Wednesday, February 15, 2017

AAFCA Gives 'Seal of Approval' To TV Series

(Los Angeles, CA) February 15, 2017 – The African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) is proud to award its “Seal of Approval” to the upcoming “Occupy Truth” episode of the critically-acclaimed Freeform television series “Switched at Birth.” The episode, airing February 28, provocatively tackles the timely issue of student activism motivated by racially-based frustrations that exist on college campuses. 

“Few series have highlighted this issue as boldly and as nuanced as ‘Switched at Birth,’ explains AAFCA president Gil Robertson. “The ‘Occupy Truth’ episode digs deep to peel back several layers to systematic racism and highlights the role race plays especially in the collegiate environment.”

Presented in three chapters, the February 28 “Occupy Truth” episode of “Switched at Birth” explores the various perspectives of three African American characters on the show: Iris, who spearheads a student protest on the campus; Sharee, who is hesitant to become politically active; and Chris, the campus baseball star who is worried about the risk protesting poses to his athletic career. 

“The approach the ‘Occupy Truth’ episode takes is as important as the subject matter itself,” says Robertson. “Instead of presenting one viewpoint as definitive, this episode highlights the fact that divergent viewpoints do exist within the African American community and does so with nuance and complexity. And AAFCA felt it only fitting to champion that message with its coveted Seal of Approval encouraging its core audience and others to watch it.”

The AAFCA Seal of Approval was instituted to identify entertainment content that merits special praise for its representation of African American themes and imagery. “Since its inception, the AAFCA Seal has served as a proactive measure in partnership with the film and TV community to ensure that diversity extends far beyond just bodies,” says Robertson. “At AAFCA, we understand that many in our industry do want to do better and the AAFCA Seal is one way of guiding the industry in this journey and encouraging it to add meaningful content that elevates our collective understanding of one another. And the ‘Occupy Truth’ episode of ‘Switched at Birth’ certainly reflects that mission."

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