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“Los Otros” Continues Through July 1, 2012

The world premiere of the beautifully crafted musical “Los Otros” opens Sunday, June 3 at 7 p.m. at the Center Theatre Group/Mark Taper Forum. With book and lyrics by Ellen Fitzhugh and music by Michael John LaChiusa, “Los Otros” features Tony Award-winner Michele Pawk in the role of Woman and Julio Monge in the role of Man. “Los Otros” will continue performances through July 1, 2012.
Directed by multiple Tony Award-nominee Graciela Daniele, “Los Otros,” with its distinctly Californian stories that span several decades, was commissioned by Center Theatre Group.
The first act depicts three defining moments in the life of a Southern California woman, all of them involving chance encounters with Mexican immigrants.  The second act introduces us to a Mexican- American man, first as a 12-year-old picking plums in a Central Valley orchard during WWII and finally as a 75-year-old whose mind is failing him.  What is revealed about both are the gifts and devotions that have shaped their lives.

Michele Pawk’s Broadway credits include “Hollywood Arms,” for which she won a Tony Award, “Hairspray,” “Losing Louie,” “Mamma Mia!” and “Cabaret” (Drama Desk and Outer Critics’ Circle nominations). In addition to numerous off-Broadway and regional credits, she can be heard on eight original cast recordings, plus several compilation albums and books on tape.
Julio Monge’s Broadway credits include “Twelfth Night,” directed by Nicholas Hytner, Paul Simon’s “The Capeman,” “Jerome Robbins’ Broadway,” “Chronicle of a Death Foretold,” “Fosse,” “Man of La Mancha” and “Victor/Victoria.”  He also appeared nationally and internationally in “Aurelia’s Oratorio,” directed by Victoria Thierre Chaplin.
Ellen Fitzhugh has created lyrics for the musicals “Herringbone” (winner of Chicago’s Jefferson Award), “Big Blonde,” “Paper Moon,” “Muscle” with James Lapine and William Finn, “Grind” (Tony Award and Drama Desk nominations) directed by Harold  Prince,  and “Paradise Found” directed by Prince and Susan Stroman. She collaborated on the title song for MGM’s “That’s Dancing,” on songs for Disney’s animated feature film “The Great Mouse Detective,” and has written lyrics for the baseball revue “Diamonds,” Joel Grey’s “Tricks of the Trade,” the theme song of Arthur Kopit’s play “End of the World” and additional lyrics for Anthony Newley’s “Chaplin.” She is also working with Michael John LaChiusa to develop the musical “Blood and Oatmeal.” She received an Emmy nomination for a song from PBS’ “Shining Time Station.”

Michael John LaChiusa wrote the music and lyrics and co-wrote the book for “The Wild Party,” which received Tony nominations for musical, original musical score and book.  He also received Tony nominations for book and score for “Marie Christine.”  From 2011 to 2012, LaChiusa will have premiered three new musicals: “Queen of the Mist” (book, music and lyrics) produced by the Transport Group in New York; “Giant,” (book by Sybille Pearson), premiering at the Dallas Theater Center and co-produced by the Public Theater; and “Los Otros.”
LaChiusa’s other works include “Chronicle of a Death Foretold,” (Tony nomination for Best Book),  “Bernarda Alba,” “See What I Wanna See,” “The Highest Yellow,” “Little Fish,” “Hello Again” (Obie Award), “First Lady Suite” (Obie Award) and “Break/Agnes/Eulogy for Mister Hamm.” His operas include “Send (who are you? I love you)” at Houston Grand Opera and “Lovers and Friends (Chautauqua Variations)” at Lyric Opera of Chicago. He received two Emmy Awards for “The Wonder Pets.”
“Los Otros” is supported in part by the National Fund for New Musicals, a program of National Alliance for Musical Theatre, with funding from The Ann Palmer Foundation. www.namt.org.
Tickets and information are available at www.CenterTheatreGroup.org, the Center Theatre Group box office located at the Ahmanson Theatre, or by calling (213) 628-2772.

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New Episodes Will Air in its Regular Timeslot
Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT Beginning June 7

A-Listers Including Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Laila Ali, Garcelle Beavais, Omarosa 
and More Take Their Turn in the Chair in this WE tv Original

In the glitz and glam of Hollywood, stunning hairstyles are a way of life and Kim Kimble is the go-to stylist for A-List celebrities when they need a red carpet coif or an emergency "do." In her new series L.A. HAIR, premiering Thursday, May 31 at a special time 10 PM ET/PT with eight, one-hour episodes, viewers follow Kim as she manages her team of talented, yet high-strung stylists - including her mother Jasmine - as they make over Hollywood's elite, one strand at a time. Working in close quarters proves intense for her staff as they often bicker and joke like family yet struggle to meet Kim's standards of professionalism. Divas Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Laila Ali, Garcelle Beavais, Omarosa, Mary Mary, Kym Whitley, Mikki Taylor, Shari Headley and Kim's other bold-face named clients are featured in the series. After the premiere, new episodes of L.A. HAIR will air in its regular timeslot Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT (beginning June 7). Photos available for download at press.wetv.com

In L.A. HAIR, viewers will meet Kim's salon family - stylists Angela, Dontay, Terry, China, mom Jasmine, as well as Kim's assistant Anthony and receptionist Charity. Throughout the season, Kim finds herself questioning the commitment of some of her stylists, including an overly-eager Angela who goes behind Kim's back in attempt to steal her clients; the sassy China who is so dramatic it drives Kim nuts; and her assistant Anthony, who doesn't seem to know where his loyalties should be. Add to the mix Kim's headstrong mom Jasmine who has her own ideas on how the salon should be operated and you've got the perfect recipe for drama. If that isn't enough to make her head spin, Kim's lease expires before her new salon is finished, forcing her to find another space before she and her stylists are evicted. As the heart and soul of the operation, Kim spends her days juggling her vast celebrity clientele and growing a business in addition to carving out time for her personal life. But her biggest challenge may be dealing with the sometimes inflated egos of her staff - that's when the competition behind the chair becomes fierce and the scissors come out.
L.A. HAIR is produced for WE tv by 3 Ball Productions, an Eyeworks company, and executive produced by JD Roth, Todd Nelson, DJ Nurre and Heidi Dahmen. Suzanne Gladstone is the Executive Producer and Lauren Gellert serves as Senior Vice President of Original Production and Development for WE tv.


R&B singer Rihanna is starring in, Battleship, her first feature film.  She took time out to answer some questions about working on the film.

Q: What characteristics do you share with your character?
RIHANNA:  I think mostly being one of the boys.  I really liked that.  I was used to that, growing up with my brothers, and all my cousins.  It was rarely any girls around, and I guess I kind of - it didn’t feel out of place. 
Q: Did all of your video acting help this process or was it totally new, learning marks and timing?
RIHANNA: I thought it would help.  But little did I know, it was a completely different beast.  It was brand new, and it was a whole different experience.  It was a much bigger set.  I had to use dialog and I never really use that in my videos; it’s usually just me acting to a track, a musical track.  So that was different.  Having an accent, too. 


Q: Did you have fun in between takes?
RIHANNA:  I think, I don’t know about fun.  I was really locked in to the character.  We went to the beach a couple of times, but most of the fun was on set, doing the actual shooting, and using the weapons.  That was some of my favorite parts, all the stunts and the fighting scenes.  Those were my favorite parts.  So that, most of the fun was actually the work.
Q: You could have chosen any role to be your first movie.  What attracted you to this role?
RIHANNA:  I liked that it was something a little removed from my real life.  And I liked that it was a part that wasn’t glamorous.  But most importantly, it was a small enough role that I could pull off for my first movie.  And working with Peter Berg as a director, I mean, I felt pretty safe. His enthusiasm was - it made me trust him.  I believed that he could really pull it out of me. 
Q: Do you actually believe that there is intelligent life in outer space?  And if so, would you imagine them to be more hostile, or more peaceful?


RIHANNA:  Yeah, I’m still very open on that matter.  I’m not really sure, because I haven’t done enough research to really say how I feel.  But - who knows.  I would like to know.  I really would, so I’m gonna do some homework, and maybe I could give you a better answer another time.
Q: Can you talk about what you learned from Peter as your director, and working with Taylor?
RIHANNA:  Well, Peter Berg, he’s very spontaneous and fearless.  He, he pushed me a lot, and he threw me out there, right away from Day One.  I didn’t even have a chance to really think about what I was doing.  I was right out into the scenes.  And the first day, I had no lines.  So I didn’t have any lines prepared, I was just in character.  And then all of a sudden, I was like twelve lines in, in my first scene.  So I liked that, the improv.  I had to learn that really, really quickly.  Taylor Kitsch, I mean, he was - I watched him a lot.  I watched a lot throughout the shooting.  Even when I didn’t have to shoot my scenes, I would kind of watch his scenes being shot, just to pick up on things and see how he interprets Pete’s instructions.  And he was very helpful, too, throughout.  In between takes, he would come over and give me little tips, because he really understood what Pete wanted me to get - which was good.
Q: Transitioning from singing to acting, what would you say was your biggest obstacle?  What were some of the harder things, and what were some of the things that came easy to you?
RIHANNA: I guess for me, singing is - it’s kind of like a diary; it’s kind of like - well, not kind; it’s my real life.  And you play yourself every day, and you don’t have to think about it.  And acting, you have to embody an entire character, right to the core.  You, you have to get in their mindset.  You have to think, kind of figure out how they think and they will react to certain things.  I’m not used to that, so that was definitely challenging. 
Q: What are you going to miss most about playing your character?
RIHANNA:  The guns.  The weapons.  That was my favorite part of shooting.  I had a great time.  I felt like the ultimate bad-ass, and I would have never had those experiences, had it not been for shooting this film.  So that was definitely fun to play, play that.
Q: What did you learn about yourself in the process of making this film?
RIHANNA:  I actually learned a lot about myself.  I mean, I had to delve into, you know, different emotions and things that I had been avoiding, I guess, not even knowing, you know.  I guess I put up this face, and I don’t want people to see me, you know, weak or anything, or vulnerable.  So I did that for so long that I kind of had to break that down.  And it really taught me a lot about myself.  So it, it was a great experience.

Q: How did you physically prepare yourself for the physical aspect of the film?
RIHANNA: I worked with a soldier, and he was like - I mean, I hate saying this about him, but he really was psychotic.  He really broke me down.  And he had no, no remorse.  Like, it was just like I was a soldier right out there in war.  And he wanted to have that emotional connection to the character, so - I mean, at one point I got so scared of him that every time he would come over to train, I would hide all my high heeled shoes.  I would hide my pink I-Pod.  Anything that was girly or out of character, I had to kind of just get, get it away.  And that really helped.  He trained me a lot, a lot of push-ups, a lot of sandbags and weights.  And on set, I did a lot of training with a female soldier, who’s a real weapons officer.  And she taught me a lot about weapons and drills, and my whole etiquette, body language.
Q: Did you get a chance to do any improv in the film?  You sang a little while on the ship.  So I was wondering, was that written in the script, or is it something that you did on your own?
RIHANNA:  A lot of the dialogue and the in between things like that, the singing, really were spur of the moment.  Pete made us do so much nonsense, like the Kentucky Fried Chicken - like, he made me - he bought like a chicken.  Like, it was awful.  He makes you do the craziest things.  And you just never mind what he’s gonna keep.  So you just have to kind of keep your fingers crossed.  But a lot of it’s improv.  And he kind of just makes you go there, and he feeds you, feeds you, feeds you in energy, gets you really angry and then make you say a line, and you tag back.  And it was really helpful to play like that.  It was a good learning experience.


Q: If you were on that boat, how would you personally have handled that situation?
RIHANNA:  The exact same.  What do you think?  No, I mean, who knows.  I might have jumped ship.  That’s some intense stuff.  Me see an alien?  I don’t know what I, what would be my first instinct. 
Q: Have you thought about putting music on hold for a little bit, just to pursue movies?
RIHANNA:  I don’t think music could ever be on hold for me, because it’s something that I love to do.  So even if it’s - there’s not a deadline or a specific project, I will always feel empty not making music.  I will always get that bug and - even right now, I’m still going a little crazy.  Like, I can’t wait to go in the studio, just to play and play around with songs.  And I can do that, because that, it doesn’t become work for me.  So I am gonna make time to do some more films.  I really liked my first experience with Battleship, so I’m looking forward to doing more.  But I can’t say goodbye to music.  I can’t say that’s what’s happening.

Celebs Attend 37th Annual Gracie Awards

Los Angeles, CA – May 23, 2012 – Last night, Hollywood’s stars shone a little brighter as the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation (AWMF) descended upon the historic Beverly Hilton Hotel, for the 37th Annual Gracie Awards. 2012 National Gracie Award winners were honored in a star-studded gala hosted by Emmy® Award-winning actress Angela KinseyThe Gracie Awards (also known as “the Gracies”) recognize exemplary programming created for women, by women, and about women in all facets of media, including radio, television, cable and new media.  The awards program also encourages the realistic and multifaceted portrayal of women in entertainment, news, features and other programs.

The black-tie Gala attracted the best and brightest in the industry including: Premiere Network’s Delilah; TNT Rizzoli & Isles’ Lorraine Bracco; ABCGrey Anatomy’s Loretta Devine; Best-selling author and Food Network’s Giada de Laurentiis; Academy-Award winner Sally Field; NBC News/Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie; TNT Rizzoli & Isles’ Angie Harmon; RLTV’s Florence Henderson; NBC Chuck’s Zachary Levi; ABC Family Switched at Birth’sConstance Marie; Academy-Award winner Marlee Matlin; E! and Style Network’s Giuliana RancicAccess Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson; CNN Early Start’s Zoraida Sambolin; USA Network Fairly Legal’s Sarah Shahi; Miss Representation’s Jennifer Siebel Newsom; CBS CSI’s Elisabeth Shue; ESPN’sHannah Storm; ABC Modern Family’s Ariel Winter…and hundreds more.
The audience was dazzled by electrifying musical performances by singer-songwriter and Universal Republic Recording Artist Vicci Martinez, a top-four finalist from season one of The Voice on NBC, and by Hannah McIalwain, a contender from season one of The Glee Project on Oxygen.
“The Gracies Gala is a wonderful event, and the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation is proud to recognize such extraordinary women,” said AWMF Chair Valerie K. Blackburn. “It’s an honor to be in this community of talented women who are so committed to creating innovative, intelligent and insightful programming.”

The Gracies are presented by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Alliance for Women in Media that supports educational programs, charitable activities, public service campaigns and scholarships to benefit the public, the electronic media and allied fields. The Gracie Awards, established in 1975, honors programming and individuals of the highest caliber in all facets of radio, television, cable and web-based media, including news, drama, comedy, commercials, public service, documentary and sports.

The event is made possible through the generous support of the following sponsors: A+E Networks/Lifetime, Arbitron, Inc., Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc., CBS News, CNN, Disney/ABC Television Group, E! Networks, ESPN/espnW, Food Network/Cooking Channel, Ford Motor Company Fund, Katz Media Group, Inc., National Association of Broadcasters/NABEF, NBC News, Oxygen Media, Premiere Networks, and RLTV;  Media Partner:  Ovation; Beauty Sponsor:  Sexy Hair; Wine Sponsor: House of Mandela.

For more information about the 2012 Gracies, please visit www.thegracies.orgFor the most up-to-date, insider information, follow the Gracie Awards on Twitter @thegracies.

