the needs of the female consumer.

“Of the 135 million headphones and earphones shipping each year, the companies have not identified 53% of the market – women.  That’s where we come in. We asked women what they wanted. They were looking for quality.”

Fibrum is a gaming content company with a branded VR headset.  The system is completely wireless.

Danielle Nicole, owner of Skintech Studios of Beverly Hills touted the company’s non-surgical procedures.  Dr. Sal, who is also with the company, represented Rejuvenation in Motion, a mobile concierge med spa.  The company highlighted its 24K gold facials and mink eyelash extensions. The studio also features the Venus Legacy, which does body contouring, skin tightening and fat reduction.

Meghan Kendall

Pretty Places makes candles out of soy essential oil, according to the owner Meghan Kendall, who founded the company in February of this year.

Jennifer Suiter

Jennifer Suiter, who owns True Love Skincare (Scatter Joy), recently launched her Utah-based company. The products, which are in about 70 stores throughout the U.S., according to Suiter, are all natural and “work wonders” on skin tags, warts, cold sores and more.

Darius McCrary

Darius McCrary (Transformers, Family Matters) said he comes to Bergman’s events because he likes to socialize.

“I also like to hangout and see if some of my friends are here,” he said. “Plus, I can impress my lady. Most of the stuff here is female oriented. I can get some, give it to her and look like I’m super cool and thoughtful.”

Kimberly Elise

Kimberly Elise (Hit the Floor) joined the party.

“It’s wonderful to come see people and support the cause,” she said, referring to Wednesday’s Child.

Kelsey Scott

Kelsey Scott (12 Years A Slave) has attended the entertainment soiree on numerous occasions.

“I’m a repeat offender,” said Scott, who explained why she enjoys attending each year. “I always love to step out the box. I love new things. One of my favorites is Twisted Silver.

(l-r) Jennifer Jessen, Cristine Garside and Debra Mitchell of Twisted Silver 

Debra Mitchell, who owns Twisted Silver, said she loves participating in the event year after year because she gets to meet new people.

“Well, first it’s because Doris throws the best parties in town,” said Mitchell. “I always make so many new friends. I meet incredible people every year.”

John Savage and Art Lewin

Art Lewin of Art Lewin Bespoke has been participating in the event for years.

“I come every year because I get to meet really neat people,” said Lewin, who opened his Art Lewin Bespoke company in Beverly Hills four years ago. He’s been in existence for 27 years.

Maureen Rakusin represented her husband’s five- year-old company, Footmate System by Gordon Brush.

“We brush our hair, but we forget about our feet,” said Rakusin. “This comes with a gel. It has Tee Tree oil and olive oil that’s good for callouses. “This product is good for people in wheelchairs, athletes, diabetics and even children.”

Emmy Winner Patrika Darbo

In the spirit of giving back, attendees donated unwrapped gifts – clothing accessories, electronics, sporting equipment and money - to teens (13-18) in foster care, for a pre-holiday gift drive for Wednesday’s Child, an organization that highlights ‘harder to place’ children in the LA County foster care system who are in need of adoptive families.

In Los Angeles County, alone, there are over 35,000 children receiving child welfare services,” said social worker, Professor William Wong.

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