Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jay Roth, DGA National Exec Director, To Retire

Jay Roth

After two decades leading the guild, Jay Roth, the national executive director of the Director's Guild of America (DGA) is retiring.

 Roth said he’ll be stepping down later this spring. A succession plan will be announced in February 2017, following the next DGA national board meeting.

“The DGA has been, and continues to be, a tremendous part of my life,” he said. “I joined not only because it is a top-notch organization with proud traditions and solid governance, but also because its membership and staff had an established culture of rowing the boat the same way, and an understanding of who leads and makes policy – and who advises and executes. I’m proud of what we’ve all accomplished together to build the guild and advance our mission of protecting the creative and economic rights of our members – every single new contract, compensation increase, residual, creative right and expansion of jurisdiction that has allowed our members the freedom and security to create the best motion pictures in the world. I’d especially like to recognize the presidents whom I’ve worked alongside, and our national board, because none of this would be possible without great leadership and an engaged membership. I’m also proud of the next generation staff we’ve built from the ground up. With a strong foundation in place, they’re well-positioned to meet the challenges of tomorrow on behalf of our members. I look forward to the next chapter of my work with the Guild – and to the new milestones that will be achieved by the DGA and its members.”

DGA President Paris Barclay had nothing but good things to say about Roth. 

“Jay’s entire professional career has been dedicated to representing people and helping to make their lives better – early on as a civil rights and labor lawyer, and for more than three decades, as an essential part of the DGA’s life as its greatest adviser, defender and coach,” said Barclay. “Over a year ago, Jay began a conversation with the Guild about a plan to retire from his role as national executive director. At the request of our National Board, he agreed to continue in his position through the negotiations of our recently announced contract – a decision for which we honor Jay, and which reflects his genuine, unwavering dedication and loyalty to the DGA and its members. With negotiations now behind us, Jay will move forward with his planned retirement from his role as national executive director later this spring. But we couldn’t let him go completely. To our great fortune, at that time, he will transition to a role with us as senior adviser.”

Roth will be the recipient of the DGA Presidents Award for his leadership at the DGA Awards on February 4.  He is being recognized for his extraordinary efforts in enhancing the welfare and image of the guild and the industry. The award is bestowed only by a unanimous vote of the sitting and former DGA Presidents. Roth is only the fourth recipient of the DGA Presidents Award, first given in 1998 to former DGA president George Sidney, and then in 2001 and 2005 to former Presidents Robert Wise and Gil Cates. In 2008, the DGA recognized him with the DGA Honorary Life Member Award.

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