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Five couples are in various stages of adding a bundle of joy to their lives in the Lionsgate comedy, What To Expect When You’re Expecting, opening May 18 nationwide.

The film, directed by Kirk Jones and inspired by the New York Times bestseller of the same name written by Heidi Murkoff, boasts a huge cast that includes Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, Elizabeth Banks, Rodrigo Santoro, Matthew Morrison, Anna Kendrick, Ben Falcone, Brooklyn Decker and Chace Crawford.

In the film a TV fitness Guru (Cameron Diaz) and dance show star Evan (Matthew Morrison), must make a decision about their high-octane lives and how it will change once their baby arrives.

Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) and her husband, Gary (Ben Falcone), seem to be in competition with his race car icon father (Dennis Quaid) and his young, sexy wife (Brooklyn Decker), who are also expecting something from the stork.  Rival food truck chefs Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and Marco (Chace Crawford) hook-up only to get the shock of their lives. And then there’s Holly (Jennifer Lopez), who, along with her husband Alex (Rodrigo Santoro), has decided to adopt a baby from Ethiopia.

I recently caught up with the cast at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills. Lopez, who was looking fresh and invigorated, discussed her role, her career and her life.

Q: What did you think about the book?

JL: I found the book to be so incredibly accurate while I was pregnant. I can see why everybody has this book and why it‘s the first thing you get when you find out you’re pregnant.  Because It just takes you through everything.  When you get pregnant, it’s the type of thing everyone is talking about your whole life, but you know nothing about when it’s happening to you.

Q: What do you like about the book?

JL: This book helps you, like, not freak out. It’s like, this is happening, you are feeling this way. This is what’s happening inside your body right now.  This is where you should be. It helps you to calm down as an expectant mom.

Q: You’ve got a lot happening in your life.

JL: It feels good, I’m a little tired. I’m not going to lie.  I’ve been rehearsing, doing ‘Idol’, promoting, it’s a lot of stuff, the kids. But I feel really in the zone. I feel good about everything. Everything is going really well. I feel really blessed, I do.


Q: Your character and her husband decide to adopt. What are you feelings about adoption?

JL: It’s funny, you know, before the movie I never really thought about adoption at all. I always just wanted to have my own baby. I was so focused on that it took me a while to have my own.  But after the film and during the making of the film when I held those two little Ethiopian twins. You fall in love instantly. It really occurred to me, I can see how someone could do this, how it’s so easy to embrace a child who has nothing. It’s really a beautiful selfless act of love. You go, ‘ok I understand  these feelings. I get this.  I know how this happens.’

Q: You spent a lot of time with babies while shooting this film.  Have you thought about having more children?

JL: I mean, it would be a blessing. Right now I’m really focused on just doing it right with those two. I have my hands full.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting is rated PG-13; running time: 110 minutes.

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There is a military installation occupying rehearsal hall 4B on the fourth floor of the Los Angeles Theatre Centre (LATC), where several colored soldiers from the 24th U.S. infantry, formerly known as Buffalo Soldiers, are going through drills, arranging their bunks, cleaning their weapons and flapping their jaws about their prowess with women.

Some of their discussion is about the disrespectful way they’re being treated by white civilians in Houston, TX, where they are bivouacked. They speak openly about how they mistakenly had the idea that joining the military would gain them a level of respect not afforded a colored civilian. They also talk about the daily battles they have to endure to maintain a modicum of dignity. Little did they know that on Aug. 23, 1917, they would become entrenched in a violent race riot that would result in the death of four soldiers and 16 civilians. There would be three courts-martial, 19 soldiers would be executed and another 41 would be given life sentences for their participation.

This is only a rehearsal, but this true, historic moment about the proud and brave men of the 24th and what came to be called the Houston riots or Camp Logan riots, is vividly told in Celeste Bedford Walker’s drama, “Camp Logan,” now playing at LATC. 

The show, presented as a reading last May in Theatre 2 of LATC, is presented by Robey Theatre Company (Ben Guillory), Sparkling City Entertainment (Alex Morris and Vanessa Paul) and JuVee Productions (Academy Award-nominated actress Viola Davis [The Help] and husband Julius Tennon) in association with Latino Theater Company.

 As the story goes, it’s 1917 in Houston, Texas. A couple of white police officers reportedly drag a colored woman from her home and begin beating her in front of her five children. When a colored soldier tries to intervene, he, too, is beaten. When he returns to his base to relay the incident, about 154 soldiers from the 24th United States Infantry marched from their bivouac at the construction site of Camp Logan to the west end of Houston. There, they were met by Houston police, other military units and armed citizens. But, it was more than just that one incident that set off the soldiers.

Things had come to a head after this all-colored regiment had endured weeks of harassment from the city police and white civilians. The fire was fueled when a sergeant and his men learned that the regiment would not be sent to France. There are varying accounts regarding how many soldiers were involved, beaten, sentenced, etc. The story of Camp Logan is not widely known, however, it goes without saying that what happened is a dark moment in American history.


“I did not know the story of Camp Logan and am not at all surprised that I did not,” says Viola Davis, who is currently in New Orleans working on a movie. “History is so vast and has been reinterpreted and filtered to such a degree that there are some stories you just shrug off....or never pursue. I think any story involving African Americans and the expansiveness of our history should be told. It reminds us of the cost of the freedoms we enjoy today and also reminds us about the importance and repercussions of insurrection. This is American history.”


As the performers go through their paces, like a proud father, the show’s director, Alex Morris (All My Sons), arms folded and eyes focused, moves effortlessly around the rehearsal hall as his actors Sammie Wayne IV, Dwain A. Perry, Dorian C. Baucum, Bill Lee Brown, Kaylon Hunt (making his LA stage debut), Jacob Sidney, and Curtis Lee Stansberry, bring the show to life.  Sidney, who plays Captain Zuelke, is the only cast member who did not participate in last year’s reading.

Occasionally Morris, who is also an actor, nods approval. Adding atmosphere at various points in the show he lends his voice to that of a white, boisterous, raucous crowd spewing racially charged slurs.

“Good, that was good,” says Morris at the end of Act 1. “Take 10. That was good.”


An admitted theater fanatic, at one time Morris was simultaneously appearing in All My Sons at the Matrix, while rehearsing for No Chance In Hell at Theatre Theater and directing Camp Logan. He has a long relationship with Camp Logan and the playwright.

In 1988 Morris, who is from the Houston area, appeared in the original production of Camp Logan.

“We toured it on military bases,” says Morris, who played a character named Franciscus. “Sometimes we would do the show at 9 a.m.  Do you know how hard it is to get young men up that time of morning to do a show?”

The last time he actually performed in Camp Logan was 1991. However, since that time Morris has wanted to mount his own production.

“When I first met Alex, all he did was talk about this play,” says Morris’s wife, Vanessa Paul, an actress and publicist who is also one of the producers. “He was excited about the soldiers and how wonderful they were. For him it was about the story. I have to admit, even though I’m from the area, I didn’t know anything about the story. But, since I’ve gotten wind of it, I’ve been blown away. I can’t believe there are men who endured what they endured, but still wanted to fight for their country.”

“I’ve always loved the play and what it says,” says Morris. “For me, it’s about the message. It’s an extraordinary play that’s written by a woman, but sounds like a man. It tells me that Black women are listening to us and what we’re saying.”


Morris says he’s not the only one to be surprised at how successful the playwright is in writing for men. The rhythm of the way men speak, the camaraderie, frankness and cadence of a group of guys bonding in the military is finely crafted and captured by Celeste Bedford Walker, who is now a married (James) 64-year-old mother (Dana, 39 and James, 36) and grandmother (Brandon, 16 and Brea, 16), who still loves to write.

“In order to capture the true essence of men, I observed them,” says Walker, who is from Houston.  “I didn’t want the show to sound like a woman trying to write for men. I wanted it to sound authentically like men. That’s another reason it took so long to write the play. I kept trying to bring a female into the play so I could see the men through a female’s eyes. Literally the male characters kept throwing the female out of the play. I just observed the men in my life and how they acted and interacted and expressed emotion and how they didn’t express emotion.   After the play was produced I was gratified to see the audience accepted my interpretation.”


Having written about 30 plays in her career, including her first, Once In A Wife Time, Reunion in Bartersville and the musical, Over Forty, Walker, who finished writing Camp Logan in 1985, says the show, by far, is one of her most popular.

“I wrote Camp Logan because of the story,” says Walker, who wrote the play over a two-three year period when she was in her late 30s. “It has a Shakespearean aspect to it that captured me. I heard about it growing up as a child. The elders would talk about it from time to time. They would say, ‘Remember Camp Logan. We don’t want this to be a Camp Logan.’ I thought about the story and what a great theatrical piece this would be.  I wanted to understand it and bring it to life.”

For years Walker did her research, which included talking to elders who lived during the time of the race riot.

“I did a lot of research,” she says. “A lot of it was oral. I had neighbors, elders, who lived during that time. They had a lot to say. At Texas Southern University they have a whole wing of Black Houston history. I also requested records from Congress, but during that time the records were sealed. They are available now, but not when I was doing the research.”
Camp Logan (which won a NAACP Image Award for best play in 1994), was first produced in 1987, by the Kuumba House Theatre. The show, according to Walker, ran for six weeks.

“We didn’t do anything else until I got a grant from the Carver Center in 1990 in San Antonio,” she says.  “They gave me a grant and the play has been touring ever since.
I’m sure its been done more than 300 times at various military bases, theaters, colleges, universities, commercial venues and the Kennedy Center. It’s been well received.”

This incarnation of Camp Logan reunites Walker and Morris, who toured with the show along with Curtis Lee Stansberry, who plays the by-the-book Sgt. McKinney.  Walker thinks it’s appropriate that Morris is now directing.

“It’s like coming full circle,” says Walker from her home in Houston. “Alex was one of the original actors in the play. When we put together the Carver Center production in 1990, he played Franciscus. He was in the play in the beginning. He toured with it for years.  The play has always been close to his heart. He always wanted to do it in LA.  I’m sure he’ll do a good job.”

The soldiers depicted in Camp Logan are just a sampling of the actual regiment. Walker says each character is a composite.  The gruff, opinionated character, Joseph Moses, is actually patterned after her father. 

“Joe Moses is modeled after my dad,” she says.  “He had a temper. He said what he felt when he felt it. The others grew out of the stories I heard over the years. These guys are composites of characters. Some of them reminded me of men I knew. I put in a little bit of this one and a little bit of that one.  I had to have different characters to express different viewpoints.”


Actor Sammie Wayne IV, who participated in the reading of Camp Logan last spring, is back for this production as Gweely Brown, an army veteran and self-proclaimed ladies man, who is quick to rebel.

Wayne, who won an NAACP Theatre award in 2011 for best lighting design for Loretta Devine’s one woman show, Pieces of Me and also won a NAACP Theater award in 2010 for best supporting male actor for his role in Alretha Thomas’s, One Woman Two Lives, says from the moment he read the play, he wanted to be a part of it.


“After I read the script, it did something to me,” says Wayne, who has acted in more than 50 plays since moving to Los Angeles from Chicago in 1987. “It made me want to be part of the show.  I think it chose me, I didn’t choose it. I was unaware of the story, which made me feel like I was lacking in my knowledge of our history. It’s also an inspiring story. The more I read about what these soldiers and blacks in general went through, it made the problems I have today seem not so big. This story makes me think I can overcome.”

Wayne said it was a “pleasant surprise” to find out the show was written by a woman.

“She captured the male camaraderie in a way that a lot of black male playwrights couldn’t,” says Wayne. “The lines organically come out of each of us. Alex’s casting speaks to that. The guys he casted are these roles.  Alex is great as a director because he comes to it from the point of view as an actor. He knows what we’re going through. His process of putting us through military drills and started early enough for all of us to get to know each other and have an authentic camaraderie has made this one of the best theatrical experiences I’ve had.”


For the first time the Robey Theatre Company, Sparkling City Entertainment and the JuVee Productions have come together to produce a show.  All of the participants were quick to point out that Camp Logan was an important story to tell.

It was Morris who first presented the show to the rest of the group.

“Ben (Guillory) and I have done five productions together,” says Morris. “Julius (Tennon) and I go back 30 years. We were in the first movie I did called, Riverbend. We both wanted to do stuff that told the true message, a positive message. The Robey mantra was also to tell our stories. I was excited to give this story to Ben. Julius was like, ‘This is what we (he and Davis) wanted to do.’ So did Ben. So did me and Vanessa.”

“This will be the sixth production Alex and I have collaborated on,” says Guillory.  “It’s the perfect fit for what Robey is about. It has a social consciousness; it’s historical and theatrical because of Walker’s talent as a playwright. One of the performances opening weekend is really to honor Celeste and to give our audience a chance to meet her. She’s written a wonderful play, an important play about how the Buffalo Soldiers, now the 24th and what they had to go through to fight for this country in WW1 and how they had to fight a battle here to get to there.”

Guillory, who has attended numerous rehearsals, calls Morris “a talented guy.”

“He’s obviously a theater person,” says Guillory, whose theater company recently won five NAACP Theatre Awards. “He’s a theater being in the since that live theater is what he as a performing artist lives for. You can understand and see his commitment. He has a deep history with the play. It has always moved him. His participation is fueled by all that history. I think highly of his work as a director. The actors trust him. He knows what’s he’s doing. He knows of what he speaks because he’s an actor.”

He has nothing but good thing to say about Julius Tennon and Viola Davis’ inclusion.

“Viola’s body of work speaks for itself,” says Guillory, whose credits include theater, television and film. “Julius is an old friend. Alex, Julius and myself did Piano Lesson together. We’re colleagues and friends. We’ve been wanting to do something together. It’s a perfect fit. There is strength in our numbers. Even more than that we have a great deal of respect for each other as artists and as men and women and as black men and women wanting to do a kind of work that is of a high standard. We trust each other to support those ideologies in the work. Some would call it a blind faith. It’s a no brainer in the sense that we are real aware of the standards we hold each other to – that are just implied. As artists of color we simply wanted and needed to do this.”

Tennon is equally enthusiastic about producing the show. He was originally supposed to play Sgt. McKinney in the show, but had to bow out due to his hectic schedule. However, he says Camp Logan is just the kind of project he and Davis want to produce.

“This is part of what we’ve being working toward for the last three years,” says Tennon, who added JuVee Productions is currently developing a number of projects, including I’m Your Man, a romantic comedy for Viola. “We wanted to control more of our careers and do the type of work that we want to do.  To do that, we had to be producers. We had to find scripts. This way, Viola wouldn’t have to wait for stereotypical roles.  We want to do a lot of culturally diverse things.”

Morris said working with JuVee (a combination of Julius and Viola’s names) and Robey was like a perfect storm. Tennon, whose JuVee Productions is committed to excellence in film, television, and theatre, agreed.

“Alex and I and Ben and I have been friends for a long time,” says Tennon. “We’ve wanted to get together to do something for a long time.  I was familiar with the story. I lived in Austin in the 90s. The story blew me away. So many times we don’t get to know this history. But Alex has a passion in his heart for this story. We talked about doing this for a lot of years. Now it’s here.”

Tennon has nothing but praise for his friend as the director.


“He’s a wonderful director because he’s also an actor,” says Tennon. “He understands what actors need to do. He’s great for this. The guys in the show are all on the same page. There have commitment and they’re working hard. This story is a testament to the tenacity and will of these soldiers in spite of all that prejudice. They still stood up for what was right. It takes a lot of courage to do that. We all really want to do justice to this. This is a significant story. This is an important story.”

