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Vivica A. Fox Talks Black Magic and Poetic Jeans

Vivica A. Fox

By Darlene Donloe

Vivica A. Fox is having fun. 

You can hear it in her voice as she talks about her latest projects.

The actress, known for her work in films (Kill Bill, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, Independence Day) and on television (City of Angels, Empire) is not limited to her thespian craft. She has spread her wings and become a business mogul.

Not only does she have the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection, these days she’s an executive producer on Vivica’s Black Magic, a show that premiered January 4, on Lifetime.  This business venture is about an exotic male revue and ultimate ladies’ night experience featuring hunky, sexy men.

She also has a clothing line with Poetic Justice Jeans, which features a line of clothes for women with curves, hips and voluptuous backsides.  The Vivica A. Fox by Poetic Justice spring collection is being called sporty, comfy, sexy and flirty. The pieces are designed to be interchangeable taking a woman from work to happy hour or shopping.

Fox, who can currently be seen on the drama, Empire, is passionate about all of her projects.

I recently caught up with the industry veteran to talk about her many ventures.

DD: Tell me about Vivica's Black Magic your new show on Lifetime.

VAF: The show has been doing well for three weeks. We are climbing.  My girls like it. I’m investing my time, money and name in taking eight exotic dancers to a residency. I did a movie called Chocolate City.  I took it to Howard Owens at Propogate and it was the quickest I sold a show in my life. I saw Magic Mike and Chippendales.  My dancers, we do bachelorette parties.

DD: How do you keep it professional when you’re around all of the gooey, yummy chocolate?

VAF: I’ve been on sets for 20 years. Whenever you see romance happen on sets, it doesn’t equal success. On my projects I’m the chick in charge. Why put that in the mix? I love my job.

DD:  You have a spring clothing collection coming out with Poetic Justice Jeans.  Talk about the collection and where you got your inspiration.

VAF: I work with the designer, Tiffany Reese, and what we do is, I used to model. I’m always buying Vogue and Essence and Allure and all of the fashion magazines. I always try to keep my look current. We like to think about what is fashion forward. It’s an affordable line for girls with curves.  I travel so much. I always like to have a cute warm up suit on. It’s sports attire.  They fit well. I’m big on zippers. I like to step in and step out. It’s about quick change, bright colors and what’s affordable. What can I do to make things easier? I don’t like having to pull things over my head. It’s better to step into it so I don't get makeup on my clothes.

DD: Did you go to Poetic Justice or did they come to you?

VAF: It kind of fell in my lap. When you look at the jeans – we have a full size model, a millenial and me (a woman). Everyone gets to see herself.  Tiffany Reese gifted me with these jeans. She kept bringing it up at lunch that I should get involved. I asked if she really wanted me to get involved. She went to them [Poetic Justice] and asked them about my joining them with my collection. I grew up modeling. I love the red carpet. It's a great fit for me.   When you have a line out there that is affordable – that people can trust, that’s a good thing. That’s the Vivica Fox Collection.

DD: The sizes range from what to what?

VAF: 4-24

DD: Why did you start the collection with Mad About Plaid?

VF:   Once again it was Tiffany. We sat down and found out plaid was making a huge comeback for fall.  Always look forward.  

DD: What is your biggest seller and why?

VAF:  Booty poppin’ jeans. Lift that bootie up. The plaid fishtail shirt was happening in the fall.

DD: What should we look for this spring?

VAF: This Spring it’s about the track suit. We’ll have pretty prints, florals,  purples and blues.  The material is lovely. Some jumpers are coming up. If you’re traveling, you want to look cute.  There will also be coats with a legging with ties up the front. The whole collection is fly.

DD: Valentine’s Day is coming. Will that be a big day for your collection?

VAF: We will have a holiday collection. There will be  dresses for Valentines Day. It has this sexy criss cross closure up the back. It’s very figure hugging.

DD:  Do your clothes travel well?

VAF: Yes, they travel very well. You can roll them up and fold them nicely.

DD: Where can people get your clothes?

VAF: www.poeticjustice.com and soon we will be in Macy’s.

DD: Before delving in did you ask women what they wanted?

VAF: The main thing is that they wanted things made for their size. They wanted to be fashion forward.

DD: What are your price points?

VAF: Everything is under $100.

DD: It’s hard to believe something is sporty, comfy, sexy and flirty. 

VAF: I’m fortunate that my designer, a full figure girl and me, I have curves. We really think of what we’d like to wear. We’re big on the fabric. We have fit models to make sure everything fits properly. The collection is made for girls with curves. They can’t handle that junk in the trunk.
We keep your figure in mind when we design your jeans

DD: You are busy.  Are you working on anything else?

VAF:  I’m working on a couple more episodes of Empire. I just got back from doing Bring It On Six. It’s an international, crossbreed, science fiction film. I’ll be playing the President of the United States I’m playing the first African American female president.

DD:  Where can people find you on social median and how can they obtain something from your collection?

VAF: The can hit me at Twitter: msvivicafox; Instagram is @Msvfox.  My website is vivicafox.com.
Also, please go to: www.poeticjusticejeans.com, then click on Vivica.

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