For Walker, writing and telling the story of what happened at Camp Logan has been her mission in life.

“This is an important story to tell,” says Walker, who is working on a new played about cowboys called Black Spurs, as well as a documentary called, I, Barbara Jordan. “To me it was important because, it might sound trite, but if we don’t know our history we’re doomed to repeat it.  We need to know our history.”

Camp Logan opens April 28; Los Angeles Theatre Center, Theatre 4, 514 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013; Thur.-Sat. 8 pm; Sun. at 3 pm; Through May 27; Tickets:  $20-$30; 866-811-4111 or www.thelatc.org.

 This story, originally written by Darlene Donloe, is reprinted with the permission of LA Stage Times (www.lastagetimes.com)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Johnny Depp Is Barnabas Collins In Dark Shadows

Barnabas Collins has risen again.

The always interesting, daring and adventurous Johnny Depp brings the popular vampire to life in Tim Burton’s campy, sometimes hysterical, sometimes dramatic, sometimes over the top, sometimes slow, Dark Shadows, a throwback to the 60s and early 70s cult classic soap opera by the same name.  The show ran on ABC from 1966 to 1971 and focused on the exploits of Barnabas Collins, which was played favorably by Jonathan Frid, who died last month.


This gothic comedy features an all-star cast that includes Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Bella Heathcot, Johnny Miller, Gulliver McGrath, Ivan Kay and Susanna Capellaro.

The year is 1752, Joshua and Naomi Collins, with young son Barnabas, set sail from Liverpool, England to start a new life in America.  Two decades pass and Barnabas (Depp) is sitting pretty  in the town of Collinsport, Maine.  The master of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas is rich, powerful and, well, a bit of a playboy.  However when he makes the bad mistake of breaking up with Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green), who claims to love him dearly -  for the affections of another, all hell (literally) breaks loose.   A witch, Angelique not only sends Barnabas’s lover over a cliff, she puts a curse on Barnabas sealing his fate by turning him into a vampire, and then burying him alive.

Oh, the humanity!!!!

Now, it’s 1972 and Barnabas is back. 


There’s no getting around it, Depp is fabulous even though the performance feels a bit familiar. He has played the role of the weirdo on many occasions, including the recent Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands and even Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean fame.

Still, Depp is good. He’s funny! He’s irreverent! He’s wonderfully sinister!! His timing is brilliant and even as a vampire, he’s not bad to look at.

When he rises from the grave after nearly 200 years, he’s amazed at the simplest modern man advancements, including red lava lamps and paved roads. He’s hilariously and goolishly polite to some stoners who are about to become his victims by saying, “It is with sincere regret that I must now kill all of you.”

When he arrives at a mansion he previously owned, which is now occupied by members of his family, he prepares his revenge on Angelique by restoring the family business to its rightful place at the top. 

For the first time in a Tim Burton film, there is a sex scene. Well, sort of.  Angelique and Barnabas have a sexy romp to the sounds of Barry White.  The scene is kinda funny. Depp has a great line at the end after he sees the romp has lead to the destruction of the room. However, the payoff isn’t enough. 


Another funny bit is the addition of rocker Alice Cooper, who performs at a “happening” given by the Collins clan. Of course, Barnabas, unfamiliar with Cooper repeatedly refers to him as “she” and even refers to him being the ugliest woman he’s ever seen.

There are some very good moments in Dark Shadows, which happens to be the eighth Burton/Depp collaboration. That being said, there are also some moments that drag, as well as some that rely on special effects – that, unfortunately, fall flat.

Pfeiffer is miscast. However, Chloƫ Grace Moretz, who plays her rebellious daughter, Carolyn, is hysterical, as is the always memorable, but briefly seen Helena Bonham Carter.

What is interesting about Burton’s Dark Shadows is how he meshes gore and violence with comedy and drama.  You don’t know whether to laugh at a murder scene or be horrified.

There’s a duality going on that’s not very clear.

Still, if you’re looking for a good popcorn movie and want to suspend disbelief for two hours, Dark Shadows is something you can probably sink your teeth into.

On the Donloe Scale, D (don’t bother), O (oh, no), N (needs work), L (likable), O (OK) and E (excellent), “Dark Shadows” gets an L (likable).



Lifetime has ordered a reality show anchored by Whitney Houston's family.  The show, The Houston Family Chronicle, is set to premiere later this year.  It will follow those closest to Houston as they try to resume some semblance of normalcy after her untimely death.

The 10 hour-long episodes focus on Houston's manager, sister-in-law and closest confidant Pat Houston, who is married to Houston's brother, Gary.   The couple's teenage daughter, Rayah, will also participate.

Bobbi Kristina, Houston's only child, and gospel legend Cissy Houston, the pop sensation's mother, will also appear on the show.

It's been reported that gospel singer CeCe Winans and Houston's cousin, singer Dionne Warwick, will also appear.


ABC has renewed a number of shows to its lineup next season. The shows making a return include: Grey's Anatomy, Shark Tank, The Bachelor, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Dancing With the Stars, Suburgatory, Modern Family, The Middle, Castle and Happy Endings.

ABC also lead in the Daytime Emmys. General Hospital grabbed 23 nominations for the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards, set to be announced June 23. The network leads all nominations with 56.

In June, the network will turn Nik Wallenda's attempted tightrope walk over Niagrara Falls into a prime-time television event. The three-hour special will air June 15.  Part of the show will be an examination of the greatest stunts of all time. Wallenda is a member of the famous daredevil family. His great-grandfather Kark fell to his death in a tightrope walk in Puerto Rico at age 78.


NBC has also renewed a number of show to its fall lineup.  Shows returning include: Law & Order: SVU, Parks and Recreation, Up All Night and Whitney.  It ordered the new comedy, Next Calle Please, a show starring Dane Cook as a radio DJ.  NBC also picked up Dick Wolf's pilot, Chicago Fire, about the men and women of the Chicago Fire Department. The peacock network cancelled Harry's Law, Ben, Chelsea, Awake and Best Friends Forever.


The CW has picked up the Sex and the City prequel series The Carrie Diaries, featuring the character of Carrie Bradshaw at age 16.  They will also showcase Arrow, starring Stephen Amell as the DC Comics hero Green Arrow.  The network has given sereis orders to three other dramas: Beauty and the Beast, First Cut and The Cult, a show about a production assistant and a blogger who team up to investigate the fans of a TV show who may be re-creating its fictional crimes in real life.


Cougar Town, the ABC sitcom starring Courteney Cox, is moving to TBS.  It will be the show's fourth season.  TBS has also acquired the encore rights for the first three seasons of the show.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Daytime Emmy® Awards will be presented on June 23rd, 2012
At the Beverly Hilton Hotel

Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy® Awards Gala
To be held at the Westin Bonaventure in Downtown LA on Sunday, June 17, 2012

Executive Producer, Bill Geddie to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

New York – May 9, 2012 – The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) today announced the nominees for the 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards.  The nominations were announced live this morning by Kathy Lee and Hoda on the “Today Show.”
The Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards recognize outstanding achievement in all fields of daytime television production and are presented to individuals and programs broadcast from 2:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. during the 2011 calendar year.  This year’s gala will be held at the prestigious Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 in Beverly Hills, CA.
The Daytime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards gala, which honors the crafts behind the many shows that grace the Daytime genre will return to the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday, June 17th, 2012.
This year’s Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Award for Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Bill Geddie, Executive Producer of “The View,” for his contributions as writer, producer and director in his more than 30-year television career.
"Bill Geddie is an icon in the television industry,” said Malachy Wienges, Chairman, NATAS. “When he and Barbara Walters created "The View" 15 years ago, they introduced a new and innovative daytime television talk show format. We at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences are proud to have Bill receive our 2012 Daytime Lifetime Achievement Award."
Regarding the possibility of a 2012 Daytime Emmy Award telecast, Wienges noted that negotiations are continuing with several media outlets.
The 39th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards is a presentation of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in cooperation with the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 
A breakdown of the awards by network, as compiled by the independent accounting firm of Lutz & Carr, LLP, follows. A full list of all nominees in all categories can be downloaded from our website at www.emmyonline.tv.
About The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) is a professional service organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television industry. It recognizes excellence in television with the coveted Emmy® Award for News & Documentary, Sports, Daytime Entertainment, Daytime Creative Arts & Entertainment, Public & Community Service, and Technology & Engineering.  Regional Emmy® Awards are given in 19 regions across the United States. NATAS also presents the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Global Media Awards™ which recognizes excellence in the world-wide intersection of digital entertainment and technology. Beyond awards, NATAS has extensive educational programs including the Regional Student Television Program and its Student Award for Excellence for outstanding journalistic work by high school students, as well as scholarships, publications, and major activities for both industry professionals and the viewing public.  For more information, please visit the website at www.emmyonline.tv
Press Contacts:
Paul Pillitteri, Communications

The 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award Nominations

ABC 56
PBS 51
CBS 33
NBC 24
Daystar Television Network 3
VH1 3
Cars.TV 1
here! TV 1
MeTV 1
MTV2 1
OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network 1

multiple nominations
General Hospital 23
Sesame Street 16
The Young and the Restless 16
Days of Our Lives 15
The Ellen DeGeneres Show 12
All My Children 11
The Bold and the Beautiful 11
One Life To Live 11
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness 8
Penguins of Madagascar 8
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour 6
The Electric Company 6
The Fresh Beat Band 6
The View 6
Today Show 6
Giada At Home 5
The Oprah Winfrey Show 4
SpongeBob SquarePants 4
85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 4
Anderson 3
Biz Kid$ 3
Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade 3
Dr. Phil 3
Rachael Ray 3
The Talk 3
Travelscope 3
The Wonder Pets! 3
3rd & Bird! 2
Cash Cab 2
Design Squad 2
The Doctors 2
The Dr. Oz Show 2
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 2
Jeopardy! 2
Let's Make A Deal 2
Live with Regis and Kelly 2
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 2
The Nate Berkus Show 2
Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee 2
This New House 2
Transformers Prime 2
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2
Yo Gabba Gabba! 2


All My Children                                                                    ABC
Julie Hanan Carruthers, Executive Producer
Hope Harmel Smith, Supervising Producer
Nadine Aronson, Producer

Days of Our Lives                                                                 NBC

Ken Corday, Executive Producer
Greg Meng, Co-Executive Producer
Gary Tomlin, Co-Executive Producer
Noel Maxam, Co-Executive Producer
Albert Alarr, Producer
M.K. Weir, Producer
Janet Spellman-Drucker, Senior Coordinating Producer
Tim Stevens, Senior Coordinating Producer

General Hospital                                                                   ABC

Jill Farren, Phelps, Executive Producer
Robert Guza, Consulting Producer
Mercer Barrows, Producer
Mary O'Leary, Producer
Michelle Henry, Producer

The Young and the Restless                                               CBS
Maria Arena Bell, Executive Producer
Jay Gibson, Consulting Producer
Anthony Morina, Supervising Producer
John Fisher, Supervising Producer
Sally McDonald, Supervising Producer


Curious George                                                                     PBS
Dorothea Gillim, Executive Producer
Carol Greenwald, Executive Producer
Ellen Cockrill, Executive Producer
Ron Howard, Executive Producer
Brian Grazer, Executive Producer
David Kirschner, Executive Producer
Jon Shapiro, Executive Producer
Paul Higgins, Coordinating Producer
Matthew Baughman, Coordinating Producer
David Wilcox, Producer
Share Stallings, Co-Producer
Jacqui Deegan, Series Producer

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness                       Nickelodeon

Peter Hastings, Executive Producer
Cheryl Holliday, Executive Producer
Bret Haaland, Supervising Producer
Randy Dormans, Supervising Producer
Dean Hoff, Producer
Andrew Huebner, Producer

Peep & The Big Wide World                                               PBS

Kate Taylor, Executive Producer
Vince Commisso, Producer
Marisa Wolsky, Producer
Geoff Adams, Producer
Kathy Waugh, Creative Producer
Mike Warga, Line Producer

Penguins of Madagascar                                                      Nickelodeon

Bret Haaland, Executive Producer
Mark McCorkle, Executive Producer
Bob Schooley, Executive Producer
Nick Filippi, Co-Executive Producer
Chris Neuhahn, Supervising Producer
Ant Ward, Supervising Producer
Andrew Huebner, Producer

Sid the Science Kid                                                               PBS

Lisa Henson, Executive Producer
Halle Stanford, Executive Producer
Bradley Zweig, Executive Producer
Joyce Campbell, Executive Producer
Chris Plourde, Producer

SpongeBob SquarePants                                                      Nickelodeon

Stephen Hillenburg, Executive Producer
Paul Tibbitt, Executive Producer
Jennie Hammond, Line Producer


Biz Kid$                                                                                 PBS
Jamie Hammond, Executive Producer
James McKenna, Executive Producer
Erren Gottlieb, Executive Producer
Jeannine Glista, Executive Producer

Born To Explore                                                                   ABC
Richard Wiese, Executive Producer
Tom Seligson, Executive Producer
Dave Morgan, Executive Producer
Pete Sniderman, Co-Executive Producer
Mercedes Ildefonso Velgot, Senior Producer

The Electric Company                                                          PBS
Karen Fowler, Executive Producer
Carol Klein, Supervising Producer
Adam Peltzman, Producer
Ryan Cunningham, Producer
Mark Santora, Line Producer

Everyday Health                                                                   SYNDICATED
Dave Morgan, Executive Producer
Mark Koops, Executive Producer
Jared Tobman, Executive Producer
Peter Sniderman, Executive Producer
Ben Wolin, Executive Producer
Mike Keriakos, Executive Producer
Mike O'Dair, Co-Executive Producer
Camie Holmes, Co-Executive Producer
Eric Day, Co-Executive Producer

Jack Hanna's Into the Wild                                               SYNDICATED
Guy Nickerson, Executive Producer
Jack Hanna, Executive Producer
Elaine Pugliese, Supervising Producer
Peter Bredemeier, Producer
Cyndie Nickerson, Line Producer

Just Dance 3 / Jersey Shore                                             MTV
MiO / The Seven                                                                    MTV


Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction                                       Food Network
Bobby Flay, Executive Producer
Kim Martin, Executive Producer
Frances Alswang, Co-Executive Producer

Giada At Home                                                                     Food Network

Mark Dissin, Executive Producer
Anne Fox, Executive Producer
Dan Fox, Executive Producer

Guy's Big Bite                                                                        Food Network
Mark Dissin, Executive Producer
Geoff Campbell, Producer

Sandwich King                                                                      Food Network
Mark Dissin, Executive Producer
Geoff Campbell, Producer

BrainSurge                                                                            Nickelodeon
Scott Stone, Executive Producer
Clay Newbill, Executive Producer
David A. Hurwitz, Executive Producer
Aaron Solomon, Co-Executive Producer
Noah Bonnett, Co-Executive Producer
Janice Minsberg, Producer
Derek Bartholomaus, Producer
Patti Stone, Producer
Maureen Driscoll, Segment Producer
Tim Beggy, Segment Producer
Vanessa Rennard, Segment Producer
Jeff Sutphen, Segment Producer
Kevin Bloom, Line Producer
Steve Grant, Director
Bob Stone, Consulting Producer

Cash Cab                                                                               Discovery Channel
Antony Tackaberry, Executive Producer
Allison Corn, Executive Producer
Tom Cohen, Executive Producer
Ben Bailey, Executive Producer
Kelly Lueschow, Executive Producer
Stan Hsue, Supervising Producer
Nick O'Gorman, Supervising Producer
Brian Dean, Coordinating Producer
Joey Lucas, Producer
Khadine Clarke, Producer
Amanda Gawron, Producer
Sara Napoli, Producer
Ruth Johnston, Line Producer
Sarah Cattano, Line Producer
Chris Sgueglia, Director
Michael Nigro, Director
Susan Clarke, Writer
Matthew Pack, Writer
Adam Tobin, Writer
Greg Volk, Writer
Haewon Yom, Writer
Brian Greene, Writer
Andrew Chaikivsky, Writer

Jeopardy!                                                                               SYNDICATED
Harry Friedman, Executive Producer/Writer
Rocky Schmidt, Supervising Producer
Lisa Broffman, Supervising Producer
Deb Dittmann, Senior Producer
Bob Sofia, Coordinating Producer
Brett Schneider, Producer
Kevin McCarthy, Director
Steve D. Tamerius, Writer
Debbie Griffin, Writer
Jim Rhine, Writer
Mark Gaberman, Writer
John Duarte, Writer
Robert McClenaghan, Writer
Billy Wisse, Editorial Producer/Writer
Michele Loud, Editorial Supervisor/Writer

Let's Make A Deal                                                                CBS
Mike Richards, Executive Producer
Dan Funk, Co-Executive Producer
Evelyn Warfel, Supervising Producer
Chris Ahearn, Senior Producer
Graham Shaw, Senior Producer
Lenn Goodside, Director

Wheel of Fortune                                                                  SYNDICATED
Harry Friedman, Executive Producer
Karen Griffith, Supervising Producer
Steve Schwartz, Supervising Producer
Bob Sofia, Coordinating Producer
Amanda Stern, Producer
Rob Roman, Producer
Brooke Eaton, Senior Segment Producer
Patrick O'Brien, Segment Producer
Randy Berke, Line Producer
Mark Corwin, Director

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire                                         SYNDICATED
Catherine Ann Miller, Executive Producer
Rich Sirop, Executive Producer/Writer
Meredith Vieira, Co-Executive Producer
Genna Gintzig, Supervising Producer
Brent Burnette, Supervising Producer
Craig Rowin, Head Writer
Eben Russell, Head Writer
Nate Clark, Writer
David Levinson-Wilk, Writer
Sara Schaefer, Writer
Daniel Schofield, Writer
Danielle Thomson, Writer
Art Chung, Writer
America's Court with Judge Ross                                       SYNDICATED
Byron Allen, Executive Producer
Carolyn Folks, Executive Producer
Kevin Ross, Producer, Host
Jenny Hope, Executive Producer
Jennifer Lucas, Supervising Producer
Judson Touby, Supervising Producer
Patricia Wilson, Senior Producer
Arrisen Towner, Senior Post Producer
Allison Barksdale, Producer
Sybil Curry, Producer
Bruce Thomas, Co-Host
Judge Joe Brown                                                                  SYNDICATED
John Terenzio, Executive Producer
Lou Dennig, Supervising Producer
Belinda Jackson, Supervising Producer
Debbie Alpert, Producer
Diana Romo, Producer
Dmitry Gliot, Producer
Randi Paige, Producer
Meredith Richards, Producer
Jeffrey Pitts, Producer
Alan Stein, Producer
Rose Collison, Producer
Amy Whitaker, Producer
Sandra Allen, Producer
Chantay Brown, Producer
Jacklyn Pratt, Producer
Nancy Vaden, Producer
Roland Woerner, Producer
Bradley Dumont, Line Producer
Judge Joe Brown, Host
Last Shot with Judge Gunn                                                 SYNDICATED
Peter Brennan, Executive Producer
Judge Mary Ann Gunn, Executive Producer, Host
George Jones, Executive Producer
Matt Batalia, Executive Producer
Lisa Lew, Co-Executive Producer
Justin Page, Supervising Producer
Terry Powell, Supervising Producer
Yasmin Brennan, Senior Producer
Christian Gunn, Series Producer
Judson Touby, Series Producer
Scott Corburn, Line Producer/Coordinating Producer
Lance Herring, Producer
Travis Joiner, Producer
Lisa Dennis, Co-Host
Kim Weber, Co-Host
Michael McHenry, Co-Host
Mary Scheele, Co-Host
Shirl Page, Co-Host
Bobby McDonald, Co-Host
We the People with Gloria Allred                                        SYNDICATED
Byron Allen, Executive Producer
Carolyn Folks, Executive Producer
Patricia Wilson, Senior Supervising Producer
Jennifer Lucas, Supervising Producer
Allison Barksdale, Senior Producer
Arrisen Towner, Senior Post Producer
Sybil Curry, Producer
Jejuan "J" Guillory, Producer
Jason Preston, Producer
Judge Gloria Allred, Host
Brian Isom, Co-Host


Cars.TV                                                                                 Cars.TV
Byron Allen, Executive Producer
Carolyn Folks, Executive Producer
Jennifer Lucas, Supervising Producer
Brandon Tansley, Producer
Chop Cut Rebuild                                                                 SPEED
Daniel Woods, Executive Producer
Edward Peghin, Co-Executive Producer
The Martha Stewart Show                                                   Hallmark
Martha Stewart, Executive Producer
Michael Morrison, Executive Producer
Bernie Young, Co-Executive Producer
Lisa Wagner, Senior Supervising Producer
Christina Deyo, Senior Supervising Producer
Fran Brescia-Coniglio, Supervising Producer, Coordinating Producer
Greta Anthony, Senior Producer, Producer
Laurie Hepburn, Senior Producer, Producer
Lenore Welby, Senior Producer, Producer
Kimberly Miller-Olko, Supervising Producer
Maryann Vanderventer, Supervising Producer
Nikki Elkins, Producer
Barbara Fight, Producer
Stephanie Fitzhugh, Producer
Mary Forrest, Producer
Becky Horvath, Producer
Courtney Knapp, Producer
Mary Elizabeth Lawrence, Producer
Molly McGuiness, Producer
Sara Murphy, Producer
Haleigh Raff, Producer
Calia Brencsons-Van Dyk, Line Producer
Shara Kabakow, Line Producer
Ashley Nolan, Control Room Producer
My Generation                                                                      PBS
David Pepper, Executive Producer
Karen Ryan, Senior Producer
Terri Tolliver, Segment Producer
Jon Crane, Segment Producer
Tracey Vail, Segment Producer
Stephen Menick, Segment Producer
Andrea McCarren, Segment Producer

Rough Cut                                                                             PBS
Laurie Donnelly, Executive Producer
Thomas MacDonald, Producer
Anne Adams, Producer
Good Morning America   ABC                                           ABC
Robin Roberts, Anchor
George Stephanopoulos, Anchor
Sam Champion, Anchor
Josh Elliott, Anchor
James Goldston, Senior Executive Producer
Tom Cibrowski, Executive Producer
Eric Sherling, Executive Broadcast Producer
Chris Vlasto, Executive Broadcast Producer
Sheila Sitomer, Executive Producer Program Development
Margo Baumgart, Senior Broadcast Producer
Matt Frucci, Senior Broadcast Producer
Ethan Nelson, Senior Broadcast Producer
Santina Leuci, Executive Editorial Producer
Sandra Aiken, Senior Producer
Angela Ellis, Senior Producer
Seth Fenton, Senior Producer
Catherine McKenzie, Senior Producer
Denise Rehrig, Senior Producer
Kristin Sebastian, Senior Producer
Jay Shaylor, Senior Producer
Virginia Moseley, Senior Producer, Washington
Mark Robertson, Senior Editorial Producer
Karen Rhee, Entertainment Producer
Alexa Miranda, Editorial Producer
Cathy Becker, Coordinating Producer
Sam Brooks, Coordinating Producer
Hana Karar, Coordinating Producer
Karen Leo, Coordinating Producer
Yoni Mintz, Coordinating Producer
Patty Neger, Coordinating Producer
Brian O'Keefe, Coordinating Producer
Alberto Orso, Coordinating Producer
Morgan Zalkin, Coordinating Producer
Jesus Ayala, Producer
Clark Bentson, Producer
Darcy Bonfils, Producer
Bill Cunningham, Producer
Patrick Doherty, Producer
Monica Escobedo, Producer
Elena Genovese, Producer
Lora Grassilli, Producer
Joan Griffin, Producer
Kelly Hagan, Producer
Angus Hines, Producer
Cole Kazdin, Producer
Bryan Keinz, Producer
Erin Keohane, Producer
Sarah Kunin, Producer
Tracey Marx, Producer
Kate McCarthy, Producer
Scott McCartney, Producer
Jamie McCarty, Producer
Greg McCown, Producer
Matthew McGarry, Producer
Rich McHugh, Producer
Kevin McMillen, Producer
Phoebe Natanson, Producer
Bruno Nota, Producer
Mellen O'Keefe, Producer
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Felicia Patinkin, Producer
Jennifer Pereira, Producer
Mary Pflum, Producer
Carole Podell, Producer
David Reisner, Producer
Bruno Roeber, Producer
Robert Rudman, Producer
James Scholz, Producer
Scott Shulman, Producer
Liz Sintay, Producer
Cari Strassberg, Producer
Chris Strathmann, Producer
Gina Sunseri, Producer
Thea Trachtenberg, Producer
Vanessa Weber, Producer
Maureen White, Producer
Anna Wild, Producer
Gary Wynn, Producer
Suzanne Yeo, Producer
Max Golembo, Meteorologist Producer
Gerard McNiff, Meteorologist Producer
Belinda Walker, Producer/Head Writer
Ellen Carl, Producer/Writer
Karen Compton, Producer/Writer
Alisha Davis, Producer/Writer
Don Ennis, Producer/Writer
Mitch Gallob, Producer/Writer
David Gerlach, Producer/Writer
Raquel Hecker, Producer/Writer
Edmund Levin, Producer/Writer
Brett Levy, Producer/Writer
Dennis Murray, Producer/Writer
Lara Naaman, Producer/Writer
Simone Swink, Producer/Writer
Joe Tuzzo, Producer/Writer
Laura Zaccaro, Producer/Writer
Nicole Angel, Operations Producer
Jennifer Colantonio, Operations Producer
Antoinette Dean, Operations Producer
Kimberly Dean, Operations Producer
Sarah Gould, Operations Producer
Larry Peterson, Operations Producer
Peter Schlossberg, Operations Producer
Cindy Shiftan, Operations Producer
Maria Stefanopoulis, Operations Producer
Kenneth Kneeland, News Senior Producer
Lourdes Leahy, News Coordinating Producer
Stephan Cohen, News Producer
Cliff Gelb, News Producer
George Pilla, News Producer
Brandon Bodow, Segment Producer
Katie Bosland, Segment Producer
Courtney Condron, Segment Producer
Josey Crews, Segment Producer
Ali Ehrlich, Segment Producer
Ross Eichenholz, Segment Producer
Kaitlyn Folmer, Segment Producer
Emily Gertler, Segment Producer
Sabina Ghebremedhin, Segment Producer
Miseon Lee, Segment Producer
John Santucci, Segment Producer
Emily Stanitz, Segment Producer
Jason Stine, Segment Producer
Gianna Toboni, Segment Producer
Jim Vojtech, Segment Producer
Justin Weaver, Segment Producer
Jen Wlach, Segment Producer

Today Show                                                                           NBC
Jim Bell, Executive Producer
Don Nash, Senior Broadcast Producer
Steve Thode, Senior Producer
Marc Victor, Senior Producer
Melissa Lonner, Senior Producer
Noah Kotch, Senior Producer
Tammy Filler, Senior Producer
Dionne Thomas, Senior Producer
Meaghan Rady, Senior Producer
Jennifer Hilton, Senior Producer
Audrey Kolina, Senior Producer
Matt Carluccio, Senior Producer
Krista Brunson, Supervising Producer
Christine Cataldi, Supervising Producer
Debbie Kosofsky, Supervising Producer
Joanne LaMarca, Supervising Producer
Robert Powell, Supervising Producer
Jamie Zozzaro, Supervising Producer
Mary Alice O'Rourke, Special Events Producer
Jaclyn Levin, Senior Publishing Producer
Richard Adams, Producer
Jacqueline Agnolet, Producer
Ernie Angstadt, Producer
Steve Ascher, Producer
Mike Austin, Producer
Amanda Avery, Producer
Roberto Bailey, Producer
Rupert Barker, Producer
Jayme Baron, Producer
Stephanie Becker, Producer
Chapman Bell, Producer
Allison Berger, Producer
Rich Bonnabeau, Producer
Katie Booker, Producer
Susan Bowser, Producer
Katharine Buckley, Producer
Kerry Byrnes, Producer
Jared Carullo, Producer
Claire Cashin, Producer
Laura Chicchetti, Producer
Sarah Clagett, Producer
Sabrina Clay, Producer
Brian Cohen, Producer
Durrell Dawson, Producer
Sigi De Vos, Producer
Rachel DeLima, Producer
Katie Distler, Producer
Colleen Dudgeon, Producer
Mary Ellen Duffy, Producer
Victoria Duncan, Producer
Melissa Dunlop, Producer
Tracy Elrod, Producer
Ada Famulari, Producer
Cecilia Fang, Producer
Rana Farhat, Producer
Rainy Farrell, Producer
Yael Federbush, Producer
Vivian Fel, Producer
Tammy Fine, Producer
Tony Freinberg, Producer
Liz Fulton, Producer
James Gaines, Producer
Feliciano Garcia, Producer
David Gelles, Producer
Emily Goldberg, Producer
Andrew Goldstein, Producer
Doug Gould, Producer
Matthew Greenfield, Producer
Erica Grody Levens, Producer
Lindsay Grubb, Producer
Julie Gurovitsch, Producer
Hillary Guy, Producer
Rebecca Halperin, Producer
Bill Hatfield, Producer
Brittany Haviland, Producer
Sarah Heidarpour, Producer
Jane Marie Hitch. Producer
Emil Gerard Jablonski, Producer
Eric Jackson, Producer
Melanie Jackson, Producer
Alexandra Jones, Producer
Minah Kathuria, Producer
Evan Klupt, Producer
Megan Kopf, Producer
Marc Koslow, Producer
Rory Kress, Producer
Candace Kuo, Producer
Elizaveta Kvint, Producer
Angela LaGreca, Producer
Bruce Lamb, Producer
Michele Leone, Producer
Jennifer Long, Producer
Patricia Luchsinger, Producer
Antoinette Machiaverna, Producer
Paul Manson, Producer
Zoe Marcus, Producer
Carol Marquis, Producer
Amanda Marshall, Producer
Melea McCreary, Producer
Adam Miller, Producer
Lee Miller, Producer
Richard Minner, Producer
David Naggiar, Producer
Elizabeth Neumann, Producer
Donna Nicholls, Producer
Bridget Nurre, Producer
Jackie Olensky, Producer
Wesley Oliver, Producer
Kelly A. Paice, Producer
Molly Palmer, Producer
Max Paul, Producer
Chemene Pelzer, Producer
Sara Pines, Producer
Meredith Reis, Producer
Gil Reisfield, Producer
Erin Reynolds, Producer
Ric Romo, Producer
Vanessa Rowson, Producer
Alexis Rudolph, Producer
Colleen Sanvido, Producer
Dave Scheier, Producer
Brittany Schreiber, Producer
Robin Sherman, Producer
Rekha Shetty, Producer
Stephanie Siegel, Producer
Robin Sindler, Producer
Lindsay Sobel, Producer
Amy Stetson, Producer
Lauren Sugrue, Producer
James Thompson, Producer
Jennie Thompson, Producer
Karen Trosset, Producer
Donald Tsouhnikas, Producer
Curtis Vogel, Producer
Josh Weiner, Producer
Ian Wenger, Producer
Lea Whitener, Producer
Charisse Williams, Producer
Grace Yavana, Producer
Alicia Ybarbo, Producer
Kerri Zimmer, Producer
Matt Zimmerman, Producer
Mary Ann Zoellner, Producer
Ann Curry, Anchor
Natalie Morales, Anchor
Hoda Kotb, Anchor
Kathie Lee Gifford, Anchor
Matt Lauer, Anchor
Al Roker, Anchor
Meredith Vieira, Anchor
Jenna Wolfe, Correspondent
Amy Robach, Correspondent
Sara Haines, Correspondent
Lester Holt, Correspondent
Jamie Gangel, Correspondent
Jenna Bush Hager, Correspondent
Bob Dotson, Correspondent
Jeff Rossen, Correspondent
Kerry Sanders, Correspondent
Savannah Guthrie, Correspondent
Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Chief Medical Editor

The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                                 SYNDICATED
Ellen DeGeneres, Executive Producer
Mary Connelly, Executive Producer
Ed Glavin, Executive Producer
Andy Lassner, Executive Producer
Kelly Davies, Web Producer
Daniel Leary, Digital Producer/Writer
Jeannie Klisiewicz, Host

Take This Lollipop                                                                www.takethislollipop.com
Brian Latt, Executive Producer
Oliver Fuselier, Executive Producer
Dustin Callif, Executive Producer
Jason Zada, Director
Jason Nickel, Developer

The Clarence Update - The Bold and the Beautiful          CBS

Bradley P. Bell, Executive Producer
Casey Kasprzyk, Producer
Brad Sanders, Host

Today Show                                                                           NBC
Jim Bell, Executive Producer
Don Nash, Senior Producer
Tammy Filler, Senior Producer
Vivian Fel, Producer
Adam Miller, Producer
Susan Bowser, Producer
Jim Gaines, Director
Kathie Lee Gifford, Anchor
Hoda Kotb, Anchor


Cyberchase                                                                            PBS
Frances Nankin, Executive Producer, Editorial Director
Sandra Sheppard, Executive Producer
Jill Peters, Senior Producer
Ellen Doherty, Senior Series Producer
Michelle Chen, Producer
Marj Kleinman, Senior Interactive Producer
Kristin DiQuollo, Interactive Producer

Design Squad                                                                         PBS
Marisa Wolsky, Executive Producer

Fizzy's Lunch Lab                                                                PBS
Dave Schlafman, Executive Producer
Evan Sussman, Executive Producer
Matt Moore, Interactive Director

Noah Comprende                                                                  PBS
Jill Peters, Executive Producer
Sandra Sheppard, Executive Producer
Ashley Postlewaite, Executive Producer
Darrell Van Citters, Executive Producer
Peggy Regan, Producer
Michelle Chen, Producer
Louise Gikow, Writer
David Feldman, Writer
Janette Afsharian, Web Creative Director
Shannon Palmer, Web Animation, Programming, & Illustration

3rd & Bird!                                                                            Disney Channel
Josh Selig, Executive Producer
Heather Tilert, Supervising Producer
Shannon Quinlan, Producer
Fred Weinberg, Producer
Tom Brown, Producer
Sharon Gomes Thomas, Line Producer

Sesame Street                                                                    PBS
Carol-Lynn Parente, Executive Producer
Kevin Clash, Co-Executive Producer
Tim Carter, Senior Producer
April Coleman, Coordinating Producer
Ben Lehmann, Producer
Melissa Dino, Producer
Stephanie Longardo, Line Producer

Super WHY!                                                                          PBS
Samantha Freeman, Executive Producer
Steven DeNure, Executive Producer
Anne Loi, Executive Producer
Angela Santomero, Executive Producer
Wendy Harris, Co-Executive Producer
Janice Walker, Producer
Kellie Dalton, Line Producer

The Wonder Pets!                                                             Nickelodeon
Josh Selig, Executive Producer
Mason Rather, Supervising Producer
Melanie Pal, Producer
Tom Brown, Producer
Sharon Thomas, Line Producer

Yo Gabba Gabba!                                                                Nickelodeon
Jon Berrett, Executive Producer
Michael Polis, Executive Producer
Ritamarie Peruggi, Producer
Justin Lyon, Producer
Irene Diaz Oncley, Line Producer
Christian Jacobs, Creator
Scott Schultz, Creator
Kevin Suhko Lee, Animation Producer


Disney XD: I'm In the Band Flipbook                                Disney XD
Jill Hotchkiss, Creative Director
Keegan Martin, Editor
Brad Fox, Post Producer
Lisa Guzman, Director OAP
Richard Loomis, SVP, Marketing & Creative
Serene Teh, Artist/ Producer

Disney XD: Pair of Kings Flipbook                                    Disney XD
Jill Hotchkiss, Creative Director
Keegan Martin, Editor
Brad Fox, Post Producer
Lisa Guzman, Director OAP
Richard Loomis, SVP, Marketing & Creative
Serene Teh, Artist/ Producer

Dr. Phil: “The Anthonys” Campaign                                 SYNDICATED
Carla Pennington, Executive Producer
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, Executive Producer
Bob Bouknight, Promo Producer
Jonathan Angelico, Associate Producer
James Perry, Senior Editor
John Perry, Supervising Segment Director
Paul Broz, Editor
Tom Quick, Editor
Arpad Varga, Editor
John Lopez, Graphic Designer
Jennifer Chu, Graphic Designer
Peter Bergren, Audio Mixer

General Hospital: “Brenda Wedding” & “Kidnapping”  ABC
Mark Feldstein, Executive Producer
Brad Roth, Executive Producer
Jonas Morgenstein, Chief Creative Director / Executive Producer
Scott Tucker, Executive Producer ABC Daytime
Adam Rockmore, SVP Marketing & Promotion
Sara Cahill, Executive Creative Director
Hema Mulchandani, Senior Producer
Vincent Ruiz-Abagado, Art Director
Gary Gershaw, Producer
Nancy Pothier, Writer
Ryan Brown, Editor
Jack Douglas, Editor

Jeopardy!                                                                               SYNDICATED
Harry Friedman, Executive Producer
Delilah Loud, Senior Producer
Michael Mischler, Senior Producer
Kim Ashley, Producer
Swampy Hawkins, Creative Director
Cris Blyth, Director
Today Show: The Royal Wedding                                      NBC
Jeremy Cohen, Executive Producer
Elizabeth Roth, Associate Producer
John Tanzosh, Editor
Jeff Clark, Art Director
Justin Foster, Director of Photography
Mike Berliner, Audio Engineer
Robert Siciliano, Senior Audio Designer
Kelly McEvoy, Production Manager
Danny Rickard, Director of Production
Carol M. Sullivan, Senior Writer/Producer

The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Promises                                SYNDICATED
Blake Bryant, Executive Producer
Cindy Becker, Executive Producer
Sybil McCarthy, Executive Producer
Mary Connelly, Executive Producer
Ed Glavin, Executive Producer
Andy Lassner, Executive Producer
Ellen DeGeneres, Executive Producer, Writer
Mino Jarjoura, Producer
Adrianne Anderson, Producer
Kevin A. Leman II, Producer, Writer
Marcos Siega, Director
Jason Gelles, Writer
Lauren Pomerantz, Writer
Courtney Barnett, Producer
Paul Norling, Editor

The Ellen DeGeneres Show: You Never Know                 SYNDICATED
Blake Bryant, Executive Producer
Ellen DeGeneres, Executive Producer
Mary Connelly, Executive Producer
Ed Glavin, Executive Producer
Andy Lassner, Executive Producer
Jared Stone, Producer
Adrianne Anderson, Creative Director
Gary Lister, Creative Director
Cindy Becker, Executive Producer
Sybil McCarthy, Executive Producer
Mino Jarjoura, Producer
Adrianne Anderson, Producer
Courtney Barnett, Producer
Kevin A. Leman II, Producer
Steve Roberts, Associate Producer
Scott Straw, Editor
Brad Oberholtzer, Editor

PBS Be More - Marker Moments                                    PBS
Jared Traver, Producer
Derrick Chamlee, Creative Director
Laurie Wiggins, Associate Creative Director
Betsy Petropoulous, Writer
David Wilder, Art Director
Lesli Rotenberg, Sr. VP, Marketing & Communications
John Ruppenthal, Sr. Director, Creative Services
Judy Braune, VP, Marketing & Communications
Kelly Chmielewski, Sr. Director, Brand Strategy
Matthew Kennedy, Sr. Director, PBS KIDS

PBS KIDS “What If?”                                                         PBS
Jared Traver, Producer
Derrick Chamlee, Creative Director
Laurie Wiggins, Associate Creative Director
Betsy Petropoulos, Writer
David Wilder, Art Director
Lesli Rotenberg, Sr. VP, Marketing & Communications
John Ruppenthal, Sr. Director, Creative Services
Judy Braune, VP, Marketing & Communications
Kelly Chmielewski, Sr. Director, Brand Strategy
Matthew Kennedy, Sr. Director, PBS KIDS

Fanboy and Chum Chum                                                    Nickelodeon
Eric Robles, Executive Producer
Steve Tompkins, Executive Producer
Fred Seibert, Executive Producer
Jason Meier, Supervising Producer
Macgregor Middleton, Line Producer

Transformers: Prime                                                            The HUB
Roberto Orci, Executive Producer
Stephen Davis, Executive Producer
Shuzo Shiota, Executive Producer
Alex Kurtzman, Executive Producer
Jeff Kline, Executive Producer
Duane Capizzi, Supervising Producer
Mandy Safavi, Producer
Rafael Ruthchild, Producer
Shinji Santoh, Producer
Meiko Sato, Line Producer
Therese Trujiilo, Animation Producer


Ask This Old House                                                          PBS
Michael Burton, Executive Producer
David Vos, Senior Producer
Chris Wolfe, Senior Series Producer
Kevin O'Connor, Co-Host
Richard Trethewey, Co-Host
Roger Cook, Co-Host
Tom Silva, Co-Host

Made                                                                                      MTV
Tony DiBari, Executive Producer
Bob Kusbit, Executive Producer
Francis Lyons, Executive Producer
David Sirulnick, Executive Producer
Kate Bernstein, Co-Executive Producer
Donna Edge, Co-Executive Producer
David Grant, Co-Executive Producer
Zachary Behr, Co-Executive Producer
Randi Gewirtz, Co-Executive Producer
Elyse Neiman, Supervising Producer
Garrett Hohendorf, Producer
Alissa Horowitz, Producer
Becky Lewis, Producer
Brittany Matt, Producer
Robert Yacyshyn, Line Producer
Matthew Parillo, VP, Production

Pop Up Video                                                                        VH1
Woody Thompson, Executive Producer
Shelly Tatro, Executive Producer
Karla Hidalgo, Executive Producer
Jeff Olde, Executive Producer
Nicole Blum, Supervising Producer
Ryan Quick, Coordinating Producer
Ariel Fish, Coordinating Producer
Alan Cross, Senior Producer
Chris Frascino, Line Producer
David Bone, Consulting Producer
Andy Fowle, Consulting Producer
Mark Ganek, Consulting Producer
Matthew Henick, Consulting Producer
April Long, Consulting Producer
Timothy Meyer, Consulting Producer
Kurtis Meyers, Consulting Producer
Tom Morrissey, Consulting Producer
Brooks Palmer, Consulting Producer
Liza Palmer, Consulting Producer
Mark Puner, Consulting Producer
David Rapp, Consulting Producer
Trace Slobotkin, Consulting Producer

Quiet Campus                                                                      MTVU
Chris McCarthy, Executive Producer
Eric Conte, Executive Producer
Paul Ricci, Executive Producer
Kristen Pietropoli, Coordinating Producer
Andria Parides, Coordinating Producer
Ryan Ling, Producer

Sanjay Gupta, MD                                                                CNN
Roni Selig, Executive Producer
Caleb Hellerman, Supervising Producer
Jennifer Bixler, Supervising Producer
Miriam Falco, Supervising Producer
Tim Langmaid, Supervising Producer
Matt Sloane, Coordinating Producer
Ben Tinker, Senior Producer
Danielle Dellorto, Senior Producer
David Martin, Senior Producer
Saundra Young, Senior Producer
John Bonifield, Producer
Aaron Cooper, Producer
Ann Curley, Producer
Caitlin Hagan, Producer
Trish Henry, Producer
Nadia Kounang, Producer
Stephanie Smith, Producer
Leslie Wade, Producer
Val Willingham, Producer
William Hudson, Segment Producer
Georgiann Caruso, Segment Producer
Sanjay Gupta, Host
Elizabeth Cohen, Correspondent

Super Soul Sunday                                                               OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network
Jill Barancik, Executive Producer
Corny Koehl, Executive Producer
Lisa Weiss, Co-Executive Producer
Amy Ward, Co-Executive Producer
Heather McGinley, Producer

30 Years From Here                                                             here! TV
Paul Colichman, Executive Producer
Stephen P. Jarchow, Executive Producer
Eric Feldman, Producer

Joni Show                                                                              Daystar Television Network
Joni Lamb, Executive Producer
Rose Howard, Senior Producer
Hilary Kitzman, Producer
Anthony Knighton, Producer/Writer

President Obama’s 2011 Race To The Top Commencement Challenge
                                                                                                MTV 2
Dave Sirulnick, Executive Producer
Lauren Lazin, Executive Producer
Andrew Huang, Supervising Producer
Joy Huang, Producer
Scott Forsythe, Producer
Michael Catucci, Segment Producer

Style Exposed: Baring it All                                                 The Style Network
Patricia Zagarella, Executive Producer
Andrea Eisen, Consulting Producer
Beth Fraikorn, Consulting Producer
Nicola Bates, Co-Producer
Style Exposed: Sperm Donor                                               The Style Network
Lauren Lazin, Executive Producer
Ellen Windemuth, Executive Producer
Sarah Weidman, Executive Producer
Diane Kolyer, Producer
Jaime Cohen, Segment Producer
Stephanie Morrissey, Line Producer

Thanksgiving Live!                                                               Food Network
Mark Dissin, Executive Producer
Geoff Campbell, Producer
Sarah Paulsen, Producer
Alton Brown, Host

The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                                 SYNDICATED
Ellen DeGeneres, Executive Producer
Mary Connelly, Executive Producer
Ed Glavin, Executive Producer
Andy Lassner, Executive Producer
Jim Paratore, Executive Producer
Derek Westervelt, Supervising Producer
Melissa Geiger Schrift, Supervising Producer
Jonathan Norman, Supervising Producer
Ross Williams, Coordinating Producer
Kara Hogan Leonardo, Senior Producer
Matt Goldrich, Producer
Corey Palent, Producer
Lauren Pomerantz, Producer
Ryan Raddatz, Producer
Amy Rhodes, Producer
Gil Rief, Producer
Hilary Robe, Producer
Ellen Rocamora, Producer
Beth Sherman, Producer
Bridgette Theriault, Producer
Kevin A. Leman II, Producer
Slade Abisror, Producer
Lori Blackman, Producer
Alissa Cote, Producer
Jason Gelles, Producer
Matthew Wright, Producer
Adam Yenser, Producer
Andrew Zenor, Producer
Nicole Collins, Line Producer

Live with Regis and Kelly                                                    SYNDICATED
Michael Gelman, Executive Producer
Regis Philbin, Executive Producer
David A. Mullen, Coordinating Producer
Delores Spruell Jackson, Producer
Cindy MacDonald, Producer
Mariann Sabol Nieves, Producer
Jan Schillay, Producer
Elyssa Shapiro, Producer
John Ogle, Producer
Deborah Koenig-Raptis, Producer
Joni Cohen Zlotowitz, Producer
Christine Composto, Producer
Scott Eason, Producer
Ann Marie Williams-Gray, Producer

The Talk                                                                                CBS
John Redmann, Executive Producer
Sara Gilbert, Executive Producer
Brad Bessey, Executive Producer
Heather Gray, Co-Executive Producer, Senior Supervising Producer
Peter Johansen, Co-Executive Producer
Kevin Hamburger, Senior Supervising Producer, Supervising Producer
Kristin Matthews, Senior Supervising Producer, Coordinating Producer
Jonathan Zager, Senior Supervising Producer
Derek Che, Supervising Producer, Senior Producer
Erin Elliott, Supervising Producer, Producer
Anjie Taylor, Supervising Producer, Senior Producer
Steve Cunniff, Senior Producer
Karen Anderson, Producer
Ryan Berlin, Producer
Jane Cantillon, Producer
Lauren Danza, Producer
James Glover, Producer
Masumi Ideta, Producer
Ike Jablon, Producer
Shane Kirchoff, Producer
Andrea Levin, Producer
Marc Anthony Nicolas, Producer
Carol Marren, Producer
Glenn Meehan, Producer
Becky Orenstein, Producer
Mike Parente, Producer
Jen Ryan, Producer
Matt Silverstein, Producer
Julie Taylor, Producer
Danny Verdugo, Producer
Ann Marie Williams-Gray, Producer
Dana DeMars, Line Producer
Leigh Purinton, Line Producer

The View                                                                                ABC
Barbara Walters, Executive Producer
Bill Geddie, Executive Producer
Alexandra Cohen, Supervising Producer
Patrick Ignozzi, Senior Producer
Donald Berman, Producer
Jennifer Brookman, Producer
Dana Fisher, Producer
Audrey Jones, Producer
Jason Kornblatt, Producer
Jamie Kotkin-Hammer, Producer
Summur Shaikh, Producer
Susan G. Solomon, Producer

Anderson                                                                               SYNDICATED
Anderson Cooper, Executive Producer
Jim Murphy, Executive Producer
Lisa Morin, Executive Producer
Cathy Chermol Schrijver, Executive Producer
Terence Noonan, Executive Producer
Susan Sobocinski Puchert, Senior Supervising Producer
Jennifer Anastasi, Supervising Producer
Kathy Gulinello, Supervising Producer
Kathleen Rajsp, Supervising Producer
Cristin Moran, Supervising Producer
Phil Tangel, Supervising Producer
Stacy Rollins, Senior Producer
Jennifer Zweben, Senior Producer
James Glover, Producer
Rachel Hanfling, Producer
Lauren Mensch, Producer
Anita Pepper, Producer
Meredith Richards, Producer
Arlene Wilkinson, Producer
Michelle Nowak, Producer
Melissa Rose, Producer
Kristin Pisarcik, Producer
Elon Johnson, Producer
Joanna Moel, Producer
Scott Rondaeu, Producer
Diana Miller, Producer
David Perozzi, Producer
Gus Serrano, Producer
Andrea Rothstein, Producer
Scott Masterson, Producer
Amy Pecorino, Producer
Dana Kenerson, Producer

The Dr. Oz Show                                                                  SYNDICATED
Mindy Borman, Executive Producer
Amy Chiaro, Co-Executive Producer
Laurie J. Rich, Senior Supervising Producer
Eric Beesemyer, Senior Supervising Producer
Dr. Mehmet Oz, Supervising Producer
Cali Alpert, Supervising Producer
Beryl Holness, Supervising Producer
Stacy Rader, Supervising Producer
Terence Noonan, Supervising Producer
Matthew J. Strauss, Supervising Producer
Susan Wagner, Supervising Producer
Michele Wasserman, Supervising Producer
Andrea Chessler, Producer
Cathy Daniel, Producer
Annie DiGregorio, Producer
Dan Durkin, Producer
Kirk Fernandes, Producer
John Filimon, Producer
Nicole Giambrone, Producer
Brooke Jacobsen, Producer
Lindsey Kotler, Producer
Allison Markowitz, Producer
Rosalyn Menon, Producer
Chris Molen, Producer
Cristin Moran, Producer
Margaret Pergler, Producer
Mimi Pizzi, Producer
Kari Pricher, Producer
Geoff Rosen, Producer
Carly Rosenberg, Producer
Marianne Schaberg, Producer
Stefanie Schwartz, Producer
Lisa Semel, Producer
Barbara Simon, Producer
Michelle Smawley, Producer
Christine Smith, Producer
Scott Starr, Producer
Laura Swalm, Producer
Greg Tufaro, Producer
Ann Varney, Producer
Jon Coniglio, Line Producer

The Doctors                                                                           SYNDICATED
Jay McGraw, Executive Producer
Carla Pennington, Executive Producer
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, Executive Producer
Andrew Scher, Co-Executive Producer
George Davilas, Senior Supervising Producer
Jeff Hudson, Senior Supervising Producer
Sarah Rogers, Senior Producer
Lisa Williams, Senior Producer
Joni Busby, Producer
Mario Yates, Producer
Alex Castro, Producer
Shannon Hunt, Producer
Nicole Petreshock, Producer
Lita Richardson, Producer
Jennifer LaPlaca, Producer
Joyce Coleman-Sampson, Producer
Kathy Gulinello, Producer
Veronica Torres, Producer
Michelle Wendt, Producer
Debbie Haderle, Producer
Rich de Michele, Producer
Jeff Zimmer, Producer
Andrea Pugliese, Line Producer
Kris Armstrong, Field Producer
Stephanie Berk, Field Producer
Del Bigtree, Field Producer
Jeannine Denholm, Field Producer
Paul Lutz, Field Producer
Daniel Primer, Field Producer
Jennifer Sherry, Field Producer
Stacey Tobin, Field Producer
Josie Viviano, Field Producer
Dr. Travis Stork, Consulting Producer
Dr. Andrew Ordon, Consulting Producer
Dr. Jim Sears, Consulting Producer
Dr. Lisa Masterson, Consulting Producer

CRYSTAL CHAPPELL, as Dr. Carly Manning
Days of our Lives, NBC
DEBBIE MORGAN, as Angie Hubbard
All My Children, ABC
ERIKA SLEZAK, as Viki Lord
One Life to Live, ABC
HEATHER TOM, as Katie Logan Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
LAURA WRIGHT, as Carly Corinthos Jax
General Hospital, ABC

MAURICE BERNARD, as Michael "Sonny" Corinthos, Jr.
General Hospital, ABC
ANTHONY GEARY, as Luke Spencer
General Hospital, ABC
JOHN MCCOOK, as Eric Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS
DARNELL WILLIAMS, as Jesse Hubbard
All My Children, ABC
ROBERT S. WOODS, as Bo Buchanan
One Life to Live, ABC

MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Annie Chandler
All My Children, ABC
GENIE FRANCIS, as Genevieve Atkinson
The Young and the Restless, CBS
NANCY LEE GRAHN, as Alexis Davis
General Hospital, ABC
The Young and the Restless, CBS
REBECCA HERBST, as Elizabeth Webber
General Hospital, ABC

BRADFORD ANDERSON, as Damien Spinelli
General Hospital, ABC
MATTHEW ASHFORD, as Jack Deveraux
Days of our Lives, NBC
SEAN BLAKEMORE, as Shawn Butler
General Hospital, ABC
JONATHAN JACKSON, as Lucky Spencer
General Hospital, ABC
JASON THOMPSON, as Patrick Drake
General Hospital, ABC

MOLLY BURNETT, as Melanie Layton
Days of our Lives, NBC

SHELLEY HENNIG, as Stephanie Johnson
Days of our Lives, NBC

CHRISTEL KHALIL, as Lily Winters
The Young and the Restless, CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS

EDDIE ALDERSON, as Matthew Buchanan
One Life To Live, ABC

CHAD DUELL, as Michael Corinthos
General Hospital, ABC

Days of our Lives, NBC

NATHAN PARSONS, as Ethan Lovett
General Hospital, ABC


Cash Cab                                                                                 Discovery Channel

Family Game Night                                                                The HUB

Let's Make A Deal                                                                  CBS

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire                                            SYNDICATED

Giada At Home                                                                      Food Network

Mexico One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless                      PBS

The Nate Berkus Show                                                           SYNDICATED

Paula's Best Dishes                                                                 Food Network

Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee                          Food Network

R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour The Series                            The HUB

Sesame Street                                                                          PBS

Sesame Street                                                                          PBS

Sesame Street                                                                          PBS

The Garfield Show                                                                 Cartoon Network

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness                   Nickelodeon

Penguins of Madagascar                                                     Nickelodeon

SpongeBob SquarePants                                                    Nickelodeon

Anderson                                                                                SYNDICATED

The Dr. Oz Show                                                                   SYNDICATED

Live with Regis and Kelly                                                    SYNDICATED

Rachael Ray                                                                          SYNDICATED

The Doctors                                                                            SYNDICATED


All My Children                                                                      ABC
James Jones, Scenic Designer
Kaydee Lavorin, Art Director
Bryan Langer, Art Director
The Bold and the Beautiful                                                 CBS
Jack Forrestel, Production Designer
Fabrice Kenwood, Art Director
Elsa Zamparelli, Set Decorator
Charlotte Garnell Scheide, Set Decorator
Days of Our Lives                                                                 NBC
Dan Olexiewicz, Production Designer
Tom Early, Art Director
Danielle Mullen, Art Director
General Hospital                                                                   ABC
Chip Dox, Production Designer
Daniel Proett, Art Director
Andrew Evashchen, Set Decorator
Jennifer Elliott, Set Decorator


Marnie Saitta, Casting Director
Days of Our Lives                                                               NBC
Mark Teschner, Casting Director
General Hospital                                                                ABC
Camille St. Cyr, Casting Director
The Young and the Restless                                           CBS

All My Children                                                                    ABC
David Zyla, Costume Designer
General Hospital                                                                 ABC
Mary Iannelli, Costume Designer
One Life To Live                                                                  ABC
Susan Gammie, Costume Designer
Sally Lesser, Costume Designer
David Brooks, Costume Designer

The Bold and the Beautiful                                              CBS
Michael Stich, Director
Cynthia J. Popp, Director
Deveney Kelly, Director
Jennifer Howard, Director
David Shaughnessy, Director
Clyde Kaplan, Associate Director
Steven A. Wacker, Associate Director
Cathy Sedwick, Associate Director
Jennifer Scott Christenson, Associate Director
Laura Yale, Stage Manager
Doug Hayden, Stage Manager
Lisa Winthur-Huston, Stage Manager
Lori Staffier, Production Associate

General Hospital                                                                ABC
William Ludel, Director
Scott McKinsey, Director
Owen Renfroe, Director
Phideaux Xavier, Director
RC Cates, Associate Director
Dave Macleod, Associate Director
Christine Magarian Ucar, Associate Director
Penny Pengra, Associate Director
Peter Fillmore, Associate Director
Denise Van Cleave, Associate Director
Craig McManus, Stage Manager
Crystal Craft, Stage Manager
Christine Cooper, Production Associate
Allison Reames, Production Associate
Andrea Compton, Production Associate

One Life To Live                                                                ABC
Larry Carpenter, Director
Gary Donatelli, Director
Jill Mitwell, Director
Mary Ryan, Director
Zetna Fuentes, Director
Frank Valentini, Director
Jennifer Pepperman, Director
Michael Sweeney, Associate Director
Teresa Cicala, Associate Director
Tracy Casper Lang, Associate Director
Alan Needleman, Stage Manager
Keith Greet, Stage Manager
Kevin Brush, Production Associate
Nathalie Rodriguez, Production Associate

The Young and the Restless                                          CBS
Mike Denney, Director
Sally McDonald, Director
Dean LaMont, Director
Andrew Lee, Director
Conal O'Brien, Director
Marc Beruti, Associate Director
Chris Mullen, Associate Director
Robbin Phillips, Associate Director
Herb Weaver Jr., Stage Manager
Tom McDermott, Stage Manager
Vanessa Noland, Production Associate
Erica Meyer, Production Associate
Nancy Ortenberg, Production Associate

All My Children                                                                    ABC
Agnes Nixon, Writer
Lorraine Broderick, Writer
Addie Walsh, Writer
Lisa K. Connor, Writer
Lucky Gold, Writer
Jeff Beldner, Writer
Chip Hayes, Writer
Rebecca Taylor, Writer
Joanna Cohen, Writer
Kate Hall, Writer
Barbara Esensten, Writer
James Harmon Brown, Writer
Dave Ryan, Writer
David Kreizman, Writer
Donna Swajeski, Writer
Christopher Dunn, Writer

Days of Our Lives                                                                 NBC
David Cherrill, Writer
Carolyn Culliton, Writer
Richard Culliton, Writer
Rick Draughon, Writer
Christopher Dunn, Writer
Lacey Dyer, Writer
Jeanne Maries Ford, Writer
Dena Higley, Writer
Janet Iacobuzio, Writer
David A. Levinson, Writer
Michelle Poteet Lisanti, Writer
Marlene McPherson, Writer
Fran Myers, Writer
John Newman, Writer
Ryan Quan, Writer
Peter T. Rich, Writer
Roger Schroeder, Writer
Lisa Seidman, Writer
Elizabeth Snyder, Writer
Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr., Writer
Christopher Whitesell, Writer
Nancy Williams Watt, Writer

General Hospital                                                                   ABC
Garin Wolf, Head Writer
Robert Guza, Head Writer
David Goldschmid, Breakdown Writer
Meg Bennett, Associate Head Writer
Shelly Altman, Associate Head Writer
Tracey Thomson, Associate Head Writer
Michael Conforti, Associate Head Writer
Elizabeth Korte, Associate Head Writer
Michele Val Jean, Script Writer
Mary Sue Price, Script Writer
Susan Wald, Script Writer
Nathan Fissell, Script Writer

The Young and the Restless                                              CBS
Maria Arena Bell, Head Writer
Scott Hamner, Co-Head Writer
Hogan Sheffer, Co-Head Writer
Paula Cwikly, Writer
Jay Gibson, Writer
Marla Kanelos, Writer
Natalie Minardi Slater, Writer
Sarah Smith, Writer
Beth Milstein, Writer
Amanda L. Beall, Writer
Janice Ferri Esser, Writer
Michael Montgomery, Writer
Anne Schoettle, Writer
Linda Schreiber, Writer
Sandra Weintraub, Writer
Teresa Zimmerman, Writer

The Bold and the Beautiful                                                 CBS
Michele Arvizo, Key Hairstylist
Audrey Soto, Hairstylist
Romaine Markus-Myers, Hairstylist
Adriana Lucio, Hairstylist
Days of Our Lives                                                                 NBC
Margie Puga, Hairstylist
Matthew Holman, Hairstylist
Patrick Kilian, Hairstylist
Garry Allyn, Hairstylist
Katharine O'Neill, Hairstylist
Jen Singleton, Hairstylist
General Hospital                                                                   ABC
Anzhela Adzhiyan, Hairstylist
Jennifer Petrovich, Hairstylist
Lauran Poole, Hairstylist
The Young and the Restless                                              CBS
George Guzman, Hairstylist
Shannon Bradberry, Hairstylist
Mary Kate Welsh, Hairstylist
Rachel Ross Bunch, Hairstylist
Adriana Lucio, Hairstylist

The Bold and the Beautiful                                                 CBS
Patrick Cunniff, Lighting Director
Days of Our Lives                                                                 NBC
Ted Polmanski, Lighting Director
Mark Levin, Lighting Designer
One Life To Live                                                                   ABC
Bob Bessoir, Lighting Director
Scott Devitte, Lighting Director
The Young and the Restless                                             CBS
Ray Thompson, Lighting Director
Bill Roberts, Lighting Director

All My Children                                                                    ABC
Christopher Banninger, Production Mixer
RT Smith, Post-Production Mixer
Anthony Inglese, Boom Operator
Stu Rudolph, Boom Operator
Andy Morales, Boom Operator

The Bold and the Beautiful                                                  CBS
Aaron Lepley, Production Mixer
George Forbes, Post-Production Mixer
Brian Connell, Re-Recording Mixer
Jerry Martz, Sound Effects Mixer
Danny Lecuna, Sound Effects Mixer
Ricky Alvarez, Boom Operator
Dave Golba, Boom Operator
Stan Sweeney, Boom Operator

One Life To Live                                                                   ABC
William DeBlock, Production Mixer
David Marino, Post-Production Mixer
Deborah D'Anduono, Boom Operator
Charles Eisen, Boom Operator

The Young and the Restless                                                 CBS
Tommy Persson, Production Mixer
Dino Johnson, Post-Production Mixer
Mark Beckley, Boom Operator
Luis Godinez Sr., Boom Operator
Mark Mooney, Boom Operator
Denise Palm Stones, Boom Operator

Days of Our Lives                                                                 NBC
Gail J. Hopkins, Head Makeup Artist
Nina Wells, Makeup Artist
Joleen Rizzo, Makeup Artist
Glen Alen Gutierrez, Makeup Artist
Deidre Decker, Makeup Artist

General Hospital                                                                  ABC
Donna Messina, Head Makeup Artist
Dara Jaramillo, Makeup Artist
Bobbie Roberts, Makeup Artist
Melinda Osgood, Makeup Artist
Angela Ackley, Makeup Artist
Tamara Papirian, Makeup Artist

One Life To Live                                                                   ABC
Renate Long, Head Makeup Artist
Julia Davis, Makeup Artist
James Demarco, Makeup Artist

The Young and the Restless                                            CBS
Patti Denney, Key Makeup Artist
Kathy Jones, Makeup Artist
Robert Bolger, Makeup Artist
Ralph Wilcox, Makeup Artist
Marlene Mason, Makeup Artist

All My Children                                                                    ABC
Anthony Pascarelli, Editor
Marika Kushel, Editor

The Bold and the Beautiful                                              CBS
Jonathan Smilowitz, Editor
Sean-Michael Connor, Editor
Zoe Edgerton, Editor
Brian Bagwell, Editor

Days of Our Lives                                                              NBC
Tina Keller, Editor
Mike Fiamingo, Editor
Joe Lumar, Editor
Lugh Powers, Lead Editor

One Life To Live                                                                ABC
Tracy Casper Lang, Editor
Teresa Cicala, Editor
Michael Sweeney, Editor
Barry Gingold, Editor
Vince Catania, Editor
Stephen Cali, Editor
Larry Farina, Editor

The Young and the Restless                                          CBS
Marc Beruti, Editor
Ralph Gertel, Editor
Steve Pierron, Editor
Jim Friesen, Editor

All My Children                                                                    ABC
Terry Walker, Music Director
Jerry Pilato, Music Supervisor
Gary Kuo, Composer
Donn Wilkerson, Composer
Jim Klein, Composer
Pat O'Donnell, Composer
Martin Davich, Composer

The Bold and the Beautiful                                              CBS
Lothar Struff, Music Supervisor
Bradley P. Bell, Composer
Jack Allocco, Composer
David Kurtz, Composer
One Life To Live                                                                 ABC
Paul S. Glass, Supervising Music Director, Composer
Daniel Krausz, Music Director
Kurt Biederwolf, Composer
David Nichtern, Composer
Dominic Messenger, Composer
Lee Holdridge, Composer
Kevin Bents, Composer
Chris Child, Composer
Filip Mitrovic, Composer
Bobby Summerfield, Composer
David Marino, Composer
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS
Mike Dobson, Music Supervisor
Bryan Harrison, Music Supervisor
Jack Allocco, Composer
David Kurtz, Composer

General Hospital                                                                  ABC
Robert Howard Hartry, Composer & Lyricist
Benjamin West, Composer & Lyricist
One Life To Live                                                                   ABC
One Life
Paul S. Glass, Composer & Lyricist
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS
Our Time Will Come
Jack Allocco, Composer & Lyricist
David Kurtz, Composer & Lyricist
The Young and the Restless                                            CBS
(I Need To) Find My Way Back Home
Jack Allocco, Composer & Lyricist
David Kurtz, Composer & Lyricist

All My Children                                                                    ABC
Chuck Abate, Technical Director
Barbara Langdon, Camera Operator
John Boyd, Camera Operator
Lew Friant, Camera Operator
David Warner, Camera Operator
Nichel Montgomery, Video Control

Days of Our Lives                                                                 NBC
John C. O'Neill, Technical Director
Mike Caruso, Technical Director
Barbara J. Langdon, Electronic Camera
John D. Sizemore, Electronic Camera
Michael Macartea, Camera Operator
Hugo Morelli, Camera Operator
Bill Scott, Camera Operator
Alexis Dellar Hanson, Senior Video Control

General Hospital                                                                   ABC
Averill Perry, Technical Director
Kevin Carr, Technical Director
DJ Diomedes, Camera Operator
Dale Carlson, Camera Operator
Craig Camou, Camera Operator
Dean Cosenella, Camera Operator
Antonio Simone, Video Control
Charles Barrett, Video Control

The Young and the Restless                                                 CBS
Tracy Lawrence, Technical Director
John Bromberek, Camera Operator
Luis Godinez Jr., Camera Operator
Kai Kim, Camera Operator
Scha Jani, Video Control
Robert Bosio, Video Control

The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                                 SYNDICATED
Jay Heiserman, Art Director

The Fresh Beat Band                                                            Nickelodeon
Deborah Raymond, Production Designer
Dorian Vernachhio, Art Director
Judi Giovanni, Set Decorator
Jim Johnson, Lead Set Dresser

The Nate Berkus Show                                                         SYNDICATED
Jeff Hall, Production Designer
Tim Goodmanson, Art Director
Jim Gardner, Scenic Designer
Rich Murray, Scenic Designer
Cathy McKenney, Set Decorator
Deirdre Brennan, Set Decorator
Tom Tamborello, Set Decorator

Sesame Street                                                                         PBS
Bob Phillips, Production Designer
Pete Ortiz, Art Director
Keith Olson, Prop Coordinator

The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                                 SYNDICATED
Jamie Salazar, Wardrobe Supervisor
Kellen Richards, Costume Designer

The Fresh Beat Band                                                            Nickelodeon
Joyce Kim Lee, Costume Supervisor, Costume Designer
Kiki Garwood, Costume Supervisor, Costume Designer
Gene Barnhart, Wardrobe Supervisor
Frank Alexander, Costume Stylist
Nicole Felts, Costume Stylist
Jessica Torok, Costume Stylist
Kacy Treadway, Costume Stylist

R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour The Series                       The HUB
Farnaz Kahaki-Sadigh, Costume Designer
Natalie Simon, Costume Designer

Sesame Street                                                                         PBS
Brian Hemesath, Costume Designer/Live Actor
Jared Leese, Costume Designer/Live Actor
Jason Weber, Costume Designer/Muppets
Michelle Hickey, Costume Designer/Muppets
Andrea Detwiller, Costume Designer/Muppets
Lara Maclean, Costume Designer/Muppets
Connie Peterson, Costume Designer/Muppets
Rollie Krewson, Costume Designer/Muppets
Heather Asch, Costume Designer/Muppets
Polly Smith, Costume Designer/Muppets
Anney Ozar, Costume Designer/Muppets
Loryn Brantz, Costume Designer/Muppets

Yo Gabba Gabba!                                                                      Nickelodeon
Julia Knapp, Wardrobe Stylist
Christian Jacobs, Costume Designer/Muppets
Scott Schultz, Costume Designer/Muppets
Parker Jacobs, Costume Designer/Muppets
Scott Johnson, Character Costumes
Alex Jurgen Ferguson, Character Costumes
Susan Hoagland, Character Costumes

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness                     Nickelodeon
Gabe Swarr, Supervising Director
Jim Schumann, Director
Mike Mullen, Director
Juan Meza-Leon, Director
Peter Hastings, Voice Director

Penguins of Madagascar                                                      Nickelodeon
David Knott, Supervising Director
Shaun Cashman, Animation Director
Christo Stamboliev, Animation Director
Steve Loter, Animation Director
Lisa Schaffer, Voice Director

SpongeBob SquarePants                                                      Nickelodeon
Alan Smart, Animation Director
Paul Tibbitt, Supervising Producer
Casey Alexander, Storyboard Director
Zeus Cervas, Storyboard Director
Vince Waller, Creative Director

Transformers:  Prime                                                            HUB
David Hartman, Supervising Director
Vinton Heuck, Director
Shaunt Nigoghossian, Director
Todd Waterman, Director
Jamie Simone, Voice Director

Design Squad                                                                          PBS
Dorothy Dickie, Director

The Electric Company                                                           PBS
Ryan McFaul, Director

R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour The Series                      The HUB
Neill Fearnley, Director
Ken Friss, Director

Sesame Street                                                                       PBS
Joey Mazzarino, Director
Kevin Clash, Director
Nadine Zylstra, Director
Ken Diego, Director
Scott Preston, Director
Matt Vogel, Director

America's Test Kitchen                                                       PBS
Herb Sevush, Director
Cook's Country                                                                      PBS
Jan Maliszewski, Director
Giada At Home                                                                       Food Network
Anne Fox, Director
Mexico One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless             PBS
Scott Dummler, Director
This New House                                                                     DIY
Thomas Draudt, Director

Anderson                                                                                SYNDICATED
Lily Olszewski, Director
Amy Mancini, Associate Director
The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                                SYNDICATED
Liz Patrick, Director
John Zook, Associate Director
Diana Horn, Associate Director
The Oprah Winfrey Show                                                    SYNDICATED
Joseph Terry, Director
Today Show                                                                            NBC
Joe Michaels, Director
The View                                                                                  ABC
Mark Gentile, Director
Rob Naylor, Associate Director
John F. Keegan, Associate Director

The Fresh Beat Band                                                            Nickelodeon
Renee Dipinto-Ferruggia, Head Hairstylist
Sylvia Surdu, Hairstylist
Karen Bartek, Hairstylist

Rachael Ray                                                                           SYNDICATED
Mary Curran, Hairstylist
Carrie Fernow, Hairstylist
Robin Watson-Hamilton , Hairstylist

The Talk                                                                                  CBS
Soo Jin Yoon, Hairstylist
Caroline Wiseman, Hairstylist
Valerie, Hairstylist

The Wendy Williams Show                                               SYNDICATED
Antwon Jackson, Head Hairstylist
Jai Williams, Key Hairstylist
Joel Fajnor, Art Director
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness                    Nickelodeon
Ernie Gilbert, Character Designer
T.U.F.F. Puppy                                                                           Nickelodeon
Christophe Vacher, Supervising Color Designer
Transformers:  Prime                                                           The HUB


The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                               SYNDICATED
Marisa Davis, Lighting Director
The Oprah Winfrey Show                                                   SYNDICATED
Tara Denise, Lighting Designer
Sean Post, Lighting Director
Katie Trotter, Lighting Director
Scott Zematis, Lighting Director
Rachael Ray                                                                          SYNDICATED
Alan Blacher, Lighting Designer
Mitchell Bogard, Lighting Director
Sesame Street                                                                     PBS
Dan Kelley, Lighting Designer
The View                                                                                ABC
James Gallagher, Lighting Designer


The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                              SYNDICATED
Terry Fountain, Production Mixer
Dirk Sciarrotta, Sound Effects Mixer
The Oprah Winfrey Show                                                  SYNDICATED
Gerry Formicola, Production Mixer
J.R. Chappell, Production Mixer
Tim Reisig, Production Mixer
Jim Slanger, Post-Production Mixer
James Ostrom, Audio Engineer
Today Show                                                                          NBC
Bill Chin, Production Mixer
David Levens, Production Mixer
The View                                                                                ABC
Peter Hefter, Production Mixer
Chuck Eisen, Production Mixer
Rob Gigliuto, Production Mixer
Michael Glazier, Production Mixer
Chris Murphy, Production Mixer
Greg Thompson, Production Mixer

Green Screen Adventures                                                    MeTV
Jessica Honor Carleton, Makeup Artist
Scott Gryder, Makeup Artist
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour The Series                       The HUB
Debbie Lelievre, Key Makeup Artist
Sarah Bergeest, Key Makeup Artist
Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee                    Food Network
Mark Payne, Head Makeup Artist
Alx Galasinao, Makeup Artist
The Talk                                                                                     CBS
Ann-Marie Oliver, Makeup Artist
Jude Alcala, Makeup Artist
Stephanie Coffey, Makeup Artist
Adam Christopher, Makeup Artist
Elan Bongiorno, Makeup Artist
The View                                                                                   ABC
Rebecca Borman, Head Makeup Artist
Karen Dupiche, Makeup Artist
Lori Klein, Makeup Artist

Big Morning Buzz Live                                                          VH1
Jamie Slomski, Title Designer
Dave Perry, Graphics Producer
Nigel Cox-Hagan, Creative Director - Graphics
Phil Delbourgo, Creative Director - Graphics
Dr. Phil                                                                                     SYNDICATED
Carla Pennington, Executive Producer
Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, Executive Producer
John Perry, Supervising Producer
John Sideropoulos, Graphics Producer
Andres Rodriguez, Graphics Producer
Marcos Vaz, Creative Director/Animator
Marcel Luiz, Designer/Animator
The Fresh Beat Band                                                           Nickelodeon
Scott Kraft, Director/Executive Producer
Nadine van der Velde, Executive Producer
Jonas Morganstein, Creative Director
Steve Kirklys, Art Director
Holocaust: Horror to Hope                                                 Daystar Television Network
Candelaria Vidana, Graphic Artist
David Farmer, Graphic Artist
Stephen Nanney, Director - Graphics
Superbook                                                                             ABC Family
Huang Jianming, Managing Producer
Today Show                                                                           NBC
Polly Burokas, Graphic Artist
William Honkanen, Graphic Artist
Jason Krilovich, Graphic Artist
Jason Bube, Graphic Artist
John Chismar, Graphic Artist
Barry Herzner, Graphic Artist
Peter Krugman, Graphic Artist
Mark Perricone, Graphic Artist
Doug Vitarelli, Graphic Artist
Millie Verastegui-Hester, Graphics Managing Art Director
Arturo Brena, 3D Managing Art Director

Dr. Phil                                                                                   SYNDICATED
Art Booth, Editor
Paul Broz, Editor
Peter Dunn, Editor
Jonny Jenks, Editor
Ann Keniston, Editor
Matthew Kern, Editor
Jason Kirsten, Editor
William Lorton, Editor
Bruce Malm, Editor
Craig Mayo, Editor
Sean Normandeau, Editor
James Perry, Editor
Todd Portugal, Editor
Tom Quick, Editor
Reggie Spangler, Editor
Wes Woodland, Editor
Peter Zifchak, Editor
Doug Folkerts, Online Editor
Robinson Gibb, Online Editor
Noah Musser, Online Editor
Errin Vasquez, Online Editor
The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                            SYNDICATED
Jamie Belz, Editor
John Binninger, Editor
John Rantz, Editor
Jon Tatum, Editor
Giada At Home                                                                   Food Network
Ryan Moore, Senior Editor
Jamie Wallace, Editor
Jeff Warren, Editor
The Oprah Winfrey Show                                               SYNDICATED
Amy Browne, Editor
Judi Bushala, Editor
Cynthia Cameron, Editor
Frank Carioti, Editor
Joe Davis, Editor
Tim Drover, Editor
Jay Eckensberger, Editor
Dan Fisher, Editor
Chuck Floramo, Editor
Kevin Gist, Editor
Rich Hemmingway, Editor
John Kilpatrick, Editor
Lesley Kubistal, Editor
Jeff Landsman, Editor
Mike Mabbott, Editor
Paul Miglio, Editor
John O'Brien, Editor
Michelle Orzechowski, Editor
Jamie Pilarski, Editor
Tom Pyers, Editor
Sari Rosenthal, Editor
Larry Sexton, Editor
Shannon Stefan, Editor
Dan Towell, Editor
Eric Will, Editor
John Strolia, Managing Editor
Neil Coleman, Managing Editor
Sesame Street                                                                  PBS
Tim Carter, Supervising Editor
Todd James, Supervising Editor
Jesse Averna, Editor
John Tierney, Editor

Curious George                                                                 PBS
Nick Nolan, Music Director, Composer

Penguins of Madagascar                                               Nickelodeon
Adam Berry, Composer

T.U.F.F. Puppy                                                                    Nickelodeon
Guy Moon, Composer

The Wonder Pets!                                                            Nickelodeon
Jeffrey Lesser, Music Director
Larry Hochman, Lead Composer
Josh Selig, Composer

Outstanding Original Song - Children's and Animation
Dora the Explorer                                                                 Nickelodeon
Todos Juntos Finale Song
George Noriega, Musical Composer
Joel Someillan, Musical Composer

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic                                    The HUB
Every Pony
Daniel Ingram, Composer & Lyricist

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic                                    The HUB
Find A Pet
Daniel Ingram, Song Writer

Penguins of Madagascar                                                    Nickelodeon
Off the Clock
Adam Berry, Composer
John Behnke, Lyricist

Penguins of Madagascar                                                    Nickelodeon
In the Happy Little Land of Hoboken Surprise
Adam Berry, Composer
Brandon Sawyer, Lyricist

Sesame Street                                                                      PBS
Don't Give Up
Bill Sherman, Composer
Joey Mazzarino, Lyricist

Outstanding Original Song
85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade                NBC
Jolly Dream Pirates
Michael Feinstein, Composer
Bill Schermerhorn, Lyricist

85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade                NBC
(Won't You) Join Our Parade
Doug Katsaros, Composer
Bill Schermerhorn, Lyricist

Outstanding Achievement in Single Camera Editing
Biz Kid$                                                                                 PBS
Alex Carrillo, Editor
James Golingo, Editor

The Electric Company                                                       PBS
Nick Mougis, Editor
Andrew Mendelson, Editor
Paul Viskup, Editor

R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour The Series                  The HUB
Lisa Robison, Editor
Charles Robichad, Editor

Surf's Up For Dogs: The Making of the World's Longest and Heaviest Float
Dan McKechnie, Senior Editor
Todd Muscat, Editor

Outstanding Achievement in Single Camera Photography (Film or Electronic)
The Electric Company                                                       PBS
Bill Berner, Director of Photography
Aaron Medick, Camera
Equitrekking                                                                         PBS
Greg Barna, Director of Photography
Giada At Home                                                                     Food Network
Richard Dallett, Director of Photography
Frederic Menou, Camera
Dan Fox, Camera
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour The Series                   The HUB
Michael Balfry, Director of Photography
Travelscope                                                                          PBS
Zebediah Smith, Director of Photography
Jonathan Speyers, Director of Photography

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Live Action
Biz Kid$                                                                                 PBS
Dave Howe, Audio Post Production
Mike McAuliffe, Audio Post Production
Thomas McGurk, Audio Post Production
Sam Gray, Audio Post Production

The Electric Company                                                       PBS
Joe Franco, Supervising Sound Editor
Jorge Muelle, Music Editor
Michael Croiter, Music Editor
Matt Longoria, Sound Editor
Jeff Malinowski, Dialogue Editor

The Fresh Beat Band                                                         Nickelodeon
Greg Stacy, Supervising Sound Editor

Sesame Street                                                                    PBS
Chris Prinzivalli, Supervising Sound Editor
Michael Barrett, Supervising Sound Editor
Michael Croiter, Supervising Music Editor
Jorge Muelle, Music Editor
Chris Sassano, Sound Editor
Dick Maitland, Sound Effects Editor

This New House                                                                  DIY
Brian Patriacca, Sound Editor
Gary Stephenson, Editor
Adam Bush, Editor
Rick Manoogian, Editor
Nathan Hendrie, Editor
Patrick Gaspar, Editor

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing – Live Action
Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade                              ABC
Don Worsham, Production Mixer
Tom Davis, Re-Recording Mixer
The Fresh Beat Band                                                           Nickelodeon
Mark Server, Re-Recording Mixer, SFX Mixer
Eric Slaughter, Production Mixer
Chris Philp, Re-Recording Mixer
Joni Show                                                                              Daystar Television Network
David Ribb, Supervising Audio Engineer
Jake Howard, Audio Engineer
Floyd Counce, Audio Engineer
Doug Leake, Audio Engineer
Shannon Kelly, Audio Engineer
Sesame Street                                                                     PBS
Chris Prinzivalli, Production Mixer
Michael Croiter, Re-Recording Mixer
Michael Barrett, Re-Recording Mixer
Dick Maitland, Re-Recording Mixer
Travelscope                                                                          PBS
A. Tad Chamberlain, Audio Recording
Jason Grigg, Audio Mixing

85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade                NBC
Gary Halvorson, Director
Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade                                 ABC
Ryan Polito, Director
Sesame Street                                                                         PBS
Kevin Clash, Director
Travelscope                                                                              PBS
Joseph Rosendo, Director

85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade               NBC
Mark Waxman, Writer
The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                                 SYNDICATED
Kevin Leman, Head Writer
Ellen DeGeneres, Writer
Jason Gelles, Writer
Matt Goldrich, Writer
Lauren Pomerantz, Writer
Ryan Raddatz, Writer
Gil Rief, Writer
Amy Rhodes, Writer
Beth Sherman, Writer
Adam Yenser, Writer
Pop Up Video                                                                         VH1
Alan Cross, Head Writer
Nicole Blum, Head Writer
Woody Thompson, Head Writer
Mark Ganek, Writer
Timothy Meyers, Writer
Brooks Palmer, Writer
Trace Slobotkin, Writer
Matthew Henick, Writer
Liza Palmer, Writer
Kurtis Meyers, Writer
Andy Fowle, Writer
Mark Puner, Writer
Tom Morrissey, Writer
David Bone, Writer
April Long, Writer
David Rapp, Writer

Sesame Street                                                                      PBS  
Christine Ferraro, Writer

Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade                               ABC
Bill Kavis, Technical Director
Chris Robinson, Technical Director
Tad Scripter, Technical Director
Victor Alezones, Camera Operator
Ted Ashton, Camera Operator
John Atkinson, Camera Operator
Devin Atwood, Camera Operator
Randy Baker, Camera Operator
Ralph Bolton, Camera Operator
Danny Bonilla, Camera Operator
Larry Boothby, Camera Operator
Mike Coker, Camera Operator
Rob Curschman, Camera Operator
Tom Hildreth, Camera Operator
Dave Hilmer, Camera Operator
Gene Huelsman, Camera Operator
Andrew Jansen, Camera Operator
Warren Jones, Camera Operator
Marten Kaufman, Camera Operator
Tore Livia, Camera Operator
Ben Mesker, Camera Operator
John Perry, Camera Operator
Brian Pratt, Camera Operator
Dondi Sanchez, Camera Operator
Danny Webb, Camera Operator
Fed Wetherbee, Camera Operator
Andy Bethke, Specialized Cameras
David Roark, Specialized Cameras

The Ellen DeGeneres Show                                                 SYNDICATED
Michael Williams, Technical Director
David Weeks, Camera Operator
Timothy O'Neill, Camera Operator
Paul Wileman, Camera Operator
Brad Zerbst, Camera Operator
Brian Loewe, Camera Operator
Forrest Fraser, Camera Operator
Randolph Johnson, Video Control

Sesame Street                                                                       PBS
Tom Guadarrama, Technical Director
James Meek, Senior Video
Frankie Biondo, Camera Operator
Jerry Cancel, Camera Operator
Shaun Harkins, Camera Operator

The View                                                                                  ABC
Rene M. Butler, Technical Director
Taylor Dees, Senior Video
Parker Bell, Electronic Camera
Buck Buchanan, Electronic Camera
Frank J. Cocchia, Electronic Camera
Reginald Drakeford, Electronic Camera
Manny Gutierrez, Electronic Camera
Eric Johnson, Electronic Camera
Eric Kendra, Electronic Camera
John Pry, Electronic Camera

The Backyardigans                                                               Nickelodeon
Adam Peltzman, Head Writer
Jeff Borkin, Head Writer
Kerri Grant, Writer
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness                  Nickelodeon
Doug Langdale, Writer
Kevin Seccia, Writer
Peter Hastings, Writer
Cheryl Holliday, Story Editor
Scott Kreamer, Story Editor
Martha Speaks                                                                      PBS
Ken Scarborough, Head Writer
Raye Lankford, Writer
Joe Fallon, Writer
Ron Holsey, Writer
Peter K. Hirsch, Writer
Penguins of Madagascar                                                   Nickelodeon
Bill Motz, Writer
Bob Roth, Writer
Brandon Sawyer, Writer
WordGirl                                                                                 PBS
Tom Martin, Head Writer
Sergio Cilli, Writer
Jack Ferraiolo, Writer
Carla Filisha, Writer
Scott Ganz, Writer
Rick Groel, Writer
John N. Huss, Writer
Eric Ledgin, Writer
Ryan Raddatz, Writer
Andrew Samson, Writer

3rd & Bird!                                                                            Disney Channel
Billy Lopez, Writer
Melinda Richards, Writer
Dustin Ferrer, Writer

The Electric Company                                                      PBS
Adam Peltzman, Head Writer
Willie Reale, Writer
Deirdre O'Connor, Writer
Tim McKeon, Writer

Sesame Street                                                                  PBS
Joey Mazzarino, Head Writer
Molly Boylan, Writer
Annie Evans, Writer
Christine Ferraro, Writer
Luis Santeiro, Writer
Belinda Ward, Writer
Emily Kingsley, Writer
John Weidman, Writer

Wild Kratts                                                                          PBS
Chris Kratt, Writer
Martin Kratt, Writer

The Wonder Pets!                                                             Nickelodeon
Billy Lopez, Head Writer
Billy Aronson, Head Writer
Chris Nee, Writer
Rodney Stringfellow, Writer
J. J. Johnson, Writer
Christin Simms, Writer
Dustin Ferrer, Writer

Days of Our Lives                                                                 NBC
Terry James, Stunt Coordinator

General Hospital                                                                   ABC
Tim Davison, Stunt Coordinator

Bubble Guppies                                                                     Nickelodeon
David Doan, Casting By
Maria Estrada, Casting By
Michelle Levitt, Casting By
Leslie Zaslower, Casting By

Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates                       Disney Channel
Brian Mathias, Casting By

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness                  Nickelodeon
Meredith Layne, Casting By
Sarah Noonan, Original Casting By

The Bay                                                                                  Blip.tv
Gregori Martin, Executive Producer

Disney A Poem Is...                                                             Disney Channel
Brian Hohlfeld, Executive Producer
Steve Arenas, Producer

Nickelodeon's All Together Now Anti Bullying Campaign:
Dora the Explorer Interstitial
Chris Gifford, Executive Producer
Valerie Walsh Valdes, Executive Producer
Jeff DeGrandis, Supervising Producer
Holly Gregory, Coordinating Producer
Miken Wong, Producer
Marc Amiel, Line Producer
Gayle M. Grech, Supervising Picture Editor
David Wigforss, CG Animator
Henry Lenardin-Madden, Consulting Producer
Kuni Tomita, Consulting Producer

The Time I...(Dyslexia)                                                        Disney Channel
Erika A. McCarden, Executive Producer

The Time I...(Shoes)                                                            Disney Channel
Erika McCarden, Executive Producer

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5                                                Cartoon Network
Jonny Ludgate, Sound Editor
Jeff Davis, Sound Editor

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness                Nickelodeon
Joe Pizzulo, Supervising Sound Editor
Jeremy Zuckerman, Supervising Music Editor
Benjamin Wynn, Supervising Music Editor
Rob McIntryre, Sound Editor
Anna Adams, Supervising Dialogue Editor
Jason Stiff, Dialogue Editor
Molly Minus, Dialogue Editor
Matt Hall, Sound Effects Editor
Andrew Ing, Sound Effects Editor
Roberto Dominguez Alegria, Foley Editor

Penguins of Madagascar                                                 Nickelodeon
Paulette Lifton, Supervising Sound Editor
James Lifton, Supervising Sound Editor
Adam Berry, Supervising Music Editor
Dominick Certo, Music Editor
Michael Petak, Supervising Dialogue Editor
D.J. Lynch, Dialogue Editor
Matt Hall, Sound Effects Editor
Ian Nyeste, Sound Effects Editor
Aran Tanchum, Foley Editor
Chris Gresham, Foley Editor
Lawrence Reyes, Foley Editor
SpongeBob SquarePants                                                      Nickelodeon
Paulette Lifton, Supervising Sound Editor
James Lifton, Supervising Sound Editor
Kimberlee Vanek, Supervising Music Editor
Nick Carr, Music Editor
MIshelle Fordham, Supervising Dialogue Editor
D.J. Lynch, Dialogue Editor
Jeffrey Hutchins, Sound Effects Editor
Aran Tanchum, Foley Editor
Transformers Prime                                                             The HUB
Robbi Smith, Dialogue Editor
Robert Poole II, Sound Effects Editor
Roy Braverman, Foley Editor

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5                                                Cartoon Network
Dean Giammarco, Re-Recording Mixer
Ewan Deane, Re-Recording Mixer
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness                  Nickelodeon
Justin Brinsfield, Production Mixer
Matt Corey, Production Mixer
Thomas J. Maydeck, Re-Recording Mixer
Monster High                                                                         Nickelodeon
Mark Mercado, Production Mixer
Thomas J Maydeck, Re-Recording Mixer
Transformers Prime                                                             HUB Network
Ray Leonard, Re-Recording Mixer
Mike Bieriger, Re-Recording Mixer